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  1. your a fool and a coward show youself

  2. I have no idea why I'm back here

  3. I should point out that most sets are created first and put into the story later. Karzahni is the only character I can think of that was in the story long before he was a set. Not to mention some of these a lot of people said they didn't want to see appearances of (Artakha, Lariska etc.) And a couple are impossible to put into set form. (EP entity? o_0) I don't know, this just strikes me as kinda silly if you actually plan on sending this to LEGO.
  4. I found the website, and it looks like anyone can order them, but they cost more money than anyone will ever have.
  5. what. Seriously, what. That's honestly one of the most far-out statements I've read all day. I was going to reply to him, got that far, and forgot what I was going to say. I love how easy it is to tell who actually read the post and who did not.
  6. Ahh JMMB, is there never a time that you have to let the world know about your every opinion? It's been too long since we've talked. I'm going to enjoy this a lot. Now if I may ask a question, what do you think the definition of a "true fan" is? Not your interpretation, but what the label means for everyone else? Most people who call themselves "true fans" because they think that they somehow are more important as a fan than others around them. I've seen a lot of the petitioners call themselves that, and this group is a response to that claim. It's trying to redefine the term as something more positive, something that doesn't only contain a certain group of fans. A very noble cause that I can't thank Takuma Nuva enough for starting. Of course, your specific complaints (for lack of a better word that slips my mind at the moment) are really just nitpicking don'tcha think? The only ones being criticized for their viewpoints here are the ones who came in with their trolling guns armed and pointed at everything that moved. I haven't seen any of the members here claiming that everyone not in the group isn't "a fan." Your complaint seems to be rather unfounded and forced. As you can see, he neither confirms nor denies whether or not "petitions, raids [ ], boycotts, etc." may help to bring back BIONICLE. In fact, he seems to confirm that both "petitions, raids [ ], boycotts, etc." and "just kept having fun with it same as they always had" would help to convince LEGO that "there is an audience out there for it". He doesn't appear to limit it as you do. Now here is something I really wanted to bring up in the last couple months with all these groups and petitions popping up and that is while these methods have been shown to work, a very crucial thing has been overlooked, which is that none of them have the intention of working peacefully with LEGO. Say what you want about what those groups "really" are doing, but I just saw them using group banners about joining a "rebellion". (A rebellion against what even?) Not to mention that there are members that changed their names to "HF must DIE" or some such nonsense. See, LEGO takes serious consideration to those who calmly state their opinions to them. That's the problem with a lot of these groups is that they view HF and LEGO as "The enemy," some sort of monster that must be destroyed to save BIONICLE. The LEGO communities that have had their wants met by LEGO are those who WANT to work with them. You attract more flies with honey ya know? I don't think that Greg really means that people should start boycotts and the like, the Star Trek analogy is to explain that we need to continue like we always have on BZPower. A lot of people have left the site with BIONICLE's end, but what Greg is trying to say here is that we as a community of fans (ALL of us) need to continue talking, writing, drawing, and playing with BIONICLE. We need to show that there are people that will not let it die, but not by yelling until our dying breath. I really hope that you will take my words into consideration, and not just debate points like you normally do. <3 LT
  7. I've been waiting for something like this for a while. I'm in.
  8. Lol. No problem. :)

  9. Jax Trionx

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    I meant legal issues, not programming ones. ~LT
  10. Jax Trionx

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    MNOG was a completed game that many enjoyed, and also was a free product that LEGO kept on their servers. This game was canceled and deleted. Not to mention that it was going to be a product, and thus has copyright issues to go through beforehand so people can release it. (If we can even find anyone who has it and can.) There are a lot more issues with this than LEGO just not wanting to release it, and it's a lot more complicated than re-releasing MNOG was. Not to be rude, but I don't see how my future career has anything to do with this discussion, nor why I need to justify/elaborate on it. ~LT
  11. Jax Trionx

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    My goodness JMMB, must you debate me on everything? All I was pointing out here is that spending large amounts of time asking LEGO to allow the release of something that they obviously don't want out there is just wasting everyone's time. We could certainly fix the game given enough time and resources, but since there is a similar fan-game being worked on I don't really see the point. (BTW, when I said future video game dev, I meant professional dev. I've already started some college classes on the subject, and am working on a small game to release in the coming months. ) ~LT
  12. Jax Trionx

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    Um, the game suffered mostly from bugs, not quality issues. And if it had to be scrapped because of that, it would be better to just make your own version. And like I said, it would be using nearly a decade old game engine. In terms of software and hardware advancements, it's like a century old game. ~LT
  13. Jax Trionx

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    Um, you guys do realize that this is a TEN-YEAR-OLD game right? Not to mention a buggy, incomplete ten-year-old game? Even if LEGO gave permission to release it, we would have to find someone with the beta CD, and then all we would end up with is a glitchly level. It certainly doesn't sound like it would be worth all that trouble to get, and I certainly see why LEGO doesn't want to be bothered with allowing release. And speaking as a future video game developer, even if a group of fans wanting to finish the game got the game, it would be so obsolete (Not to mention buggy) that it would be better to just start from scratch. There's nothing really to be gained by trying to get LEGO to release this game. ~LT
  14. Heh, I actually enjoy reading your longer posts. I'm just glad most of the people on here don't post that long... ~LT
  15. (BTW, I thought that you already had an account on there?)

  16. Heh, yeah, but I have everything locked up. I'm surprised that anyone still remembered it. :P

  17. Very nice post Bones, as always you say what I was thinking in a much better way than I could. One thing I've been saying over the last couple years is how ridiculous it is about how many people complain about BIONICLE sets when with a little imagination you can use your collection to make the version YOU wanted. Back in summer 2008 when everyone hated the Mistika Toa, I pointed out that it would be a simple matter to take your collection to make the version THEY wanted. (I actually never managed to get one, but I made my own versions so I was fine. ) I also never got why people complained about complex/simple builds- There's not really anything complex/simple, you just follow the instructions until they reach the end. I've found that I enjoy building MOCs of titans much more than building Axalara T9. Something a little more on-topic: It seems like a large number of members in them have a certain viewpoint that they want to hold on to. The problem I have is when they start saying that "LEGO should do this thing because I want it." I think a lot of it stems from that they are thinking in a personal way rather than a global one, but I have seen people on here that just like to complain. Who I don't have the time or energy to debate with. I guess I look at BIONICLE a bit differently then most people do. But if people just looked at the potential that a set has, and not it's face value, I'd think they'd be a lot happier with it, and thus happier on here. ~LT (BTW, I'm not citing anything specific here, just talking generally. )
  18. Yeah, I've started posting again. (Ive been logging on anyway.)

  19. I got my 3 year.... thing. it's been that long? :P

  20. Jax Trionx

    Relax ...

    That's what I meant. Though I'm sure that we'll see people with that attitude later on... ~LT
  21. Jax Trionx

    Relax ...

    Look at what two letter approved names you have. Do you have a list of approved names? Also, do you REALLY think you'll get sued over a two letter prefix in a story serial for a toyline that doesn't exist anymore? Not only does he have a limited list of names, (at the moment I believe) but LEGO wouldn't let him post the story without it going through legal. It also really isn't smart to think that "we can do anything we want since the toyline isn't around" It still needs to be approved by LEGO, and they also are the ones who say if the story stays or not. ~LT
  22. I know, it took me a second to know who you were because of your name. :P

  23. Never mind, I thought you were someone else. :P

    And that was a joke. :P

  24. Toa Kaita, Not only was that post from 7 months ago, but what your talking about is probably something wrong with your mouse. ;)

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