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    Emergency Medical services is my greatest interest. To the point of getting excited when others are hurt. But I figure it's better than not knowing what to do.

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  1. Seems that way to me. I just decided to check this old place out, maybe make some posts that arent super cringy and yeah this looks rough compared to the way back when. But maybe I'm just an old man now because I was 11 when I joined.
  2. awmg your the most evil of all the members

  3. religion is nothing what you say. i just wanted to point that out :)

  4. Ten more name changes and you'll be at my current number. =P

  5. Calvin and Hobbes FTW

  6. nope i was usually something lhikan related

  7. You used to be Toa Dave right?

  8. looks just like that tower defence game >.>
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