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    Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Destral, Konoha, AND XING!
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    Enslaving others that defy me, sword combat, and Explosions.....Joking.....mostly

    Love BIONICLE as hard as possible

    Heavy collector of Yu-Gi-Oh, To the extent that my collection is literally OVER 9000!!!!!!!

    Enjoy Watching/Reading/Doodling Anime/Manga:
    One Piece
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Moon Phase
    Death Note

    I have been diagnosed with a split personality
    Four of them to be exact
    Shut up Anthony
    Ignore them
    Here is the Basic Break down:
    Ynot is Psychotic/Evil/Mean....
    Tony is Kind/Gentle/Good
    Anthony is Smart/Wise/Guy to go to for help on Homework and such
    And then there is Ynohtna
    We call him Larry
    Larry is Lazy, but he is creative
    Not to bright, but can draw pretty well

    I'm not much of an MoCer, but I have my moments
    Unfortunately a camera is never around to show it

    I have OCD to the extent of a Pokemon mindset
    That is: GOTTA [s]CATCH[/s] BUY 'EM ALL!!!!

    I am also a Massive Gamer
    I despise First Person Shooters, Racers, Sport Games, and Movie Games
    All of which because I dislike how they play
    And with that being Microsoft's entire Library, I do not OWN AN X-BOX!!!!
    Mostly play Action/Adventure, RPG, and Fighters
    More of a Nintendo/Sony Fan
    Have DS, Wii(Busted), PS2, and PS3

    Game series I enjoy include:
    Ratchet and Clank
    Jak and Daxter
    Sly Cooper(Come on Sucker Punch, you KNOW you want to make a new one...)
    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    God of War
    Kingdom Hearts
    Donkey Kong
    Infamous (The Sequel is coming, and I'm waiting for it)
    Dragonball Z: Budokia Tenkaichi
    Mortal Kombat
    Grand Theft Auto

    I read...A LOT
    I have seriously read ALL THE HARRY POTTERS cover to cover in ONE DAY(15 hours)
    Authors that peak my interest include:
    J.K. Rowling
    Eoin Colfer
    James Patterson
    Rick Riordan
    Greg Farshtey(DUH!)
    Junji Ito
    Holly Black
    Anthony Horowitz
    Douglas Adams

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  1. P~M

    I like your taste in... well... everything.

  2. Hi, Haven't been on in a while, but I was hoping I could get some help finding an old Topic from before all this new stuff went online... I guess it'd be in the Archive that I spent the better part of 2 days searching...Anyway, the Topic I'm looking for was news about the Hero Factory Site when it first booted upSpecifically, listing the various 'Missions' the news Feed ticker read off.If youa re able to help me, I'd be much obliged.Ynot
  3. You need to watch this show, even if it's only for the 6 Pony Freak out episodes. Any one mention those? Oh, yeah, as foreshadowed in episode one, all Ponies in that town are CRAZY. Each gets an episode demonstrating exactly how. One of which is the shyest of the Ponies trying to force adorable little animals to LOVE HER.
  4. Takuma, this is why I love reading what you write. Also,i cringed at the prospect of a second bonsiii
  5. Ynot

    Test Track Review

    Review the Epic Also, for anyone that knew me on the old BZP, I probably will not be on here much other than for updating Test Track.
  6. Ynot

    Test Track

    Continuing This from old BZP. Had to wait for old BZP was back up as my computer was corrupted and I lost all my old files, so I had to re-read what I had written to recall my path forward. Also, due to the length of chapter 10, I will post 11 in the same post. Chapter 10 Cal wakes up in an alley, her board broken beside her. “Ungh. What happened?” she inquires, pulling her self up. Once on her feet she looks around, then up to find her answer. Above her, the roof had caved in as she glided across, the result of Agori using shoddy supplies in making their bridges between buildings. Dusting herself off, she gathers up her board and limps back to her place. *** In the distance the Beast watches the Fiery One. Now would be the perfect time to strike, but for some unfathomable reason, The Beast cannot bring himself to do it just yet. Instinctively, he knows to wait. Something is amiss in his territory, and he yearns to right it. The Beast knows that the Fiery one will show him the way. The fiery One will lead him to his adversary. Then, the Fiery One will be lunch. Chapter 11 As Cal opened the door her apartment, she finds Tug, Cam, and Verkona sitting patiently. “Two hours, fifty-nine minutes, and twelve seconds,” Tug counts off, “Pay up, I told you she wouldn't be gone more than three hours.” “You cheat, “ Cam goads. “I do not. I just know my friends well,” Tug counters, “ So pay up or work it off. Dems the rules that we agreed to.” Cal smacks both of them in the back of their heads. “Glad to know you have so much confidence in me. Didn't even bother to come after? I have been unconscious in a...” “Gutter?” Tug guesses midsentence. “Ditch, t'ad ta have bin a ditch!” Verkona pipes in. “...alley for the past couple of hours....” She continues, but is interrupted by groans by both. “Did you really take bets on WHERE I was knocked out?” “Wagers, not bets. Bets have set odds, wagers are pot shots.” Tug interjected. Cal stares at him with fire in her eyes. “I'll be quiet now” “Thank you. So, while I was napping, did you get a lock on those co-ordinates?” Cal points the question at Tug. He sits there silently for a second. “Oh, you actually expected an answer. Of course I did. I am Tug, master of all things technical.” Cal waits for a second, “Aaaand?” “Oh, right, they lead to a large warehouse in the lower west-side. Stories say Tahu has bee seen there recently. Makes sense if that's where the camp is.” He replies. “So, how fast you flying out the window this time?” Cal sighed heavily, “I'm not, board got busted in the fall.” Cam pats her on the shoulder, “Fret not, I know a guy, who's cousin's best friend is pretty good at fixing things. Let's take a walk down there and see if she can help.” *** The Beast lurks in the shadows, watching as The Fiery One walks with three others. The first smells of metal, the second of ozone, and the third of saturation. The Beast followed them across the city to a warehouse, feeling uneasy. This is where he followed the Shadowed figure earlier. He did not like this place, it stunk of death [Review]
  7. This sounds fun.... Holiday-Green day Elemental ice mask? We didn't Start the Flame War -College Humor Oh, wow, two in a row, really? Elemental Fire mask To be a Man - Mulan Sound track Um...I'm stumped Bleed it out - Linkin Park Thinking a mask version of the Harry Potter Spell Sectumsempra Fighting Dreamer - Flow Um...ramped up Astral projection, allowing you to touch(Punch) others, but not Vice Versa.... 'T'S'All I got for now
  8. Tis sad... But maybe if you write something so good it leaves them laughing well into 2013, you will engrave your legacy Though, honestly Takuma, Anyone who doesn't recognize your comedic brilliance, isn't going to be posting in this thread...
  9. Down here in Florida, anything below 30 degrees is Bundled up weather(For me it's Pants and a tee) But, hooooooo Buddy, does it get hot down here Average Summer day sits at 105 and Humidity brings it to 125 So, yes, I think you guys in Minnesota are slightly psychotic...
  10. I've been busy outta my mind!

    Christmas is driving me NUTS!

    Finding good gifts for everyone, My job is super busy, and anticipation all culminating in one jittery motha trucka.

    So, how are you?

  11. Hey Ynot, how have you been?

  12. Cannot Compute design Yeah, color me blank, no clue as to what this is
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