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  1. It really is backlog posting when I forgot about the moc in question for almost a year. This is an older moc that was built for a collab that never materialized, and I forgot to post it for almost a year. It's based on an early Boneheads of VooDoo Island prototype that predated Bionicle, a snippet of which was seen in a video posted by Christian Faber.
  2. Years ago I created 2 versions of my self moc, and haven't returned to the concept ever since. While looking back today I do think my concept at the time was a bit... edgy, I decided to stick to the designs but give them a much needed overhaul. Toa Poraru Aderyn You can find more images of them both on my Instagram feed.
  3. She can fix anything and everything with her bare hands. The wrench is for customers who don't want to pay. Additional photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1GQMp7pH7R/
  4. I remember there was a preliminary animation and size comparison showing the GSR "running" across the surface of the earth, which also had an image of Mata Nui being roughly the same size as Denmark, for obvious reasons.
  5. Built for the preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2019 - which you can still join for a couple of days!
  6. Bold of you to ask for technical support for a pirated game. Especially since you outright admit to as much.
  7. I got Pohatu Mata back in 2001 the first day the local toy store got Bionicle sets on the shelves, and I remember getting Kopaka Mata as my second when we went on a family vacation. Funny how it later turned out that they became friends in the storyline. Don't remember the order in which I got the rest.
  8. The result of Mutran having one too many drinks at the lab.
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