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  1. Domain: Po-Wahi & Ga-Wahi The Papaka is a tiny crustacean Rahi related to the larger Keras. It is easily frightened, and its dull, shovel-like pincers are useless for self-defense. When startled, it will dig itself deep beneath the sand on the beaches where it dwells in the blink of an eye. Built for a collaboration with other builders where we made new combiner models from certain waves. Check out the other creations via the links in the description!
  2. Built for Round 2 of Bio-Cup 2020.
  3. microphones!
  4. Please follow landing standard landing procedures to avoid startling the Helicrab. Built for the 2020 crab collab!
  5. My entry for round 1 of this year's Bio-Cup. The theme was "Nature" with my bracket's subtheme being Rodents. I was at a loss as to what to build for so long, but when a friend unrelated to the cup informed me that the weird mutant villains in the Prime Empire wave of Ninjago are actually rats - who would've guessed? - it all came together.
  6. My entry for the preliminary round of this year's Bio-Cup. The theme was "Future".
  7. Advanced security robot powered by an experimental zero-point generator. Nicknamed "Dot" by her designers. Features 38 points of articulation. Additional photos on the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-pjeHWpkZx/ Thoughts and criticism appreciated!
  8. Built for Space Jam 2019, together with three other builders for the military category. Check out their entries too using the links in the photo description on Flickr!
  9. While I'm sorting my pieces and can't get started on any more serious moccing projects, I'm making some additional Matoran using the template I used with Jala. Here's Maku and a random Po-Matoran! You can find more pictures of the individual Matoran on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7JUvHGJZaY/
  10. Thanks! They can bend a bit, but the range is pretty limited.
  11. The Kohlii Champion and the Captain of the Guard. More photos of the pair on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B63TqqUJLxr/
  12. A prototype power plant defense drone gone rogue.
  13. Built for fellow BZP member Ballom Nom Nom for this year's secret santa.
  14. It really is backlog posting when I forgot about the moc in question for almost a year. This is an older moc that was built for a collab that never materialized, and I forgot to post it for almost a year. It's based on an early Boneheads of VooDoo Island prototype that predated Bionicle, a snippet of which was seen in a video posted by Christian Faber.
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