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    Im a christian<br /><br />I like reading the bible (Favorite book is samuel)<br /><br />My favorite band is casting Crowns<br /><br />I like drawing,playing games,building with LEGO Bricks(mostly bionicles tho),and BZpower...<br /><br />ya<br /><br />Im homeschooled, and I have 2 bro's and 2 sis's<br />I have two dogs,4 cats.

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  1. Lobsters don't have eye-stalks and have finned tails. Still cute
  2. Thanks for the critique! I added more armor to the torso and some more red as per advised and I must say he looks pretty cool. I'll get some pics up when I can, as well as an update to the Biyera moc too.
  3. Like most of the others the legs are my favorite part as they flow much better and look solid. The arm design is good but I dislike the armor pieces used for the forearm, and the Slizer body pieces make it look fat. Get rid of those and the body will be heroically V shaped. Just my 2 cents.
  4. It is adorable O_O Very clever use of Takadox's head! My only complaint is it looks like a crab Lobsters have tails and the eyes aren't on stalks like that.
  5. *Looks up on BS01* ._. so they are... I'll fix that then. Thanks!EDIT: So upon researching the colors of Rahkshi I decided I'd make it a Toa of Fire who is predominately yellow bodied >_>. Rahkshi of Electricity are blue and white, but EP does crazy things riiight? His insides are white and blue!
  6. The gold coloring is due to him having the Golden Armor (which I assume he still has on?). I agree about the lower torso lacking something, and I'd appreciate any ideas on how to fix it! (I was stumped with the pieces I have) I need some colored limb pieces if it is to be less black, and I've yet to get any :/ Stores around here have the newest sets (Though the Lego store only had Furno left and tbh I abhor the set >_>. <3 Breez though!) so I may be changing that soon. I'd love to make a Lewa, but he'd be light green colored :/
  7. I recently read the first Bionicle books and began thinking the final form of Tahu provided by Lego did not do him justice, so I made one that I thought did a better job, Golden armor and all. I also wanted to keep it in a way that would still be affordable and fit Lego's recent building system.Hero Factory recruited the Toa!C&C welcome :)I recently bought Raw Jaw, so I may be making another version soon
  8. Thanks for the comments! I agree the feet could use some work, but my collection is pretty small nowadays (barely fills half a US mail hamper) and I suppose I lacked the creativity to fix it. I may try something else for the other hand but I don't have enough of the black claws so it can't be exact. Something I really wanted in this moc was waist articulation, and I am very happy with the result :)Yes Killer_myr, that piece is pain! I was considering cutting it off, but I've never been much of a piece breaker (except for a glatorian/iron man head I cut an axle hole into the mouth area for holding masks of that variety) so I endeavored to make it work. Glad you like it!
  9. My original intent was to create a Toa of Electricity who had failed to protect his Matoran village (upon learning that Toa of "Lightning" are female, I decided the Toa should be a Toa of Fire) and set out to become more powerful, blaming his loss to his Toa powers not being strong enough. As the build progressed I found it was beginning to resemble a body I'd see on something more like a Rahkshi, so I made it into Rahkshi instead (I love Rahkshi). The story I landed on was he sought help from the Makuta of his area, Makuta Mutran, thinking brilliant scientist like Mutran would know a way to make him stronger. Mutran brought him to a vat of Energized Protodermis, warning the Toa he faced either total destruction or unrivaled power. The Toa, convinced he would not cower, jumped in. Mutran quickly produced a kraata of electricity and flung it into the pool just as the Toa entered it. The result was a towering bio-organic Rahkshi with the mind and increased powers of the Toa. The mention of ET in the topic is due to it fitting his description.Photos brought to you courtesy of my cell phone Because Rahkshi have a future in balletVS Toa TahuC&C Welcome!
  10. *discos in*

    Hey, nice Zero av!

    Mega Man X rules.


  11. I noticed that your a Christian and Homeschooled, so am I!

  12. You finally changed your Profile pic! :o

  13. YES. Riddick rocks.

  14. Oh-Meh-Kron is the actual pronunciation. Though I say Oh-Me, like Obi.

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