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  1. I saw the original advertisements on TV. I was already a fan of lego, so I picked up the fire and earth Bohrok double pack from the Argos catalogue.
  2. Not sure how to round out this doubles team with Hitmontop, Gardevoir and Aegislash. I've been using Mega Venusaur, but that still leaves the question as to what I should bring to counter my counters. I still have trouble with things like Heatran, too. Hitmontop @ Leftovers Adamant Ability: Intimidate EVs: 252 hp/ 252 atk -Fake out -Close Combat -Sucker Punch -Quick Guard Provides support, between intimidate and quick guard it keeps Gardevoir from having holes bullet punched in them. Also has the nice ability to stop Talonflame Brave Birds, but I see it open with Tailwind more often than with Brave Bird. Gardevoir @ Choice Scarf Modest Ability: Trace EVs: 252 sp.atk/252 speed -Moonblast -Thunderbolt -Shadow Ball -Psyshock Aegislash @ Weakness policy Quiet Ability: Stance Change EVs: 252 hp/252 sp.atk -Shadow Ball -Shadow Sneak -Sacred Sword -King's Shield Mixed Aegislash for its perfect coverage. Thought about putting Flash Cannon, but the only fairies I'd want to hit with it take neutral damage from their other type, anyway. Edit: Please use spoiler tags for storyline spoilers only. -Wind-
  3. https://buckysroom.org/videos.php?cat=16 has some tutorial videos you might find useful, but I wouldn't recommend it as your main source.
  4. With the ability to catch HA Kanto and Kalos starters in X/Y, I hope we can catch other HA starters in OR/AS. Dat Sheer Force Feraligatr.
  5. After playing a new survival map for the first time in a long time in vanilla...I'm rather disappointed in the terrain generation. Several thousand blocks and nothing but forest, mountain, plains, forest, forest, plains, mountains, forest, forest... Please tell me I just got unlucky and the terrain varies a little more often than that.
  6. No, but you could always run your own FakeGTS from your computer, or just use the PokeEdit GTS, but I hear it gets a bit awkward if you've changed DS'.
  7. If this is a simulator or you're willing to rebreed, Hidden Power Fire is nice coverage. Dual Screens Magic Bounce is my preferred Espeon strategy though.
  8. Didn't realise spinnys were part of the April Fool's prank. Saw one earlier and thought it was some strange lego related thing I was unaware of.
  9. Playing Battle Revolution. Decided to try out the multiplayer and was surprised that I actually got matched with someone. Disconnected after the third battle, though, to check my pass since my custom catchphrases weren't showing up, and couldn't reconnect bummer.
  10. Talonflame, physical attacker, entry hazards? I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tyranitar.
  11. One thing I like about the copy/paste functions is that if you want a destructible environment, you can copy it somewhere else out of sight, and paste the copy over the original whenever you want to reset it. Or you can have a series of copies, since a structure thats large enough would be rather painful to process.
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