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    Okay, decided to enter the longest profile contest. Here goes:


    I am a devout Christian, and I believe that every detail in the Bible is true. I am also a PK. (Kudos to you if you know what that means.)


    Movies are awesome. Some of my favorites are:
    1. The Wolfman
    2. Clash of the Titans
    3. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    4. Get Smart
    5. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Video Games:

    I like Video Games. I can play M, though I'm not 17.
    My gamertag on Xbox Live is Crossfreedom. Send my a Friend Request, hmm?
    1. Halo 3
    2. Too Human
    3. Super Smash Brothers Brawl (IT BE MADE OF WIN. :D)
    4. Prototype
    5. Soul Caliber


    I'm actually a lot more interested in sports now. I was on the football and basketball team this year. Here are my favorite sports, in order.
    1. Fencing
    2. Football
    3. Basketball
    4. Soccer
    5. Tennis


    My long-term goal on here is to become an Admin.
    (Yes, B6, I want your job. :evilgrin: )
    I have a lot of friends, but some are:

    1. TMV-Spirit Nui
    2. Kumata Nuva
    3. Dr. Alex Humva
    4. Toa Korkoa: Toa of Plasma
    5. Rockhound
    6. Spink
    7. Robo
    8. Nero
    9. Ori
    10. Uepari
    11. TMS
    12. KCAI
    14. Zev
    15. Elmara
    16. I like Pie
    17. Emporer Whenua
    18. Lady K
    19. Gata
    20. Lashes from Nine

    Some people I look up to on here are:

    1. B6 (Until I steal your job. :evilgrin: )
    2. Macku: ToB
    3. Turakii
    4. Omi
    5. GregF
    6. Sisen
    7. Taka-Tahu-Nuva
    8. Spink
    9. Robo
    10. Toaraga

    I LOVE music. I have written five songs currently, sing, and am learning to play keyboard.

    My favorite bands are:

    1. Abandon
    2. The Classic Crime
    3. Anberlin
    4. Downhere
    5. Leeland
    6. Acceptance
    7. Sanctus Real
    8. Seabird
    9. Tenth Avenue North
    10. House of Heroes


    It's useful. Faves:

    1. CSI
    2. Criminal Minds
    3. Food Tech
    4. Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe
    5. Stuff on the History Channel

    I'm interested in my heritage. I'm a whole lot of things, though: Irish, Scottish, Cajun(French Canadian, mind you), English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Mexican, Cherokee, Choctaw(Possibly other tribes, too), and French. Mostly, I'm English, German, and I think Irish.

    Well, this franchise stole every dollar I earned, and my complete attention, as well as much of my social life for nearly ten years. In 2009, it became a little weird for someone my age to be heavily interested in LEGO Bricks. So I made myself quit. I no longer have interest. The only reason I'm on this site is my friends and COT. I don't regret this. I've been able to focus on people, instead of toys, and I've started dating. I'm a lot more popular now. So, if COT one day isn't enough to hold me here, I'll say my goodbyes, and be gone.


    MAY: I'm going to fine arts. I'm in JH Male Vocal Solo, Large Human Video, Songwriting, and a Skit. Here's hoping I make it to nationals in Fine Arts :)

    Aw. :( I got Superior in all four, but I ain't going to Orlando. Ah well, here's to next year. :)

    June: If I seem sad, not as happy, something like that, there's a good reason. Not gonna put it, because it's personal. If you really want to know, pm me and I MAY tell you.

    July: Had my Birthday, was fun. Not much else.

    August: Going back to School on the 24th. Grr. It's been a good summer, though.

    Yeah, haven't updated this in a while. Well, I'm in DC on vacation, everything's going pretty good. :)


    As I don't have a blog, I'm doing this here. I'm going to write a few sentences on each person in my list o' buddies, located in my sig. I'll update every couple of days. If I don't, pm me with a hammer. :P

    First up,

    TMV- Spirit Nui

    When I joined BZP, I quickly learned about RPGs. First one I joined was called No Limits, run by a guy known as Ori. Me and TMV's characters became friends, and so did we. I've known him for two years now, and plan on meeting him someday. He's nice, funny, a great friend, fun to RP with, and a great guy. I love ya, bro. :)

    Dr. Outbreak:

    Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex. All of these incredbly varied words describe one person. Who is it? Alex. This can also be put another way.

    Smart, funny, talented, a writer, better-with-computer than-I-will-heck-ever-be.

    When I met this guy, I joined a very successful rpg called Outbreak. You may know me as Gabriel from it. If you don't, don't ruin my day by saying so. :P I soon thought Alex was a self-righteous god-moderator with bad gramarz( :P), but then I became friends with him, as evidenced by the fact that he's my co-host in Timefall. I love ya Alex, and get your flippin' computer fixed. :P

    Midnight Sun:

    When I first met her, she was known as Mazo, or TMS, or, as I call her, Caitlin. I met her in an rpg called Outbreak, and quickly became good friends with her. She's my buddy, my outlet for boredom, my rp-er person, and my third in command in Timefall. She's cool, nice, funny, says the right stuff, helps me out, and like me, a music lover. I think you is awesome, so stay that way. See ya' round. ;)

    NEXT UP:
    Hykado Wind-saber, coming

    ...Eventually. Buddies is now on hold.

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  1. Just saying, I was looking through my old PMs, and you ridiculed me for saying a bayonet is not a weapon, but rather a spike attached to a gun. 5 years later, I have come to correct you. Idiot, the term "bayonet" can also refer to a dagger of sorts. My soul can now rest in peace.

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