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  1. Is there anyway to know if one has already entered this raffle or not, as I honestly cannot recall if I entered already or not.
  2. Voxumo


    Well notifications for it work... Though gotta be completely honest, forgot I was following your blog prior to the downtime.
  3. Fun times were had with the Brotherhood. Still enjoy the twist it made for Syvra in his character.
  4. Voxumo

    artwork & stories

    Dig these summaries. Still saddened we never could get cover art for Theogony.
  5. *Casually checks the topic after two+ years of inactivity* Huh... this arc has ended. Neato. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully getting some of my characters back up and running. Will there be a summary for the finale of the arc posted at somepoint?
  6. Voxumo

    *gasps for air*

    Can't complain, still living in Alaska, taking classes for information technology specialist certification. Also saving up some cash to attend Brickfair Virginia 2020.
  7. Voxumo

    *gasps for air*

    Congrats on the Graduation and Marriage.
  8. Voxumo

    night theme

    Oh, hadn't even seen that. Barely ever have a reason to scroll that far down.
  9. Voxumo

    night theme

    What is this about night theme? How does one enable it?
  10. Voxumo

    Silently Screaming

    You should consult a doctor.
  11. Placing my vote for #3, though 5 was a close second.
  12. Voxumo


  13. Hmm. I'm digging the more muscular build she has here. Also really digging your adaptation of those silver arm bits.
  14. Voxumo

    we're finished

    Twas a fitting farewell to the main series.
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