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    The northern island of Rantwan-Nui
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    Most of my interests are in Lego/Brickarms.<br /><br />But! I play COD:MW2 and COD:WAW.<br /><br />My PSN: Platypus1234<br /><br />So what, I'm a Platypus. Big whoop.

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  1. Nowhere near California. :D

  2. Wow... I can't believe I forgot about battle of the epics.

    And judjing by my location and time, I'd say you are near/in California, not the northern island of Rantwan-Nui


  3. Need a .50 caliber and a nuclear bunker....

  4. Now they're atomic? I need a double barrel.....

  5. Hello! The first challenge is up on my game you made is up! So play!

  6. Why did you change your name?

    T-X-A is much easier to use in a upcoming epic.

  7. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is by far THE BEST avatar pic I have seen! Thx for reading ( Nice profile too :P)

  8. so what do you think the next lego video gamewill be about?
  9. so who else is syced about the new game
  10. okay so i have a comedy so if you want to guest star or PGS,or feel that you want to tell me what you want to see in it, see changed, or gone to never return talk away
  11. yo ****** [i blocked out his real name] i just wanted to say hi

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