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  1. IC: Barthel Deliresi By that point the pain was really starting to hit me full force. My whole body felt sore and I felt like I had been used as a punching bag. Probably reduced any stress in him more than it did in me. But I was feeling better, despite having lost two fights in the same day. I grabbed my coat and pulled its four corners together to carry it like a bag. When Liano spoke up I almost felt like laughing at his offer. From what I had seen of others, usually the loser was the one who ended up paying for drinks later. "I'll never turn down a free drink, but I prefer to drink alone." I walked over to the water and placed my coat outside of it by a bit before sitting a good distance away from Liano. I sat only deep enough in that my arms were still above the water. Then I grabbed something from my coat, a brooch. I enhanced my vision with my mask and looked over the brooch, actually taking a good look at it for the first time since I had acquired it. It was mostly plan, a few small and unvaluable looking gems decorating it with a small light stone in the center. Whoever had it made had strange taste. "You know anyone who would buy jewelry under the table? I'm looking to get rid of some fast."
  2. OOC: Sorry about the wait. IC: Barthel Deliresi I stared at Liano's hand for a moment before taking action. Seeing as the fight was over, as there was no way I could continue without my powers, there was nothing wrong with using my powers now. I summoned my weapons to me and slid them behind my back. Next I controlled them to slowly raise myself up so that I wouldn't need any help. Sure, I had been a good sport up to that point, but that didn't mean I would disgrace myself by taking help from my opponent. "Would have prefered if we had used powers. Then who was going to win would have been a toss up. But whatever, that took care of my frustration." As I rose to my feet I used my mask and elemental control to steady myself. I began to walk over to my coat, still having to use my powers. I would have liked to have cut Liano some more, maybe in a way that would only cause some temporary problems seeing as he was an ally, but I had held out that long. I wasn't going to give in and destroy any progress I had built towards a good image. Besides, at that point I just wanted to wash off all of the sand and blood and physical contact that came with fighting up close. "Anyways, thanks for the sparring match. We should have another one eventually. Just in a way that puts us on more even footing." I probably couldn't have kept from attempting something to seriously hurt Liano if I didn't think he felt like an odd one out from society as well. Most of the Sarsi team had that feel to them. Still thought about trying to nick his hand with a spike in my palm, but I was to tired and there was my Haphephobia. I just continued heading for my things.
  3. IC: Barthel Deliresi I felt my blow connect as I then stumbled before catching myself. Liano began to come at me again, this time looking as if he had been angered. My only options were to make a run for anything I could use to help me, or stand there and try to dish out as much damage as I could before I succombed to the inevitable assualt. I quickly decided upon the second, as if I ran I would be beaten just as badly, only while looking like a coward. If I was going down, it wasn't going to be running. The next bit of time was a blur of fists being thrown by both sides along with kicks from Liano. Within the first few blows it was once again evident how outmatched I was in a brawl. Despite this I tried my best to hold out, and ended up landing some blows myself and managing to make one or two of his miss their mark. The brutal fight temporarily came to an end when I landed a lucky shot to Liano's face. We both just stood there for a moment, staring each other down as we felt the pain from the others attacks. At least, I hope he was hurting some as well. I was sore everywhere, I felt as if my body was going to give out. One of the key things that fight brought to mind was why I stuck to ranged attacks. Liano looked as if he had taken a few blows, nothing to much. I could just imagine how I looked. Probably like I had gone through a grinder. Liano just kept standing there, waiting. If he was waiting for me to back down, that wasn't going to happen. Sure, I probably wouldn't have been standing at that point without my Kanohi, but that didn't mean I would give in. I just didn't want to stand down and give him the satisfaction of my giving in before him. "Is that all you can muster?" I tried to say, but who knows what it actually sounded like. "Come on, it will take more than that to beat me." I tried to attack Liano one last time, but in my state its failure was inevitable. He countered with a blow that sent me down, the world going between being there and darkness. I had lost, the inevitable outcome of trying my hand at close range combat. But at the same time I had learned. If he could best me without using powers that easily, then I was relying on them too much. As my vision began to clear a bit later, I decided I needed more chakrams and to get faster. Then I could avoid close combat completely, even without powers.
  4. IC: Barthel Deliresi Liano made another dash towards me. I let loose my last chakram before breaking into a sprint of my own. I looked back to see he had leapt my final weapon. Not only was Liano a skilled fighter, he was fast, and he had good reflexes. Something was just not right about him. I was fast from running. He seemed like he had grown strong from chasing. The question was, what had he been chasing? Was he some sort of guard at some time? It was then that the shine of my thrown weapon caught my eye as I again looked forward. The only problem with chakram was retrieving them without my powers. I cursed under my breath. I just had to try to keep up appearances. My feet hit the sand with a large amount of force as I closed the distance between myself and my weapon. And then I felt a hand grab my arm. I let out another silent curse as I was being pulled backwards. I was pulled straight into two quick blows that would have sent me to the sand had it not been for my mask. I glared up at Liano. I was getting tired of this. I was getting tired of feeling like a Matoran, weak and without powers. I was tempted to use my elemental control. He likely would never have seen it coming had I pulled the chakram from behind him into his legs. If I did it right maybe I could have done enough damage to show him I wasn't just some weakling. But, despite it all, I managed to hold it together and refrain from using my powers. I could always show them all how powerful I was later. If I was to rise above them all, then I needed to have a better image than any other as well. Power is easily demonstrated. Image is built and earned. Keeping to the rules had to be a good way to start on and maintain an image. Why else would anyone do it? Liano stood there, waiting. He was anticipating my next move. My mind quickly jumped back to earlier. The only way I had landed a blow was to defy any expectations. My obvious choices then were to run or attack, so I quickly decided upon a third option. I acted as if I was going to strike at him, and then lept into a roll to his side, away from the chakram. I grabbed some sand in the process, though not enough to really do to much beyond what I needed. Liano was quick to react to my move, striking at my new position. The quick blow to my shoulder was not part of the plan, and it hurt like Karzahni, but it would not stop me. I rose to my feet and began running backwards, away from him. It did not take him long to begin charging at me again, but this time I had the element of surprise. I threw the sand at his eyes, which he was quick to guard, but that was just the diversion. I stopped my awkward backward escape and charged straight at Liano, my elbows bent forward to slam into his body. The only problem with this plan was that it required me to touch him in order to attack him. That, and the fact that it was going to hurt. Unfortunately, at the time I had no better alternatives.
  5. IC: Barthel Deliresi One of my Chakram had found its mark, some crimson coming forth from Liano's arm. I found a smug smile cross my face as I held my ground. Then Liano charged again, and I held my stance, waiting for him to make his move. Suddenly his charge speed up with a renewed vigor, something I was not prepared for. I soon felt pain in my abdomen as he connected a blow, knocking the wind out of me again. Through the pain I noted that this was the second time he had duck when coming in for an attack, a piece of information that could help me later. Next I began to bring down my left arm towards his shoulder, planing to slash into it with my chakram, but a blow to my right side drained some of the strength out of my attack. Regardless of this, I cut into his right shoulder a little, with much less success then I had intended, before feeling a blow to my left arm, making me lose grip of my weapon as it clattered to the ground. I began to stumble backwards before regaining my composure. Even with my weapons things were not going in my favor. I caught myself as I was about to use my powers to return my fallen weapons to me, making sure not to visibly break the rules. I put my last chakram around my index finger and began to rotate it around, building up speed. If he charged my next target would be his legs. At the same time I began to circle Liano, planing to get to where I could retrieve the two I had thrown. OOC: For any who might read this, as TX Wade previously stated, we have agreed to minor autohitting on each other for this fight. I was also told I was allowed to have Liano do minor actions, in this case countering Barthel's attack. We agreed upon these in advance, so I am not doing any of this without permission.
  6. IC: Barthel Deliresi I frowned at Liano's answer, doing so for two reasons. The first was that it was to vague too really make any use of, and the second was that it sounded like it would take a long period of time to imitate. Next followed an unsettling silence which was accompanied by a period of inactivity on both sides. During this brief reprieve I let my mind wander. My thoughts settled upon my weapons. Considering the fact that I now was using a tool capable of decapitation I contemplated dulling or in some other way hampering their lethality. I reconsidered however, as one of the rules was not to use my powers. Using them to hinder myself would be deifying the rules and common sense. I decided I would just have to make sure I didn't aim for anywhere vital. Suddenly Liano bolted forward, something that caught me off guard from the stillness before. I responded by quickly throwing two of my chakram, one aimed at the edges of each arm. I had not considered the problems of retrieving them without my powers until later. The last two I kept with me, planing to use them to protect myself when he got close enough.
  7. IC: Barthel Deliresi "A well thrown rock can hurt regardless of where it hits you and can be very disorientating if it hits you in the head. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of such an assault." I got back to my feet and walked over to where I had placed my chakrams. "I'm fine with this change. " I stated as I found my weapons back in my hands. Still couldn't use my powers, but at least then I had something I knew how to fight with. "Besides, the fact that you were holding back is just insulting." I egged him, probably not the best course of action. As I turned back towards Liano I posed a question. "If you don't mind my asking, where did you learn to fight? Your fast. I had to be fast in the past, lots of running. But where did you gain such skill and speed?" I got into a fighting stance, planing ahead. It could be beneficial to actually know a bit about my team mates. Besides, the way he got such skill might work for me as well, I thought.
  8. IC: Barthel Deliresi "To be honest, yes. I'm not used to fighting at the range, let alone with bare fists. I figured I might be able to find some rocks to throw or something, if they are allowed." I replied. It's true that I was asking in part because of throwing projectiles if I could find some, I just didn't mention that there might be something in my coat that fit the definition of not counting as a weapon while being useful. Of course, I had taken off my coat and would have to make a dash for it, but if there was something I could use...
  9. OOC: No problem. I've been busy as of late also. IC: Barthel Deliresi The sand flew straight to the ground, as it's target was no longer there. No real surprise there. If anything it just made me look stupid for not having held on to the sand long enough to aim at my target. Liano was already back on his feet and charging towards me. Again, no real surprise. It was time to pull out the only tactic I knew for close range. Keep away. I quickly tried to jump to the side, but Liano was closer to me then I had anticipated. I had guessed he would have been a bit farther away despite our collision. His side clipped mine sending me into an off balanced stagger. With my Kanohi's help I tried to regain my balance, but with my momentum added to my flailing attempt to steady myself even my mask couldn't save me. I quickly found my backside upon the sand as I hit the ground for the third time. Three to one. I was doing better than expected. As I sat there I decided to question Liano on one of the rules. "What exactly counts as a weapon for this?"
  10. IC: Barthel Deliresi I was shocked as I had somehow managed to hit into Liano's legs and knock him to the ground. I thought he would likely have dodged the blow. I would have been overjoyed with my success if not for the pain of the impact as well as the fact that I was in contact with his legs. I started to roll off of his legs so I could try and strike him while he was down, but a sudden and painful blow got me before I could fully roll to the side. After the unexpected counter I managed to finish rolling off, landing on my back looking skyward once more. "It worked..." I took a heavy breath before trying to haphazardly get back to my feet, grabbing a handful of sand while doing so, and using my mask in an attempt to cover any initial imbalance. "But that hurt like Karzahni. Remind me never to do that again." After steadying myself and shutting my Kanohi off I turned to face him and in the same motion threw the handful of sand at where Liano's eyes should be if he was on the ground. Should have made sure he was still there before throwing, but I wouldn't get any other chances. I had a feeling that Fate wasn't going to give me anymore lucky strikes. I had to try and get every advantage that I could.
  11. IC: Barthel Deliresi Liano ducked, disappearing from my immediate sight, and I knew something bad was to come. I was quickly proven right when a blow hit me in the chest, knocking the air out of me and sending me sprawling backwards. I tumbled and fell flat on my back, staring up at the sky as I gasped for air. I regained my breath and got back on my feet, staring at Liano for a second, before charging again. This time I had a better plan. Knowing I wouldn't be able to make him hit the ground in a fair fight, I charged at him acting like I was going to take another swipe at his face. This time, however, after I got closer I leapt at his legs, planing to try and bring him to the ground. It was going to hurt if he dodged or not, but at least it would feel satisfying if I could take him down with me. Besides, he was going to send me into the sand no matter what I did. It had not occurred to me that doing so would result in me grabbing his legs if successful, something unpleasant with my Haphephobia, until after I had already leapt.
  12. IC: Barthel Deliresi Liano apologized, but it didn't sound as if he had meant it. But that didn't matter, the fact he was willing to apologize was enough. After speaking a bit more he set his weapon to the side and declared the rules for the training match. I didn't like the rules. My weapons and elemental powers were my main form of combat. I didn't know the first thing about fisticuffs. "I don't like to fight close range like this, but I could use the training." I set my Chakram on the sand, soon followed by my coat, glasses, and my book which I had still been carrying. A quick smirk crossed my face before disappearing. He had said no powers, so he wouldn't use his Kanohi. But a little extra balance from my mask would be undetectable. I, not knowing any better from great lack of experience fighting like that, charged Liano planing to slug him in the face.
  13. IC: Barthel Deliresi After much of the water had dripped out I opened a few of the pages and let them dry. And then I did the same to the next few pages. And the next. After the lengthy process was done and my book had as little damage from the water as I could manage I picked it back up and began my trek to the beach. "Why in the name of Mata Nui did you push me into the water!?" I called out to Liano as I began to close the distance between us. "Were you trying to ruin everything I had on me!?" After a heavy breath I began to mumble. "Who knows how long it's going to take to dry my clothing."
  14. IC: Barthel Deliresi ​As we approached the gates of the village we stopped at the edge of one of the pads. Liano spoke to me and as I turned to face him I found myself tumbling into the water. I lost all focus on Liano as I quickly tried to clamber back onto the the lily pad. I cared not what had happened to Liano when he wasn't there, as I hastily opened the pocket that contained my book and pulled it free. Luckily not much water had seeped into my pockets, something I had tried to ensure after I previous experience, in the time it took me to get back out of the water, leaving only one corner of it wet. I set that corner on the ground in a panicked manner, planing to let the water drip out before I took any further actions to save it from water damage. "Please be all right. Please be all right." I was still angry and frustrated, but I was worried more about my book then fighting Liano. However, I intended to make full well known my displeasure when we trained after my book had recovered.
  15. IC: Barthel Deliresi I was a little disapointed with Liano's suggestion, as I couldn't really try to cut up one of my team mates. In a fight with a stranger I could aim for the legs, try to cause some long term damage, and all in all hopefully come out on top, as long as it wasn't someone like that brute who didn't stop regardless of what you hit him with. Against Liano I wouldn't even be able to aim for the eyes. Regardless I would at least have someone to fight and I wouldn't have to waste time trying to find someone else. "Sure. Probably can get more training out of a fight that way." I knew Liano probably had better things to do then humor me, but then again maybe not. I still hadn't know much about the other Sarsi, and I thought this might be a good chance to learn a bit about Liano while getting my frustration out. Spending the time to get to know more about my team mates could help my rise to glory later. "Never been on a hunt before, closest I've ever came to something like that was this one time I was hiding out in Le-Wahi..." I started as I turned in the direction of the beach.
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