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  1. minor but important distinction; greg said those are kraata, not rahkshi. which didnt make much sense to me either, until just recently when these mask of light storyboards came up (https://www.ebay.com/itm/LEGO-Bionicle-Storyboard-Copies-by-MIKE-VOSBURG-133-Pages-2002-Domes-of-Doom/114279737078) that establish the kraata were envisioned as being formed from protodermis after all. that doesnt totally address your concerns with the time jump, but i think the bionicle team wasn't envisioning such a gap between the nuva and mask of light, considering the kal were such a last-minute addition.
  2. to clarify on the end of there being a planned makuta fight for Rebuilt: thats something that the Litestone folks are planning to add into it, since Rebuilt is their mod. Its less obvious and more difficult to get to but there are also releases that are pure bugfixes of the two leaked lomn builds, and those'll naturally never have a makuta fight.
  3. For what it's worth, I believe this had nothing to do with the actual lomn script - instead, it would've been a faux 'script' describing a scene related to that pic, created just for this purpose.
  4. Ah, I knew I forgot something! I wasn't 100% where those scans came from. I'll edit in some credit for ya tomorrow.
  5. MNOG II Built In Save VNOG Built In Save these might be what you're looking for!
  6. The download versions of all the flash games will still work regardless of this! the future of playing the games in-browser is less certain, but I know JrMasterModelBuilder has a couple potential options in mind.
  7. done and done! by all means, reach out to them if you want - I'll be interested to hear if they have anything to say!
  8. my understanding is that it was to detail Mata Nui's journey north to get the power cube for the robot - so basically, an expanded version of Glatoran issue 5.
  9. oh im pretty sure i figured out the spider! we lucked out because the fikou nui is built very similarly: Here's my take on the brakas ive been working on based on your rips... im not totally satisfied with it, but its the closest ive been able to get to what the proportions seem to be. your take with the toa foot looks about right too.
  10. Nice! I got this added to bmp, and I updated our copy of the one you recorded in 2006 to what you linked too (before now ours was sourced from a youtube reupload). Not sure yet if anyone on the staff is planning to try to contact Tridev or not. This on its own is quite neat though.
  11. it kinda looks like the bird's got a diving animation going on in those unused sprites... makes sense for its mode of attack, but i could definitely see it being hard to get the sense of depth to read right for an animation like that in-game, given the perspective everything is at.
  12. excited about this! its very nice to have a full spritesheet for the brakas like this... and the toa stone inventory sprites are quite neat too. looking forward to whatever's next!
  13. I've never heard anything to this effect myself. The early Boneheads protos are kind of all over the place and its hard to get a grasp of how many of them they were thinking of producing, but once things were focused down we only see evidence of six. The RoboRiders set a precedent for a collection of six as well.
  14. I dont wanna derail the thread too much but to answer briefly - definitely possible, and something I would like to get to someday. There's already a mnog mod out there by Nuparu77 if youre interested!
  15. Yeah! My copy has that page as well so I think it must have been standard. I guess they took out that page and the ad pages to fit in the four new pages.
  16. the extended version was given out during some early screenings of tlr.
  17. nope! he did it out of his genuine passion for bionicle and the community. The comics he wasn't really paid for either (it was folded into his main job as the lego magazine editor, and my understanding is that was with no extra pay) and the novels were freelance he did in his off time for Scholastic. whether or not you like his writing style, the dude was dedicated.
  18. There are subtitles on the video! provided by Mister-N, in fact.
  19. I think fabSheers was probably thinking of the collecting poster that came with the packs, it has a little indicator of a mystery mask that shows the vahi, but in actuality it was the infected hau. they were probably planning to include the vahi before deciding to pack it as a bonus with the PC game instead!
  20. This includes every retail G2 set, excluding the three elemental beasts. Sets all come with their original packaging, including boxes, instructions, and even the polybags the pieces were packaged in. Extra pieces are included as well. The sets themselves are in excellent condition, only ever used for display. If you're interested, get in touch! Price is negotiable. I'm also open to trading for early g1 collectibles and promo items.
  21. the volcano is his mouth! mt ihu is the nose
  22. Thanks for posting this, looks like it was a lot of work and theres a lot of cool stuff in there! The Fijian ra does sound really likely to me for Kane-Ra since they had a habit of calling it the Bull of Legends - just a stone's throw from 'Sir Bull.'
  23. nice! not sure on all of those (for example takutanuva is certainly just a portmanteau of takanuva and makuta) but those definitely look like the sources for kotu, ahkmou and probably ehrye as well (that one's tricky since we don't know what the mnogii version of the name spelling was). Nuparu coming from paru would be pretty ballsy of them if accurate since they definitely weren't supposed to be using Maori terms at that point.
  24. one extra note, you dont necessarily need to use adobe animate - if you can secure an older version (aka, one of the iterations of adobe flash) they work fine too. I use CS6 but theres nothing particularly superior about it, it was just the newest at the time i started. explaining how to recreate the art style is a little more difficult - i think your best bet would just be familiarizing yourself with the adobe animate/flash toolset, as well as the composition of the mnog assets once youve got them open in your animation program and can pick them apart. from there you can develop an understanding of what templar did and how, and try to recreate that yourself - thats what ive tried to do. best of luck to you!
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