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  1. You'd think someone would learn to keep an eye on Ahkmou after a while . Looks like the Civil War is coming up .
  2. Oh, Koronga..... I really liked this chapter; The OoMN members' banter, Umbra and Koronga's one-upping each other's light powers, and the way the Chamber of Fears is mentioned in passing . -TLhikan
  3. Poor Hagahu, I thought Vakama's visions where bad enough... Interesting to see Brutaka's recruitment coming up; might a certain artifact that could kill everyone in the MU be making an appearance soon ? -TLhikan
  4. Never thought I'd find trade negotiations entertaining, but there you go . It's also interesting to see how Koronga's naivete' is (once again ) having unfortunate consequences. -TLhikan
  5. Having spend this summer in a similar job to Koronga's first, I can appreciate his frustration at first . The other chapter was exciting; the more hints we get about Koronga's true origins, the more the BP-like sense of mystery builds. -TLhikan
  6. Congrats on being featured! Is there a theme for your next batch (like "Rahi" for this one)? -TLhikan
  7. Cool descriptions Metru Nui and how it works. So, does purified protodermis congeal into a metallic solid after being heated, or does the heat just burn out the rest of the impurities? -TLhikan
  8. It took me a second to catch that Koronga was in an illusion cage, so well done on that . I was under the impression that it should be "My face will need to be cleaned off" or "My face will need cleaning off", but I could be wrong. -TLhikan
  9. Both the description of the way the Bohrohk work in synergy to clear off Mata Nui's face and the purpose of the Krana's mind control where really creative (and yeah, answered by question from last time ). One typo I noticed: (Unless there's some rule of English I don't know, which is most assuredly possible ). -TLhikan
  10. This was probably one of the most interesting chapters, and the ending was great. It'll be fun to see any other alien worlds that Mata Nui may arrive on. I can't help but wonder what will happen if Mata Nui lands on a world where the inhabitants are the kind that get suspicious about random islands appearing out of nowhere, and *can't* be scared off by our hero... -TLhikan
  11. TLhikan


    Zaktan just got about twice as terrifying as before . The level of detail is neat; it resembles Protodax enough to be a protodite, but more... microby. -TLhikan
  12. No lasers from that sword Koronga ? -TLhikan.
  13. When I was younger, I thought that my thousandth post would be more fulfilling.

  14. Nice! The level of detail on these is great (the Hahnah crab is clearly the best ). Any hints on the ones that you're still working on/haven't released yet (Zivon maybe )? -TLhikan
  15. It just keeps getting more cheerful, doesn't it ? But really, the bleakness and insanity of Karzhani and his realm really comes across; the story fits really well with the somewhat disturbing images (those are from the Atlas, right?). Teridax and the other Makuta's characterizations are also of note; while they still seem to be rather decent people, the first hints of superiority are starting to creep in. Good stuff as always! -TLhikan
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