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  1. So haven't looked at this topic or game for awhile. I know the last arc ended but don't know if the new arc has launched. So has it or still in prep?
  2. Voxumo


    We all have to take time to look at ourselves now and a then. Glad to know you are doing alright and I don't think anyone in the Discord would object to you returning if you decided to.
  3. Is there anyway to know if one has already entered this raffle or not, as I honestly cannot recall if I entered already or not.
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    Well notifications for it work... Though gotta be completely honest, forgot I was following your blog prior to the downtime.
  5. Fun times were had with the Brotherhood. Still enjoy the twist it made for Syvra in his character.
  6. Voxumo

    artwork & stories

    Dig these summaries. Still saddened we never could get cover art for Theogony.
  7. *Casually checks the topic after two+ years of inactivity* Huh... this arc has ended. Neato. Looking forward to the next one and hopefully getting some of my characters back up and running. Will there be a summary for the finale of the arc posted at somepoint?
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    *gasps for air*

    Can't complain, still living in Alaska, taking classes for information technology specialist certification. Also saving up some cash to attend Brickfair Virginia 2020.
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    *gasps for air*

    Congrats on the Graduation and Marriage.
  10. Voxumo

    night theme

    Oh, hadn't even seen that. Barely ever have a reason to scroll that far down.
  11. Voxumo

    night theme

    What is this about night theme? How does one enable it?
  12. Voxumo

    Silently Screaming

    You should consult a doctor.
  13. Placing my vote for #3, though 5 was a close second.
  14. Voxumo


  15. Hmm. I'm digging the more muscular build she has here. Also really digging your adaptation of those silver arm bits.
  16. Voxumo

    we're finished

    Twas a fitting farewell to the main series.
  17. You know what the easiest way to guarantee you get what you want is? By joining in.
  18. u should play I second this. Join Pulse Vatten and Voxumo Ash on their crazy adventures in Campaign 2.
  19. Player Name: Voxumo Campaign: 2 or 5... I leave the choice up to you Tex. Character Name: Voxumo Ash Gender: Male Age: 53 Element: Fire Personality: Firm, yet patient. Voxumo Ash is one who is hopeful in people, sometimes to the detriment of himself that an action that should see harsh punishment is instead presented with a second chance. He used to be the type to take charge and lead, but since being overthrown has questioned his ability to lead, causing him to subconsciously allow others to lead him. History: Prior to being forced into the political sphere of Okoto, Voxumo Ash was a simple blacksmith, crafting weapons, goods and replacement masks for House Aodh. It was only during the early stages of his rebellion that he was trained as a soldier, more out of necessity to defend himself than to serve on the front lines of battle. Greatest Fears: Fear #1: Pitch Black Darkness. Cannot see anything around you or ahead of you, darkness. He did not have this fear prior to being brought back to life. Fear #2: While not a fear, Voxumo would collapse in utter despair were a dear ally to fall due to his failure to act. Fear #3: Canine like Rahi. As a child Voxumo was attacked by a hound belonging to a minor lord of House Aodh, but due to the lord's status Voxumo was the one horribly punished, blamed that he taunted the lord's hound. Greatest Dreams: Dream #1: While he denies it to himself, Voxumo craves to lead again, like he did in the early days... True loyalty and faith placed in him. Allies ready to die for him because they believe in him. Dream #2: What keeps Voxumo going is a hope that he can redeem himself in the eyes of all okoto... To show that he isn't a failure. Dream #3: If he learns that he was dead, and most importantly how he died, he wants to go out a warrior, facing his enemy head on in glorious battle! Ultimate Power: Should Voxumo obtain the Mask of Ultimate Power, He would rewrite the rules of death and birth for sentient creatures. No individual could "die" unless they willingly chose to, at which point their "Soul" would be recycled and used to create a new life of that species. Stats: Strength: 4 Agility: 2 Intelligence: 3 Charisma: 1
  20. Voxumo

    10 years

    Has it really only been 10 years? Good god just the little bit of time I've known you, about half of that, feels like it's been longer.
  21. Dang, both mocs I voted for made it to the final poll...
  22. I love this little guy, and would love to even build this for myself one day. Can it still fold up at all out of curiosity?
  23. Well while I'm disappointed to see this come to a premature close, I can't say it wasn't fun while it was going on. But ultimately your own well being is more important than some game.
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