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    Watching people and bugging them. Sci-fi and fantasy, especially Ray Bradbury. Bionicle. Soccer. Acting. Movies. (but not sure what my favorite out of everything is.)

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  1. Hmm, how does "Rusty Halo" by the Script connect to "Forever Love" by X Japan, which I posted in Song Association?

  2. how are you seeing anything even remotely female in my sig? ^O^;;

  3. Fellow Coldplay fan I see.

  4. *drops large spider on your head*

    What, the poison idea didn't fly, and I read your post in Silver-Silver's fear topic.....

  5. In Relate It To Bionicle, I'm seriously starting to think you're specifically trying to make me so mad, my head explodes. That might be arrogant, but I can't help but feel that. Now, as much as I would love to start an argument, I have to go do Anime & Manga research. Bye bye.

  6. REVENGE!! HAAAHAHAHA!! Ahem. No hard feelings, but you just really make me mad whenever we meet in G&T. Farewell! *Disappears in a massive gale*

  7. I read your post about making this Completely Off Topic, and that might not be a bad idea.
  8. In my description of Azalon, i mentioned an assassinatoin of Lhikan by a mercenary organization called the Fouteenth Blinders. They also provide the doomsday devices that destroy part of Azalon. (they're kind of like the Dark Hunters of this multiverse.) Also, my weaponry isn't in my bio, just to let you know. My descriptions of it are in the post that has the history of azalon and the keystone territory. EDIT: In the azalon history, when we get to GF's brother it's listed as "GF can think up a name." He did after my lands and weapons post- it's Bronze Flame.
  9. Should we have Blinder characters? That might be interesting- and necessary, as why would we introduce a mercenary faction without having people playing as them?
  10. My stats: AGILITY: 2/5 STRENGHTH: 9/10 INTELLIGENCE: 7/10 EDIT: I thought of something. Shoudn't all six of us have gates in our realms? Gates from point to point within a region (TRA-GATES, if you want a name), and gates connecting different regions (SPE-GATES). There should be some stricture as to which gates are where, and where they go.
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