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  1. LEGO recently shared a new short video for the upcoming season of the Ninjago TV show. Head over to their YouTube channel to watch Upgrade! and learn a little bit about the new villains from the Prime Empire arc. And if you already watched the Let's Dance episode, there's a cute little tie-in. I like this slow buildup to the new episodes and look forward to more soon! View the full article
  2. There have been a couple of updates in regards to the LEGO Ideas 10k Club recently. First, the elite group has a new member, Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree Lane by Disneybrick55, which recreates the set of many of the scenes from the iconic film. Then, if you want to learn more about an existing 10k Club member, It's Mason Betterly and his model The Haunted Mansion: 50th Anniversary, which is of course another Disney-related project that you can learn more about. Check them both out! View the full article
  3. Due to some unforeseen occurrences, we won't be streaming on Twitch tonight. We should be back next week with some more LEGO The Lord of the Rings! See you then! View the full article
  4. It's been a while since we took a look at BZPower's Library to highlight some stories, so let's fix that! If longer sagas are your thing, check out Kara-Nui by King of Kings about a new island set in the Bionicle universe where things aren't quite as they seem on the surface. For shorter fare, give Water's Will by Aderia a read to learn about a Toa of Water who does whatever it takes to keep the people safe. Finally, for something lighter, there's Jerbraz and the Mask of Charisma by Master Inika, a comedy that takes an interesting spin on post-reformation Spherus Magna. There's something for everyone, so get reading and then share your feedback! View the full article
  5. In addition to the pictures and set info, LEGO has also shared the official press release for 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United with BZPower. Keep reading to learn a little more about the venue, why it became a LEGO set, and what the designers thought of the process. This is certainly shaping up to be quite the 110-year anniversary for the stadium! View the full article
  6. Today LEGO is announcing its latest Creator Expert set, which is the result of a partnership between the company and the Manchester United football club. 10272 Old Trafford - Manchester United is a 1:600 scale replica of the stadium the team plays in, recreated in amazing LEGO detail. The set contains 3898 pieces, will retail for $300 in the US, and will be available starting January 16th for VIP members and February 1st for everyone. To see some hi-res pictures of the set and learn more, read on!View the full article
  7. The newest Chinese New Year sets are out now, featuring the Lion Dance and Chinese New Year Temple Fair. Fans might recall last year's sets being sold just in Asian markets, only later becoming available globally. Fanfare for these new sets has been talked about for some months now, so be sure to snatch up yours soon. View the full article
  8. The LEGO Ideas International Space Station set has not been officially revealed yet, but we now have our first sneak peek. As you can see over on The Brick Fan, a flyer that has been given out at LEGO Brand Retail stores in Germany has an image of the set along with details of a signing event. If you should find yourself in Nuremberg on January 31st, head on over to the LEGO Store between 5 PM and 8 PM to meet fan designer XCLD. The set looks like it's going to be a pretty good size and will look great displayed with many of the other space-themed models LEGO has made over the years. View the full article
  9. Based on your feedback, our next live build is going to be the LEGO Creator Expert set 10269 Harley Davidson Fat Boy! We're doing the stream on Sunday, January 12th instead of Saturday to give me some more time to get over a cold, so hopefully I won't be coughing too much while I build. I'm looking forward to checking out all the techniques that give the bike its interesting curves and mechanical shapes. Join us at 1 PM Eastern on the BZPower YouTube channel as we build the set, give things away, and have a grand time! View the full article
  10. As LEGO Masters sets to air on Fox on February 5, all sorts of promos and announcements are surfacing. The latest news includes several celebrity guests for the show's weekly challenges, and on The Brick Fan's list you can see BZPower Staff Aaron getting heckled by Terry Crews. He also gets hugged by LEGO Batman himself, Will Arnett, in a preview video. Finally, we get some more comedy from Arnett as he explains the show as only he can. Give the videos a watch then mark your calendars--Feb 5 is less than a month away. View the full article
  11. LEGO has begun posting some short videos for the upcoming Prime Empire season of Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu. Go watch Let's Dance! to see what happens when Nya and Jay take dancing lessons - no I'm not making that up. The animation is up to the show's usual quality bar and while the story is certainly standalone, it seems like there might be a couple of hints on how it might tie into the new episodes. Go give it a watch and share your thoughts on it in the Talkback! View the full article
  12. After a break on New Year's Eve, we'll be back tonight on the BZPower Twitch Channel to stream some LEGO videogame fun. Last time we wrapped up the last level of Bionicle Heroes and played around as Vezon for a bit. Now we're going to hop into another LEGO game from the Xbox 360 era that never made the backwards compatibility transition - LEGO Lord of the Rings. As I recall, this was the first LEGO game to feature voices from the source material, which is presumably the reason it's no longer available digitally. We've got the disc though, so we'll see you at 7:30 PM Eastern tonight. Let's go defeat some Orcs and run from some Black Riders! View the full article
  13. We're taking another look at the Ga-Matoran Hahli this week after our awesome art spotlight last week. This time she's joined by Ta-Koro's Captain of the Guard. Pohaturon's Hahli & Jala does a great job capturing the two characters, giving them unique and identifiable builds. I like the use of the yellow panels on Jala to give him a bulkier, armored look, and the flower on Hahli's mask is just perfect. The use of the plastic dragon wing as a dress is also a good choice, and the posing just sells the scene. Go give it a look and let Pohaturon know what you think!View the full article
  14. The LEGO Ideas team have been busy this year, even though we're less than a week into 2020. They've made three blog posts recently covering a variety of topics. Here they are: Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020! looks back at everything the Ideas team and community accomplished last year. 12 Product Ideas Qualify for the Third 2019 LEGO Ideas Review summarizes the batch of twelve projects that will be reviewed in the future, including the Bionicle one! 10K Club Interview: Meet Simon Dudley and his NASA Spacecraft gets into the head of another member of the enviable 10k Club. View the full article
  15. Bionicle builders often get teased that our CCBS parts are not "real" LEGO (bricks and studs and "classic"). While many builders incorporate the LEGO "System" into their Bionicle MOCs, there is a certain aesthetic seen with the shells and joints. Keeping that aesthetic in mind, BZP Staff member and upcoming LEGO Masters contestant Aaron recently built the classic Toa Mata strictly out of bricks with nary a shell or oversized joint in sight. Check out all six, where he explains some design choices and challenges in building each character at this scale. One thing that took me a moment to catch is they are all carrying a plant or flower from their respective territory. Whether this is a fashion statement or part of their newest quest, narrative elements like this, and their various satchels for personal items, make these redesigns stand out. View the full article
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