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  1. hey buddy, how has life been for you

  2. Ah, I see a lot of familiar names. Hi everyone! I'm not really back though, just a random nostalgia trip.
  3. Holy cow this place is different. I'm Biomech, I used to make signatures and stuff years upon years ago. I don't think any of my friends are still here. All my posts are gone too. I'm guessing that happened during the upgrade. Anyway, if you're reading this, sup.
  4. but did I come back, or did I... NEVER LEAVE?! no, I left.
  5. did BZP finally cave in and allow massive signatures? I have clearly missed a revolution.
  6. I am quite well. (maaan I haven't been here in a while)
  7. You're writing many words about your dislike of people's intensive dislike of BIONICLE. hmm...
  8. Biomech

    Note Of The Day

    I LOL'd so hard after I clicked your link and Maj was down. So reliable.
  9. I say good riddance, BIONICLE stopped being what it was originally yeeears and years ago.
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