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    Find me your damn self
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    Bionicle (well A _DUH!!!)<br />Video Juegos<br />Transformers, more then meets the AWESOME<br />women<br />T.V<br />Comics<br />Manga<br />Swords<br />MOC'ing<br />being awesome<br />Humor<br />Movies<br />Heavy Metal<br />writing Interest Lists<br />Eating<br />Cooking<br />GunPla<br />more GunPla<br />cooking<br />eating what I cook<br />cooking what I eat<br />being older then the average BZP'er<br />also more then meets the eye.<br />Reading.<br />4chan.<br />Kamen Rider.<br />Never bieng able to build more then a torso for an MOC.

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  1. Hehe...ok dude can you add me?

  2. Oh hay Decade.

    Try not to use me as a bow, it DOES NOT tickle. It hurts.


  3. KAMEN RIDER FAN!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, umm can you add me?

  4. A fellow Kamen Rider fan?!

  5. Hate to sound rude but I would like to know what buisness brought you to as humble and normla a profile as mine?

    also is your avatar from an IDW Transformers COmic it looks like it is...

  6. Kiva

    On Custom.

    I am far too lazy to take pic of my MOC's but I consider myself to be pretty darn spiffy at it. ALso I honestly wanna slap some people on Brickshelf upside the head when hey just slap some arms and legs on a torso and call it an MOC. I mean JESUS some people just need to know they suck and should work to at least reach some standard of ability. It would be like letting a 16 year old into a NASCAR race so you don't hurt his feelings... Also are there any sort of Lego/Bionicle cons near NYC? I would love to go to one but I live in North New Jersey and NOTHING happens in North New Jersey...
  7. BOXN

    you like heavy metal like me! cool

  8. Kiva

    Back From Raleigh

    what bugs me is the titan prototypes always Kick SO MUCH (well you know,) and then they get changed too much Like Keetongu (WAY cooler as a proto) and Kikanalo (Also much better) I hope the canister sets are as good as you say because so far Bionicle has been going up from 06 and I hope it will keep doing so (hey, maybe more Black and lees Brown and Green sets, ya know XD) ROCKIN IT OLD SCHOOL: Beelzeboss
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