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    right of California, left of New Mexico, and below Utah
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    making it look like the featured members section isn't a fill-in-the-blank thing.<br /><br />Aside from that, here's what he has to say.<br /><br />'I was born to a doctor who raised me until I was 5. I also suffer from short term memory loss. This is because of...uh...<br /><br />Hey, what's for dinner?'<br /><br />Dave also enjoys blowing up tissue boxes
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  2. Where'd you go D:

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    At The Beach

    make sure to bring plastic beach with you so you can make the experience 100%
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    Name Change

    A Flavor or Texture! Tren Kalamari I SHOT THE SHERIFF Aho is a homo(sapien)
  5. Dave looked at the blog entry Snoopy82 had made. He began to type up his own response to it. 'Dave finds it weird as well.', he typed up. Then he pressed the 'add reply' button, adding his comment for the world to see.
  6. The camera pans over a neighborhood, gray and burned. Toys and structures are left, abandoned by their creators. Amongst them is a doll, blonde hair messed up to the point of no return, missing one of her fingers. She awakens, unknownst to the horrors that she has yet to face. All she sees is a happy land where rabbits come out to play every morning and princes are a dime a dozen. She has seen this for the past 3 years. Nothing has changed, except the occasional quest that she and her friends must go through. Her sanity has been lost for the last few years now.
  7. oh kk protip: if you only want a certian group of people to vote on something, do it somewhere where not just anyone can post
  8. Something tells me it's a certian type of picture that isn't allowed to be posted at all...
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