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  1. As you can see, it was distributed during the Power Lies Beneath Tour in 2002, not through Lego Magazine. Hence the rarity!!
  2. Oh no, its down? I didnt even know it was up somewhere... was it one of the things Templar cleared from their site? In any case, thanks for preserving these. From the image that looks like a lot of polygons for a 2002 web game!
  3. Right when Greg told BZP it was cancelled and he still had all the writing he had done saved, people asked him if he could post it on the forums, and he was open to the idea. There were some behind-the-scenes talks and it didnt pan out for some reason or another, but I guess they got as far as Greg sending over the first bit.
  4. Greg wrote the novels as freelance, he was actually contracted by Scholastic for them instead of Lego. I'd guess it was less them telling Greg that specific book he was writing was cancelled than it was them informing him that the book count was going to be smaller than projected for that year - then he made the decision himself to toss the stuff he had written (a 'free space' story like Voyage of Fear or Legacy of Evil) to make sure he could cover the core 07 story with the three slots he had. So no loss on Scholastic's end for commissioning him. From what I remember he said he hadn't written the full thing, and from interviews it doesnt seem like he even really had the time for rough drafts (five books, even small ones, plus full time work and hours answering Qs on here is a lot). I'd wager whatever he did write was the stuff hes alluded to - this intro covers his idea for Matoro's possession, and I can definitely see chapter 1 hitting on the Zyglak and Vezon's capture. That might be as far as he got.
  5. thanks all for sharing your experiences, i didnt get to visit a legoland until 2011 so hearing about the bionicle stuff i missed out on is very neat!! vakama and hahli narrating the 03 fireworks show is an interesting pairing, and its cool they were running mnog on the clubhouse computers in california. still hoping someday someone who witnessed the tribal jam in 01 will come forward to describe it... ive only been able to find this lone photo:
  6. pics and scans from the tribal quest as it was in california. they had an excess of tgnms there, too, lol
  7. That 1800 is just the Lego shop at home number... I'd wager they offered the slizer-branded spare disc packs by mail order.
  8. Peri


    According to Greg, the original bible said Mata Nui was "in a place that might be earth," so there is some precedent if this teaser were meant to be taken literally. I'm not convinced though Antarctica here is meant to be more than symbolic, if only because itd feel somewhat redundant for Faber to be trying to get two "near future on Earth" environmentalist narratives off the ground at once. but on the other hand, it wouldn't surprise me too much if that were the case. I guess we'll see, hopefully.
  9. Yay, glad to see this is up! Excited to read more of these through proper translation instead of just google... the blog looks really spiffy too. nice header!
  10. As Cheesy said, we've got their version of mnog saved on bmp. All our versions of the game should have that text re-implemented as well (save for the official 2006 download, which is unmodified from how lego presented it). I strongly recommend you try a download version of the game as the streaming ones are only going to get more and more broken until/if we find a workaround for the deteriorating support for Flash.
  11. I'd happily check the inventory number on mine - if i had access to it atm. Hopefully Planetperson has his more close at hand.
  12. Yeah, the US release of the Toa Metru never came with CDs at all - they were Europe only. Your findings with the minicomics seem correct - I only ever got the Matoran version of the comic. In fact, I had no idea there was an alternate Toa Metru one lol. Ive long assumed my Metru Nui minicomics came packaged with my Toa Metru, but considering the ebay listings you found, combined with the fact mine are all the Matoran version, it seems a safe bet they came from my Matoran sets. If you're able to scan the Toa edition at some point, that would be great - BS01 and bmp only have the Matoran one (i believe from some scans i made many years ago).
  13. Hi BZP! been a bit. Here's my take on an animation Templar intended to include in mnog, but didn't have the time to finish. Its about Onua!
  14. The Mask of Destiny news archives are preserved on the biomedia project servers; theyre not currently accessible but that will not be the case forever. Sorry i can't give you more right now!
  15. I have no memory of making such a change, but it's certainly likely that it was my fault, considering that the book type-ups came from me. Perhaps I was somehow bothered by the sword being in two pieces? I really have no idea at this point... Might've been edited since that's potentially one of Hapka's Nuva/original Toa confusion slipups that made it to print - the key art of the Nuva has Tahu with his magma swords combined into one big sword.
  16. even if scans aren't possible, i think people would appreciate photos!
  17. been working on a story update for biomedia and part of that is adding the books - i think ive sourced most of these from them same places you have, but i also seem to have found dark hunters somewhere. enjoy!
  18. If it was ever said by anyone that Lego took the words from some proto-Polynesian language, whoever said it was misinformed. It was Alastair Swinnerton who initiated the word-appropriating, and while he does say that Maori wasn't his 'first choice' (that was Rapa Nui, which as far as I can tell is no more proto than Maori), he says he used a Maori dictionary. That said, even the initial four words Swinnerton took to name the Toa (Tahu, Gali, Fonua, Lewa) come from a selection of languages - it seems that either the dictionary he had was woefully inaccurate, or from very early on the Bionicle team was comfortable taking from whatever culture they liked without much specificity beyond "Polynesia." Either way, all the languages used are modern and, quite the opposite from being early and archaic, many are in danger of dying out thanks to colonial practices violently suppressing Polynesian languages. Gamilaraay, the language Gali's name is taken from, is already deemed dead, with no fluent speakers left alive today.
  19. Ok so, poking around bricklink it looks like these two (ish ?) posters were probably included in some run of some Bionicle product or another (based on the smaller size and the Universal and Gameboy logos on some of them). I got a poster like the Tahu + Muaka one with my copy of Quest for the Toa, though mine had a different back.
  20. It wasn't a set pack-in in the US as far as I know, and it definitely wasn't a comic pack-in here either. My guess is it was given away in some promotion or another. There was a Toys R Us event where they gave out a poster and a copper Huna with any Bionicle purchase - I got a map of mata nui poster, but it's possible they had a selection. It could just as easily have been another promotion, though. @Cheesy is it possible you are thinking of the poster that came with Quest for the Toa? I didn't get a poster w/ any of my Rahi, but I did buy them used so it could be the poster just wasn't included.
  21. Are you sure it was? The name appears in MNOLG's last cutscene, and I think Greg said the character and him becoming a Toa was planned from the start. Takua is first named in Quest for the Toa, which came out on October 3rd. Maui Solomon contacted Lego sometime before June. The tricky part is that QftT does indeed use a few Maori, Fijian, and other cultures' words that hadn't cropped up in any media before. They might have been grandfathered in, since the game's development had already been rolling with them. But weirdly, we already see in the July version of the Legend of Mata Nui that they were actively scrubbing that game of appropriated words (only references to "villagers," Tamariki becomes Nobua). In any case, it's clear that from June onward, Lego was not taking new words from any cultures (again, MNOGII aside). So it's a question of at what point and by whom "Takua" was conceived - and by extension, whether he was one of the grandfathered-in words. Which we don't have a concrete answer for. BUT: while MNOG had its protagonist from January, Templar internally called him George for what seems to have been most of development. This also appears to have been the case with Quest for the Toa, which has a cheat code (evilgeorge) that makes the player character all dark blue. Based on that, I would argue the name "Takua" (if not his role as a character, which is a whole matter of its own) was almost certainly coined after the Maori intervention. In which case, it would have been an original word created at Lego, even though it accompanies some appropriated words in the game it debuts. And I also kind of think this just because we haven't found a convincing source for the name. But that could change!
  22. Takua's name was introduced post-Maori intervention, so it's super unlikely they were drawing from Maori or any other language for him. Templar's stuff in mnogII aside, Lego totally ceased with cribbing names from real-world cultures from mid 2001 onward. I'd assume they settled on Takua just because it sounded similar enough to the words they were using for other characters' names - same way "Bohrok" or "Matoran" presumably came about. Same goes for Podu, Nuparu, Hahli - and any words/characters 2002 onward outside of mnogii. There's a good Excel sheet that covers a lot of word origins for Bionicle - names for characters as well as locations, creatures, masks, etc. It was done by either Aanchir or Lyichir, or maybe both, I'm afraid I don't remember! Either way, here it is. It resolves a few questions in this thread: - Hafu (along with several of the original names) is from Rotuman, not Maori. Means "rock, stone, brick, iron, jewel" - Jala is Rotuman, "to burn, set fire to; to flare up" - Amaya is Japanese, "night rain" - Ally is Celtic, "stone" - Bour is "rock" in an unspecified African language Among a handful of other things. It's kind of ridiculous Templar was not only allowed by Lego to pull the same stunt Lego got in trouble for in 2001 again in 2003, but that Lego went ahead and used a couple of the names for the 04 Matoran (even if they were made legally distinct through adjustments to the spelling.) Of course I love Templar's work, but this really is not their best look.
  23. The white skin is preserved on Wayback! And here are the leadup paintover skins: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I hadn't remembered any of this, but the 'something new is on the loose' countdown is definitely ringing bells for me!
  24. Ah, here's the minisite! I don't know what the standard point of access was supposed to be, but I got to it from a random link in the middle of the Exo-Toa bio, lol. I haven't been able to find a working version of Exo or Bohrok but I haven't looked exhaustively.
  25. Having trouble digging up any sources for reference, but I believe these three things (the bohrok thing, the exo toa thing, and the Mata Nui explorer) were accessible through the use of the codes printed on the three mini-comics in the Bohrok Awake trading card packs from McDonald's. Maybe later on they opened them up to make them accessible to anyone visiting the Bionicle site. I never saw any of the three myself back in the day, but the broken games download on BMP has non-functional versions of the two missing ones. Better than nothing I guess.
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