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  1. Hey, just to let you know, your professional hitman still hasn't gotten me. I think he's getting old. By the way, you should really come back one of these years.

  2. You have OVER 9000 posts :P

    Come back D=

  3. *kicks your head* WAKE UP! D=

    Anyway, R.I.P Takua. =(

    (Hopefully you'll come back some day...)

  4. why is he not here anymore? :'(

  5. Your Photo is AMAZING.

    I can practically hear the laughter...

  6. now we cant even email him to have contact due to that his email is private :(

  7. zomg ttw happeh birthday (still can't believe you're 16 =P)

  8. I'm betting with Adventurer back, we'll be seeing TtW soon.


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