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  1. Not specifically "sections", no, but you are trying to figure out two aspects of the RK project. Yes, all three levels are about the RK project.
  2. Neither. You are overthinking it. Edit: Oh, fine, I'll help you out some more, lol. Remember all of this is about the RK project. Not about news. There will, of course, be a news article when it is launched. But that's not what I mean. Remember the number three.
  3. S&T was the incorrect one, yes. And you're getting colder now.
  4. Is it the order or the content of the list? EDIT: What was the answer to the one that was solved and which number was it? You mean levels? Level 1 was answered. The answer is that this mystery is about the latest RK project. In other words, it's done. Ready to go public soon. And it was the content. Order doesn't matter, per se. Try to think about whether you're overthinking it... Actually, there are three such clues. Ironically enough.
  5. I'm glad you noticed the number three. I don't see that your last statement applies, though, no. Heh. No, if that was the case, Swert would know, and I would have had to say BS01 staff couldn't play either. There is no new job; I think you misread earlier... Good theory, but no. 1) No, lol. Not retiring. Have no plans to ever retire. 2) I won't give another official clue, but I will reveal that two of the members commenting here have inadvertently provided clues. That's two more clues, somewhere in the comments to this blog entry. Just not with a blue question mark attached this time. 3) And I suppose that's slightly closer. But there's just one nitpicky problem with one of them so it's not totally correct. Edit: I'm onto you, Survurlode. Swamping the server as soon as I confirm the reference project is ready. I know you're mad because you tried to stop me at every turn. Well go ahead, make my day. Or don't. Please don't, come to think of it...
  6. Correct, although not quite in the sense I expected. You guys are close to level three now.
  7. Yes, because the "rkav" image is in my coolified style, so it made sense to correlate the other two images. Not a huge reason; it's part of the structure of the clues. Read the clues. Besides the one you found, no.
  8. Thaaaaaat is correct! Honestly, guys, it took two pages? And you figured out the first level of mystery. The brick has to do with the second level, not the first. Ironic; I thought you'd get the second. But anyways, without further ado: And you can consider part of that a reward for finding the brick -- that was on my shelf for months, and nobody figured it out, until you did. Good job! Now how about the other two levels? They're the most important levels. Edit1: Oh, and Bioran, you can eat a cookie from that batch too, 'cuz you did guess correctly. Edit2: Oh, and the other clue. It was partly targeted at the first level, but also the third:
  9. 1) No. 2) I am. That is not the answer. 3) You've seen an important angle, but see above. 4) The brick has already been found. I'm tempted to give Ca'gerrin cookies just for finding it, heh... Although it's only part of one of the levels of Mystery. 5) The blue mask is not Dume's. 6) Can't answer it. 7) See #6. 8) No. I'm involved, though (obviously). 9) I suppose, but you'll probably never be able to decipher the name. It's just the name I gave the mask. BIONICLE are becoming separate from LEGO 1) Not directly. Only in the fact that there is a "three" in both of them. 2) Lol.
  10. Well, remember what I said about guessed, Bioran. I wanna see how the evidence leads you to that theory.
  11. Changed my mind. There is one more clue that I think I can and should give you guys: And I'll give one more soon. Theeeeen probably all for today. BBC is not involved. A Kanohi isn't a brick in the traditional sense. And I just found this: Looks vaguely Dume-ish to me. ~D Congratulations! You found the brick! What does it mean? » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «If you can answer that, you will win one of the three levels. Ouch. Well, since you say you did have a lot of content, lemme answer it. No, Dume is not taking over again. At least, if he is, I don't know about it. I will answer what I feel I can. 1) Correct, it is brickshelf I am talking about. The "brick" was on my brickshelf, and Ca'gerrin found it. 2) Adding a new division... depends on how you look at it. Yes and no. 3) There is no new website, although the idea of the brick as a logo is valid. 4) Since you put it together as a theory, I can answer. No, I am not talking about a new image hosting part. The image hosting aspect has been discovered; the image is the clue now. That image is the face that the eyes belong to. 5) Oh, definately not bshelf merging.
  12. Good theorizing. But sorry, no. This isn't about the BBC (that has really nothing to do with my jobs). I think I've given enough clues for the moment. Anything else I give for a while will be answers to questions, so there might be slight clues involved in that too. Edit: Actually, I think it won't hurt to release two more clues. See the next post. So does this have to with InvisionGallery? ~D Good, the first full-fledged theory. Here's the answers in a row: 1) It has to do with an image hosting site, yes. 2) It involves an avatar in the online sense, yes. 3) No specific date has been set for sure. 4) It involves an image in a gallery. It doesn't involve a physical form, because this is a website (and it isn't a MOC). 5) You're closer, but I'd have to say your answer reminds me of something applies in a sense you don't intend. 6) No. I will not be taking on a new job. 7) Possibly.
  13. Well, he's already done that, hasn't he? Okay, forgive me for my noobishness. XD Anyway, just for clarity... Based on those two (and only those two) clues in this entry, I figured that since the answer must have something to do with your jobs and the forums, either we'd be getting a new one which you would moderate, or you would become a GM, therefore modding all the forums. But now there's this avatar thing that came out of nowhere, so I think what I came up with is probably not the answer(s). Correct, neither of those are the solution, for the reason you stated. Edit: Well, lemme rephrase. Neither is correct in the sense you intended it.
  14. You've put some of the clues together towards your theory. I'm curious about how the Disk of Time and the eyes play a role in that theory. How about the latest clue? Omi -- Okay, okay, you can play if you PM me only. If you or other staff figure it out, you'll get the cookies via PM, but you wouldn't be allowed to tell anybody else -- a non-staff member would still get to figure it out themselves. BTW, I baked a whole batch of cookies, so the winner gets the batch, not just one. Well, missing about five... See my comment.
  15. I think I'm going to have to pull back on commenting. I am not going to answer that one, unless you can show how all the clues lead up to that. Remember you must incorporate all the clues. So: Can't answer it. Always wanted to say that.
  16. Gravitan -- You can have as many guesses as it takes. But you have to show how the clues lead to the answer. Pretend this was a theory in S&T -- you need to show how evidence leads to that conclusion. Ca'gerrin -- You're close. But this use of "avatar" has multiple definitions. That is only half of it. Laughin -- You're much closer. That has to do with the other half. How could it apply to BZPower?
  17. No, not that brick. It's not a photograph. It's an illustration, and not a "brick" in the traditional sense. Also, not a real LEGO brick. Here's another clue: Don't forget the original pieces to this puzzle, the three images. Laughin -- it might help to start by quoting a dictionary.
  18. You've obviously completed the first step -- each clue is visible if you hover your mouse over these question mark images. (Or just quote the post and look at the code of it.) D.Q, it has something to do with BZPower, because this blog entry is in my BZPower category. Try to answer the riddles in the hidden clues, and you'll be on the right track.
  19. One more clue. Remember, this is a hidden clue: This puzzle can be solved using these hidden clues. First non-staff member to win gets a cookie. I guess. Staff isn't allowed to play.
  20. Please see my post in your topic, Adventurer -- you got it! Congrats. And BTW, you're being cited as "er", not "ess". Edit: And I've changed my mind about what my next entry will be. The things I mentioned are still on the to-do list, but I know what the next entry will be. Not going to say what, but I will give you a clue. Look at my sig.
  21. Most certainly. Some criminals will commit a crime only once, then feel that they have learned their lesson and move on. Yep, and I believe I said that, didn't I? But what I'm pointing out is, in that case guilt is the motivating force, but it motivates that person to basically create a new "moral" for themselves: "I won't do that again". Make sense?
  22. Yarr. Let's look at a hypothetical situation: Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Tight. I SAID CLOSE THEM! I have no eyelids, remember? No arguments there. Argument there. He will decide whether he is guilty or innocent in the eyes of the court. And that will be what decides his fate (well, part of it). That doesn't mean the judge actually causes the man to be either guilty or innocent, in reality. See what I'm saying? In this example, the actual act is done long before the judge even enters the picture, and it is during that act that "real" built or innocence, in terms of selfishness or not, is formed. The question then becomes if the court/judge/jury will accurately recognize that guilt or innocence (or, more realistically, something like a "not guilty" verdict which doesn't technically judge either way). And of course, that matters to the guy -- it is his fate we're talking about, after all. So not arguing that. Just saying, what determines his fate isn't necessarily his actual guilt or innocence -- it's the court's opinion about his guilt or innocence. Good sumup of all those. Well, no arguments with that wording. I'm simply not talking about a perspective at all, but about the actual truth (which IMO happens to always coincide with the Godly perspective ). Of course, in reality we can never know that, at least this side of the grave, but in fiction, we can, because the author (like Greg) can just tell us. Very well, agreed. Never was a truer statement uttered. Ha ha. Well, I'm going to approach this question in several ways, A. First (the numbering is for my points, not your list, to be clear): 1) The question is so deep and it is asking about the "real" truth I was mentioning above in my response to EW. I also mentioned that it's impossible for us to know that "real" truth about someone else for sure. So everything I say about my opinion on your question has to be taken with a grain of salt (even by me), because you're asking something I could really only know if I was telepathic and could read every mind of everybody alive now, and who had lived in Earth's history. I ain't, I can't. Just so you know. But of course there are ways to get good clues and hints about what it is for each person, because our thoughts usually manifest in something others can see/hear/etc. So I'll give it a shot. 2) Before we even get to the multiple choice part, I have to take issue with the question itself. Can we be sure that "evil" things really do benefit the evildoer, overall? Not to get into religious stuff, but there's a concept that evil can be attractive, and even fun at first, but then you find out you were deceived and the results are far worse than the "good" you may have felt at first. So evil would end up harming the evildoer far more than it benefits them. The question would probably be better phrased, "What stops people from doing evil things that actually benifit them, at least in the short term?" 3) I don't think the best way to approach this topic can be done in the way that you asked. You want me to tell you which is the most important factor. I think the most important thing to realize about the answer is this: It's all of the above, and quite possibly more, plus it will vary from person to person. You're going to have individuals who don't care about guilt, they live in the now, but the public image will stop them (unless the public doesn't know, they might reason). You're going to have individuals who believe someone knows everything they do, so they will pay attention to morality. You can have subsets of these -- those who think the public will always find out, or those who would avoid evil only because of fear of punishment from someone who they believe knows everything. You will have those who suffer guilt from past "evil", and decide they will avoid "bigger" evil to avoid bigger guilt. You'll have some who have guilt only when they're caught in public. On and on this can go. So yeah. No easy answer. 4) Buuuuut, to take your question as you asked it, I want to focus on Bionicle here for now, and I want to add an option. #4, love of good. The best example I can give is of a Toa who really wants to do whatever he can to protect the Matoran, and so he's willing to risk his life protecting them. For a Toa, it is arguably "evil" to flee danger rather than confronting it -- you know, the old superhero quote "with great power comes great responsibility." That might not sound as dramatic as a Toa having to choose between killing an enemy who doesn't need killed or not -- but it's a far harder decision when you think about it. The Toa making the "we don't kill" choice has the upper hand if he can actually choose. The Toa who has to decide whether to fight or flee probably doesn't have that. To him the choice may be like this: "Flee and be safe and comfortable", or "Fight a very dangerous enemy and probably die in vain". Now that ain't easy. In that case, I think you can have guilt, and you can have morality. You can have public image if there's any public left to form an image. But can you see that the love of good can also be a powerful motivating force here? 5) But to move totally in line with your question as you asked it, I think the major factor has to be morality. Simple process of elimination: #3 -- Public image? Most people think that they can get away with a lot more than they actually can, and there are still those, like Jack the Ripper, who totally escape the public eye (at least, his real identity -- if memory serves anyways ). No, public image isn't very powerful at all. People who rely on this will do anything they can get away with. And many will do things that are evil, yet actually enhance their public image. But let's not get political here. #2 -- Guilt? Yes, this is very powerful. To a lot of people, this is certainly a factor. But guilt only comes after you do something, and until you've experienced it, you may think it wouldn't be that bad. Also, people can simply ignore their conscience and literally convince themselves that they have nothing to be guilty about. And different "crimes" will have people have less or more guilt. So think about the Toa who is facing a powerful foe, and kills him. Like with the Toa Inika during that one test -- they didn't even think about guilt until they had "killed" the illusions. If those illusions were real, all the guilt in the world wouldn't help them. But certainly, it does play a powerful role. #1 -- Morality. Morality is basically a system where you identify what actions are considered good and evil, and the results you believe come from them. This covers both public image and guilt, because a system of morals is what you basically need in order to avoid the bad side of those things anyways. Take the Toa Inika example. Guilt in that case certainly helped them form a newer sense of the "Toa don't kill" moral. So guilt can lead to a new morality. But a morality that already exists can be taught and that way, the killing can be avoided in the first place. Also, morality is the only one of these three that deals with the love of good -- if you care for the Matoran, for example, your system of morals ("Duty") tell you that you should go and face the evil, whether in vain or not, and at worst go down to the grave with honor. Public image isn't about that at all -- it's basically selfish, and fickle (look at LoMN with the fake Dume; the public image there was that the Toa were bad guys but they did the right thing anyways). Guilt is somewhat about that, but again, if you decide "I can't do this, I'd live with the guilt all my life", that is a moral, not actual guilt itself. Guilt comes after you've done the evil act, and you wish you hadn't so that the Matoran could be safe. And it is, again, selfish, because you pity yourself for having to be depressed by guilt. Morality is the only one of these three that says "Okay, this is what I must do for the good of everybody involved" and can produce that result everytime, preventing the act of evil, if it's followed.
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