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  1. thank you!! im happy for anyone to get some use out of it. it's got listed all the scans i'm aware of for Adventures, too - probably the same ones you've seen on brickipedia, though. those two comics were contributed to bmp by PANGOLIN_2, who only scanned them specifically. iirc he didnt have a setup ideal for scanning, but wanted to contribute those since theyre fairly significant from a bionicle perspective.
  2. good thing i decided to poke back in on the site today. this archive is still on bmp's server, just not linked on the site presently. i have a directory of lego mag scans (mine and other's) that ive found online, here on my site: https://emilyinternet.zone/realm/scans.html. you can find everything there. enjoy!
  3. I didn't want to revive the thread since it's been a few years now, and it's closed to comments on YouTube; but I just watched your Water Pressure animation a couple of days ago, and I hope you don't mind me dropping by to say I thought it was absolutely FANTASTIC!

    I love that you gave Kotu a chance to shine - her being a prankster was never shown in canon, despite being part of her official bio, so it's great to see that trait brought to the focus - and her dynamic with Maku was just perfect; Gali was super-relatable; and that animation, wow! It was like being back in classic MNOG, but even better. It felt like such a fresh look at the characters, while at the same time feeling perfectly in-tune with the nature of early story material; really, really fantastic work!

    On a minor note, also loved that my favourite minor Matoran, Marka, got her moments of screentime, too :D

    1. Peri


      Thanks for your kind words, and for taking the time to track down a way you could get in touch! I'm always really happy to hear when people like how i interpreted these characters, i really tried to take what was there in the source material and take it in a new direction. cheers!

  4. we've got most of the guides on bmp! https://biomediaproject.com/bmp/story/books/guides/
  5. He was found by somebody in Vahkiti's discord server via this video he narrates and is credited in (https://youtu.be/Yy8YThhaAxg). Not sure who exactly it was that made the discovery, since I myself learned about it second-hand! Just a couple months later I came across a documentary on Netflix he narrates - though unfortunately I can't remember now what it was about.
  6. https://voicemedia.tv/en/audios/audio-download/
  7. Your grasshopper profile picture is so adorable!

    1. Peri


      Thank you!

  8. cute site! reminds me of some sites folks would make back in the day. yours is very expansive!
  9. Hey folks, just a heads up, bmp already has a working archive of these going. they keep adding more for sale so ive been maintaining it, this whole thing goes back several years at this point. bmp's download isnt very up-to-date atm, but i'll upload all the most recent boards soon since there's some active interest.
  10. minor but important distinction; greg said those are kraata, not rahkshi. which didnt make much sense to me either, until just recently when these mask of light storyboards came up (https://www.ebay.com/itm/LEGO-Bionicle-Storyboard-Copies-by-MIKE-VOSBURG-133-Pages-2002-Domes-of-Doom/114279737078) that establish the kraata were envisioned as being formed from protodermis after all. that doesnt totally address your concerns with the time jump, but i think the bionicle team wasn't envisioning such a gap between the nuva and mask of light, considering the kal were such a last-minute addition.
  11. to clarify on the end of there being a planned makuta fight for Rebuilt: thats something that the Litestone folks are planning to add into it, since Rebuilt is their mod. Its less obvious and more difficult to get to but there are also releases that are pure bugfixes of the two leaked lomn builds, and those'll naturally never have a makuta fight.
  12. For what it's worth, I believe this had nothing to do with the actual lomn script - instead, it would've been a faux 'script' describing a scene related to that pic, created just for this purpose.
  13. Ah, I knew I forgot something! I wasn't 100% where those scans came from. I'll edit in some credit for ya tomorrow.
  14. MNOG II Built In Save VNOG Built In Save these might be what you're looking for!
  15. The download versions of all the flash games will still work regardless of this! the future of playing the games in-browser is less certain, but I know JrMasterModelBuilder has a couple potential options in mind.
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