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  1. Just heard the song on Bzpower's stream, and got to say it's amazing. I love how the tunes were recognizable, but different enough that I had to listen to be sure I was hearing it correctly.
  2. Voxumo

    Deja Vu

    I love that banner more than I should.
  3. So haven't looked at this topic or game for awhile. I know the last arc ended but don't know if the new arc has launched. So has it or still in prep?
  4. Voxumo


    We all have to take time to look at ourselves now and a then. Glad to know you are doing alright and I don't think anyone in the Discord would object to you returning if you decided to.
  5. Is there anyway to know if one has already entered this raffle or not, as I honestly cannot recall if I entered already or not.
  6. Voxumo


    Well notifications for it work... Though gotta be completely honest, forgot I was following your blog prior to the downtime.
  7. Fun times were had with the Brotherhood. Still enjoy the twist it made for Syvra in his character.
  8. Voxumo

    artwork & stories

    Dig these summaries. Still saddened we never could get cover art for Theogony.
  9. *Casually checks the topic after two+ years of inactivity* Huh... this arc has ended. Neato. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully getting some of my characters back up and running. Will there be a summary for the finale of the arc posted at somepoint?
  10. Voxumo

    *gasps for air*

    Can't complain, still living in Alaska, taking classes for information technology specialist certification. Also saving up some cash to attend Brickfair Virginia 2020.
  11. Voxumo

    *gasps for air*

    Congrats on the Graduation and Marriage.
  12. Voxumo

    night theme

    Oh, hadn't even seen that. Barely ever have a reason to scroll that far down.
  13. Voxumo

    night theme

    What is this about night theme? How does one enable it?
  14. Voxumo

    Silently Screaming

    You should consult a doctor.
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