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  1. Welcome to October! As has become our tradition, we've kicked off a new raffle for all BZPower members to enter. Head over to the 2020 Member Raffle #10 and click the button to become eligible to win. The prize this month is 75528 Rey, the Star Wars Buildable Figure depicting her appearance in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Good luck to everyone who enters, and also a congratulations to TuragaNuva, who won 75537 Darth Maul in our September raffle! View the full article
  2. Earlier this morning Hasan and Sam from LEGO have announced the results of the First 2020 Review period as well as the Music to our Ears Contest. Of the 28 projects that achieved ten thousand votes of support, only two are still in the running: the Earth Globe by Guillaume Roussel (Disneybrick55) will become an actual LEGO set and Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone by Viv Grannell (toastergrl) is still under consideration. On the contest side, the Legendary Stratocaster by Tomas Letenay (TOMOELL) will also be turned into a LEGO set you can buy. I'm sure everyone has favorites that they're disappointed did not make it through - I know I do - but I am looking forward to both of the approved ideas, especially the Fender Strat. Let us know if you'll be picking up either of these projects once they make it to store shelves! View the full article
  3. As I'm sure many of you know, our friends over at TTV have been hosting some contests to make canon representations of characters who only appeared in written word during the first run of Bionicle. The current competition is for the wearer of the Mask of Creation himself - Artakha. Here on BZP, BrickPharaoh posted his interpretation of the prompt: Artakha - The Forge Lord (Meet the Maker) - Bionicle Canon Contest, featuring lots of sand green courtesy of the short-lived Ben 10 sets, offset by pearl gold. I like how he combined the Ben 10 pieces with both System and CCBS elements for a sleek and smooth design. That even extends to the hammer, which is simple but has some nice little details like the crystal on the pommel. Go check it out and let the builder know what you think of it!View the full article
  4. Tonight it's time to break out our fake guitar again for another round of LEGO Rock Band! Join us on the BZPower Twitch channel starting at 7:30 PM Eastern as we dive in to the world of rock to play gigs until we make it big. Hopefully the roadies we hired last week will help us get more fans, but you'll have to come by and watch to find out. See you there! View the full article
  5. With any luck, you're already entered and don't need to worry about this post, but there are only two days left to drop your name in the hat of 2020 Member Raffle #9! All BZPower members are eligible to sign up for a chance to win 75537 Darth Maul, one of the last Star Wars Buildable Figures to be released before the line's sudden cancellation. Joining BZPower is free, so there's no reason not to enter even if you aren't a member. Best of luck to everyone and make sure you come back when October rolls around for our next free giveaway! View the full article
  6. Writing for CBR, Matthew Attanasio recently penned a piece revisiting the first Bionicle movie seventeen years later. As you can guess by the title, he thinks Bionicle: Mask of Light Is Still Just as Good as Fans Remember, which is a pretty positive take on a direct-to-video movie advertising a kid's toy. He goes through the story, animation, characters and more, and while he isn't always complimentary, there's definitely some nostalgia and understanding of the target demographic that goes into this retro review. Check it out for yourself and see if you agree! View the full article
  7. A new project has recently joined the 10k Club over on LEGO Ideas! From builders TopLego8 and Minibrick Productions, Gravity Falls: The Mystery Shack recreates the main attraction from the titular Disney TV show in brick form. I recalled this not being the first Gravity Falls projects to achieve ten thousand votes of support, and a quick look through our archives refreshed my memory that the last iteration by Figura was archived before it went through the review phase. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to this project, as it looks like a lot of time and effort was spent on capturing all the details and characters from the show. We wish it the best of luck! View the full article
  8. Back in June, LEGO made a commitment to donate money to educate children about racial equality and specifically support black children in need. Now, they have shared a new press release outlining some of the organizations those funds will be going towards. The four new groups they are working with are: Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), EmbraceRace, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis), and Year Up, who all aim to tackle different problems faced by many minorities today. To learn a little more about each organization and what they do, head over to the LEGO Newsroom to read the full statement: The LEGO Group Announces New Partnerships That Support Racial Equality! View the full article
  9. Earlier in the month, a blog post went up on the Unity game engine website announcing the LEGO Microgame. What's a microgame, you ask? It's essentially an interactive tutorial to help you learn the ins and outs of the Unity engine and make your own game quickly. With this one you can use bricks that have behaviors and actions embedded into them to develop your game and bring it to life! The concept looks awesome and it's cool that you can use minifigures as a pre-made asset in the engine. I hope we see some fun and innovative games come out of this collaboration! View the full article
  10. Let's see what's been going on over at LEGO Ideas lately! Two projects have gained ten thousand votes of support: Boeing 737 Passenger Plane by BigPlanes-Customs and Colosseum (Architecture Style) by SkyWalter. While both are base on real-world items, I like that neither is specifically an IP. Good luck to them both! Also, on Monday, two more 10k Club interviews were posted by Hasan and Jacob, Introducing BrickGallery of The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle! and Brett Cuviello, creator of The Iron Giant. It was nice to meet them! View the full article
  11. I love that there are still so many fantastic Bionicle fan stories being written all these years later. BZPower Member VakamaMetruNui has been on a bit of a streak since June, filling up the Short Stories forum with a bunch of great reads. Their latest, Legends of the Bionicle: Tension Rising, looks at an alternate take on the legend where some heroes long-thought dead came back on the island of Metru Nui. Certain Matoran (and if you're a Bionicle fan you can probably guess who by the title) don't seem very pleased with this development and want to twist it to meet their needs. To see what happens when their plans mature, go read the story! And once you're done, be sure to let the author know what you think. View the full article
  12. Tonight we will be continuing our journey to rock-stardom as we dive back into LEGO Rock Band. You can join us on the BZPower Twitch channel starting at 7:30 PM Eastern as we hook up our amp and pretend to shred the frets, minifigure-style. We'll see how many Rock Power Challenges we can make it through and how many cameos from famous musicians appear in the game. I look forward to seeing you all there! View the full article
  13. In addition to the press release for 10275 Elf Clubhouse, LEGO - through our Ambassador Tufi Piyufi - has shared a little interview with the designer of the set. Chris McVeigh was well-known in the LEGO community before he moved to Billund for his Brick Sketches and retro technology builds, and now he's designing Winter Village models! If you're interested in learning about his journey from fan to pro, and what the thought process was in creating this year's seasonal centerpiece, read on!View the full article
  14. LEGO is making another big announcement today! They're lifting the lid on this year's Winter Village set: 10275 Elf Club House, focusing on Santa's helpers this time around. The 1197 piece set will go on sale in just two days on September 23rd and retail for $100 in the US. As always we've got the pictures and the press release, so read on to take a look!View the full article
  15. Today LEGO is announcing their next Star Wars statue-style set that, while missing the initial hype-train from last year, is sure to be a huge hit. Joining the likes of Master Yoda, BB-8, and a Porg is 75318 The Child, straight out of The Mandalorian. The 1073-piece set will be releasing on October 30th (the same day that Season 2 of the show premiers!) and will sell for $80 in the US. To check out the adorable photos of this almost-life-size model, as well as the press release and a video, read on!View the full article
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