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  1. I know the 2015 Bionicle is all the rage at the moment, but I still like drawing the old favorites more, lol XD; (A bigger PNG version here) I made this a few months back technically, but I haven't posted here in a thousand years and the last art thing I posted was back when it was garbage looking so... (like 2010 or 2008 or something) I wanted to try posting again 8U; and thought I'd put up this one first since I like how it came out xD;
  2. The only weird thing I remember happening was a few years ago when I brought my Tahu Nuva to school (that was a dumb idea btw).I coulda sworn I had him safe in my pocket, but somehow his mask disappeared on me. :Kinda sad since that was the only Hau Nuva I had. D:
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