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    My top four childhood memories for which I have an occasional nostalgia craving:

    1) Bionicle
    2) Pokemon
    3) Star Wars
    4) Mechwarrior

    My top three realities:

    1) Work
    2) College
    3) Videogames
  1. Caboose will always be my favorite but I am thrilled to see someone show off the awesomeness of RvB with Lego. Maybe plans to build the warthog that goes with it would be cool too.
  2. Did anyone else get the Limited Edition Package that came with the custom console and controllers? I am having a blast with it!
  3. I can't wait for the new album to come out. Does anyone still listen to "Hero" and "Caught in a Dream"? I listened to them again and it sounded like they were by the same artists who did "Gravity Hurts" and "Face Me" but I may be wrong.
  4. Playing through halo 4 spartan ops.

    1. Highly Suspicious Person

      Highly Suspicious Person

      I like Spartan Ops. Kind of wish it didn't replace firefight though.

  5. Aw man both Tahu Nuvas got sold. Bummer.
  6. He would be $5.00, plus $6.00 shipping, so $11.00 total.Okay I'll let you know when I can send you the money. And don't worry about the orders. Your school work is what's important.
  7. Hello again, I was wondering if I can buy something else from you.How much do you want for your Vahki Nuurahk?
  8. Did the guy in this article obtain the only copy that was destributed from the company in the entire world? O_oAnd how did it just show up out of no where? Talk about unexpected luck.
  9. There's no reason a theme idea has to top past ideas; it's not a competition. TLG just wants new, thoughtful ideas.Besides, a 100-word brief isn't really enough to decide how big and impressive a theme is going to be. If BIONICLE's first year were summed up in 100 words, using easily-understandable generalities instead of all the specific lore and language of the series, it would probably sound pretty weird and not especially impressive. The depth of the theme's story is something that comes later.As a whole I'm just satisfied with the way Bionicle went. I don't really have any ideas that haven't already been suggested. But I will think some more. And I didn't say it was any competition. A lot of younger folks out there didn't get to enjoy the full story as much as others who have been alive longer to see it from beginning to end. Maybe they might have some original ideas. Or maybe I'm just too lazy.
  10. Let me see......nope. Can't think of anything to top the collossal 10 year streak of Bionicle. I'm going to leave this one to the experts.
  11. I am just surprised to see Lego putting one of their movies in the box office. Why couldn't they do this for Bionicle?
  12. Hows is the MNOG a RPG?Or a action game ,for that matter?Well, it had RPG elements in the segment where the Chronicler's Company defends the Kini Nui from Rahi. And the minigames (such as flying the Gukko or fighting the Nui Jaga) were quite action-based. But yeah, in general it was mostly a pure adventure game.However, I think you could easily create a similar game but with added emphasis on action or RPG elements. I once conceived of a spiritual sequel to the MNOG set on Voya Nui, and because of the conflict with the Piraka the RPG elements would often take center stage.An Ultimate Alliance game would still be an awesome idea to try. I'd even make one myself if I had the time and the knowledge to do so.
  13. It's not mine, but it is my favorite.Nice B&W Anime character. Lol sorry couldn't recognize it.
  14. A really really cool story I might go and check out. Hope it's as good as your artwork
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