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  1. everyone wants to believe they would support the victims of abuse in their lives, but too many falter when the accused is someone close to them. justice and true empathy should be stronger than loyalty

  2. I see a problem there. Mata were just as cloney as the Inika. Hrm. For some reason, I don't quite agree with that, if only because the Mata had two stand-out variations (Pohatu's upside-down gearbox and Onua's hunched stature), as well as more varied weapons (with actual differences in structure and utility, rather than Sword Or Gun), while the Inika's variation was pretty much entirely limited to what pieces were used as opposed to how they were used. I mean, both were still pretty clone-y, and I definitely don't agree that the Metru had more variation than the Inika (since outside of varied molds, literally the only thing setting the Metru apart was torso length), but I don't think the Mata were just as clone-y, since their individual builds still had an element of diversity to them that the Inika simply discarded. I don't think sets necessarily need to be clones to look like they belong on the same team. The 2015 Toa all had shared motifs, such as their piston armor, similar tool aesthetics, and chest patterns, that drew them together visually as belonging to the same team, while still having varied builds with individual personality. For something like the Bohrok, where they're intended to be a literal swarm of identical creatures, I don't think being clone sets was all that bad, because yeah, it made sense. But for Toa, where individual personality matters as much as, if not more than, team cohesion, being exact clones of each other is more of a detriment than a benefit.
  3. how do i block someone from being able to buy a set
  4. Tyrannosaurus lived closer chronologically to humans than to Stegosaurus.
  5. I think you've misinterpreted the wings; they aren't intended to be standalone wings so much as wing fingers for his arms. His entire arm is a wing. With that in mind, the blades being attached to his hands makes far more sense than to his arms or something.
  6. (seriously though that's some nice detailing and parts usage, as has come to be expected of these sets. the sheer number of teeth is incredible)
  7. Beware oversimplification of the opposing side. "G2 apologists" are not some monolithic entity, and I'm pretty sure most of the people I've seen disagreeing with you in this topic also disagree with overhashed "what if good guy is bad guy" theories.
  8. when you hit 256 proto does it loop back around to 0? can you get banned for too much proto?
  9. Question: what do the crayons define as an emergency, and how long do they burn if it doesn't meet their standards?
  10. Is slowly panning over static action scenes really enough to qualify it as a ripoff? I'm fairly certain the Halo 3 trailer is not the pioneer of the technique.
  11. Eh? Where'd you get that from? I just meant treating other people as lesser based on their gender, sexuality, skin color, etc. That's the very definition of bigotry. It's what BZPower doesn't allow, and it's what 4chan revels in. Anything political you're reading into it is on you. edit: sorry, made this post before I saw Windrider's warning.
  12. Considering the same person complains about BZP having "more 'SJWS'", I am perfectly content to dunk their opinion in the garbage where it belongs. Outside of some past heated discussions, BZPower's progressiveness only really shows itself in its intolerance policies (which any civil forum should have), or the occasional more nuanced look at the story. (And, as Lyichir pointed out, being more progressive than other Bionicle sites would be the opposite of being the 4chan of the Bionicle community, considering last I checked, 4chan prided itself on being the most disgusting haven of bigotry on the internet.)
  13. You're missing the point of this ranking; it's not about the product, it's about the company itself. It's about how people perceive the company. It doesn't matter if people need fancy watches. What matters is that, when asked about this watch company, people rated it favorably as a good company. The same goes for LEGO; the fact that they make toys isn't half as important as how and why they do so. There are plenty of fun toys, but LEGO goes the extra mile to ensure both customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. That has far more to do with their ranking than whether their product is unique or more useful than a fancy watch or whatever.
  14. Are those magnet elements still in use? Brickset's inventory system suggests the magnet elements haven't been used in almost a decade, which suggests to me they might be retired. Considering their importance to this project, that seems like a barrier to approval. It's very clever, and I'd be happy to see it get approved, but I'm not optimistic.
  15. This series has had skeleton-themed hotrods, snake helicopters, and a pirate genie, all in the same mishmash universe, and all of you are acting like making the ninja highschoolers is the most ridiculous thing this movie could have done. Granted, I don't follow Ninjago, and don't currently plan to, so perhaps it's just that I'm less emotionally invested in this movie. It just seems silly to me to already say you're going to hate this movie just because they took indeterminately-aged characters and put them in a high school setting.
  16. This is the single most true post you will ever find on the internet. What I wouldn't give to go back to the good old days. Before social media, before smartphones. Back when kids played with toys instead of tablets, and when people actually talked to each other instead of texting. Where did everything go so wrong? Me, personally, I miss the good ol' days before your good ol' days, when time for leisure was short, because we were busy hunting and gathering our food. Kids these days are so lazy. None of 'em even knows how to properly drive a mammoth off a cliff with fire, I tell you what.
  17. Oh man, I just noticed the game. It's really a thrill, especially the part where I went to an unarchived square and broke it.
  18. And the war still wageth on/ The storm still rageth on/The bold blindly march on/Their lives lost in a song!

  19. Blood trickling down from my fullers/And blood trickling down from mine hands/Yes, blood trickling down to Hydaelyn/Until I alone stand!

  20. It sounds fun, but if I had to guess what will most likely be troublesome in review, it'd be safety concerns. The chances of a ball flying off the track and hitting someone in the eye or something might be a little higher than LEGO would like.
  21. All like snow they fall/Petals plucked and strewn/Yet from their seeds grow/This war anew

  22. >more character development ...where? where in the first three years of Bionicle did any of the Toa get more character development than one-dimensional personality traits? even in the books released in 2003, you could usually boil the Toa down to one or two key traits each, with little nuance or complexity to them. >more characters ...so? the mark of a good story isn't how many characters it can shove down your throat, it's how it uses them. 2001: A Space Odyssey has fewer named characters than Foodfight! yet I have never seen people hold up the latter as superior based on character count. >better sets this is subjective, and in some ways I do prefer the original Mata aesthetically (mostly for their iconic, basic masks, as contrasted by the overwrought messes we got in later years), but honestly, I loved last year's sets, and all of the ways I've been let down by this year's sets were ways in which they stepped back to the sins of G1's designs. >really felt like a bionicle world you know why it did? because it was what set the standards for what a bionicle world would feel like. of course G1 would feel like a bionicle world. The first Ace Attorney game feels like an Ace Attorney game. A New Hope feels like a Star Wars movie. there's no standards they have to reach to do that; they get it automatically by coming first. meanwhile, something new, it really has to fight fan nostalgia to prove itself worthy to exist in the same franchise. but you know what? the original bionicle cycled through so many different tones and aesthetics, i've found, looking back, that i can't pin down what makes a bionicle world. taken as a whole, the world of bionicle g1 is a lot of things. it's mysterious islands, it's metropolises, it's gangsters, it's crime syndicates, it's just all kinds of things mishmashed together as time went on. so when asking "does bionicle g2 feel like a bionicle world?" i go back to the basics. i go back to what defined the bionicle world for me: 2001, the origins of the bionicle world. Robotic people and creatures on a mysterious island landscape, hunting for masks of power, ancient artifacts that will augment their strength, fighting against the evil force of darkness, Makuta. If you ask me, this feels more like a Bionicle world than Voya Nui did.
  23. It is important to note that G1 also had a mask hunt in its second year, with the exact same reasoning: new forms, new masks. In fact, if you're willing to loosen the definition just a smidge, there were three mask hunts in the first two years of Bionicle; the Toa also had to collect the Krana to reach the Bahrag. Hunting artifacts is a key aspect of the fantasy genre Bionicle gets most of its storytelling tropes from. It certainly never really stopped being a part of G1.
  24. And the war, it wageth on/The storm, it rageth on/The bold ever fight on/Their lives echo in song... Hah!

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