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    Swimming around on Aqua Magna
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    I like Skateboarding, Tae Kwon Do, playing the drums, playing Wii (especially Zelda games), Favorite move: The Dark Knight (Best. Movie. Ever!!) Favorite show: Lost. Gotta love that suspense!

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  1. "We anticipate having it launched by the end of next week. That would be Sept. 11" Which means September 20th . But that's ok, I would rather it be delayed than it being rushed. Thanks for the update Bink
  2. Good job LEGO And just in case anyone wanted to hear what he sounds like, the voice of Strakk (Jeff Glen Bennett) plays Kowalski in "The Penguins of Madagascar" on Nick. I always thought he had a tougher sounding voice, but oh well. I love the fact that Fred Tatasciore is playing Tuma!! This movie keeps getting better and better
  3. Haha I was wondering why the BIO code on my canister said Malum! O_o BTW genius codes this year Bink!
  4. When Mata Nui returns

  5. -Obsidian-

    More Delays

    Ehhhh I can wait a litle longer. Better than releasing the game early and glitch/bug- filled. Anyway, good luck wit your pearly whites
  6. EDIT: Never mind, you saw my post, sorry. :D

  7. Of course Vultraz isn't really dead! That was 5 years ago and he's still alive now! :P

  8. Hey! I rated you 5! I like your name (from zelda I suppose? I love that game!)

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