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    I have started writing my first epic! When I Start Posting it I will have changed my display name to _Icarus_. But for now; A Teaser:<br /><br />Turaga Sontas, the old, grey and supposedly wise leader of his people entered the hall, muttering obscenities under his breath as he passed the armed guards. His arrival was met with murmurings throughout the crowds of worried Matoran. It was dark in the hall. It was built that way, purely for the atmosphere. The architects had decided that there had to be something mysterious about the first structure built in the city-to-be. But that was hundreds of millennia ago. Now it was no more than a minor inconvenience to the people of the city of Rhia-Nui and the other small outposts dotted around the island of the same name.<br /><br />I hope it turns out well. that was the first paragraph.

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  1. Well, seeing as i have the ability to do this for a short period of time i may aswell use it to my advantage. Welcome to the first entry of my blog, i'm guessing roughly 3 people will have looked at this by the time i finish having the ability to blog, and that one of them will be because someone will accidently click the wrong link on their browser. Okay then, pessimistic views over (I need a drink, I get somewhat pessimistic when dehydrated, hence the title of this blog), now time to discuss my thoughts and feelings as to several things. First of all are the Bioniclestory.com updates, I have recently gone through a phase of repeatedly watching the Toa Mahri short video which I found quite interesting and have recently been wondering what sofware they use to make the animation as i have been making my own 2D Animations at home and wish to try my hand at 3D. Then there's the good old nuva blog, Some nice info there. Seconly... I am going to have to get a job if I am going to be able to buy all this years sets, but the problem is this; I don't want to work somewhere noisy or where I have to handle food (eg. pub Kitchen staff doing washing up and making chips). I have a feeling that finding this suitable job will be a challenge. The summer holidays have just started here in England. I think they will be rather hectic and busy for Me seeing as I am having a lot of freinds and family over, i don't know how I'm going to survive spending 3 whole days with my fiends friends. Toa of Thought, Signing out.
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    Wow, You got a nice I.T. teacher. Games as H/W? wow, impressive! Good to see such an active member upgrade to premier. Keep on Bloggin', -Karzahni-, Keep on Bloggin'. Hey, I wonder if youre I.C.T. teacher is a BZPer . ... TToT
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