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    My new interests: Batman, The Joker, Dinosaurs, Call of Duty, and stuff like that. I still like Giant Squid and my favorite movie series is Harry Potter. My favorite Book series is Harry Potter, my favorite book is Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, and my fav movie is The Dark Knight.

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  1. Oh hey, you're inactive profile is still strangely fitting with the time of year.

  2. Oh cool. I see you have a new avatar and banner. Very niiiiice!


  4. MAKE-MORE-INTERESTING-ENTRIES. Lawl, just kidding. Uhmmm... Your blog seems kinda dull man... Make some entries asking us stuff, they seem to get more replies. That or post a lot of pictures of random anime chicks like you said Wrack does.
  5. Your welcome for saving that image for you, bro.


  7. ... Ka bro, you should have at least included the old-fashion Cajun Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
  8. ~Xar~

    Time For A Makeover.

    OOOooohh! Lemme try! *Tears skin and flesh off, revealing bones and organs.* Bad idea... *Falls*
  9. Your link stinks, it didn't work.

  10. I know it's not a link, copy and paste it, silly ;3

  11. Dude your personal photo is egzackly what santa is. (or how I picture him)

  12. ~Xar~

    So Yeah, I Lost Again.

    No, he didn't draw it. My bro doesn't liek coloring, that's not his artstyle, and the paper would be more yellow. I would know if it was his.
  13. ~Xar~


    ... Doyle?.... I thought I was the little monster in the household who used to have tempertantrums and get angry all the time? (Not ) And DX, that thing is just ugly! Almost as ugly as a naked Jarjar Binks!: Credits to me for making the image.
  14. Avalon, do you mean I should be killed?

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