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  1. havent been here in a while. things havee been stressful in the past few months.

    i think i lost interest in december when i learned that the sets are going to end.

    i'll try to post again soon...

  2. great job! *gives UBER deluxe pie*

  3. wow you've been a member since the beginning of bionicle!

    *gives pie*

  4. hey scorch! blew anything up yet?

  5. omg i havent been here in soooooooooooooooo long! i need to catch up w/ bionicles now.

  6. *eats pie* in fine. but i was battling more computer viruses. eventually i defeated them with a nova blast.

  7. *Gives noobish pie*

  8. thanks! my bird loves thornax. its chewy (not that i chewed it).

  9. hmm...

    take this *gives pie*


  10. i havent been here for a while!

    i had several viruses (mostly .Trojans).it was horrible!

  11. giving pies is my job.

    i am a toa of pie.

  12. i submited news for the "Invent the Future Building Contest" on april 7th.


    my bird's name is Tarzan.

  13. birds should be #1 on ur list.


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