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  1. Makaru

    Proud of my beautiful children

    Same cat! Same cat!
  2. Makaru


    I love what you've done with the place.
  3. They are my pride and joy. See you later
  4. So many of my favorite builders are entering this contest, its amazing. At first glance, both MOCs look very similar but when you really take them in not only are they unique but they showcase your individual styles!
  5. [Gallery] Kakaru and Makaru, bustin' out of retirement to get back into these BZP contest dealios. We decided to base our entry on Horizon Zero Dawn, which is pretty much every 2010 fanfic where humans gotta fight some Bionicles. Kakaru worked on Aloy and I worked on a Scrapper unit. We built these within a week or so before BrickCan 2018 because I really wanted to snap some shots in front of the River Rock Casino's beautiful reception waterfall.
  6. I saw these two on Flickr back to back and instantly knew it was for this contest! Very well executed and paired, both as a single entry and as an example of both of your strengths!
  7. Uh no Hero Factory killed Bionicle. I thought we settled this years ago.
  8. I'm willing to overlook obvious plotholes and mistakes.
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