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  1. Plan to be there Sunday - though I wish I'd remembered it in time to be there for the full convention. These things really sneak up on ya.
  2. Cobui

    Day #1 at LEGO

  3. Um, that pic is a link to the BFTGM topic. Try again. That's... weird. It seems perfectly fine to me. Does this work better?
  4. Pic (sorry about the quality, photo was taken with a potatophone). Not much else to say. The Akaku is the last one I need, and I happen to have an extra Kaukau (I also have a couple extra Mirus, but those go for a lot less for whatever reason). Any takers?
  5. Looper. Having only ever seen one trailer, I did not expect the several turns the story took. Still top-notch, though. Don't know how I didn't see it earlier.
  6. Tahu and Kopaka are both looking pretty boss. After that, probably Pohatu or one of the Defenders.
  7. I think Gali, Lewa, and Pohatu will be ~$15.
  8. They mentioned the new storyline would be like the new Star Trek movies, right? And what happens in the nuTrek movies? A major disaster in the far future leads to time travel shenanigans and alteration of events. I propose a comprehensive theory taking into account three major facts: 1. The writers basically put up a neon sign saying time travel is involved. 2. When Makuta puts on the Mask of Ultimate Power, the ground begins to crack open. 3. Mata Nui's observation protocol always involved the formation of an artificial island. Conclusion: The new story takes place during a previous cycle in Mata Nui's mission. The Toa Mata are sent back from some point after the reformation of Spherus Magna and lose their memories due to a botched transit. This interference diverts events going forward, separating the new timeline.
  9. No, the levers activate pistons to reveal a secret chest if pulled in the right order. If you hear pistons, go up one level and look for an opening in the floor.EDIT: Be careful down the corridors, though; look out for tripwires and dispensers.
  10. Gah, this makes me so much more bummed I couldn't go. Well, I guess I'll see you guys there next year.
  11. *sigh* another Nickelodeon theme, and it couldn't be Legend of Korra?
  12. Can you whitelist me, P~M? My username is cobui.
  13. ...Yeah, that's the worst build guide I've ever seen.
  14. Just finished Darker than Black season 1 today - and not a moment too soon for my last day of break!
  15. This announcement is pretty much the last thing I expected, but it's still one more step towards closure - of any kind.
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