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  1. Click above for Flickr Set. Just a slight retooling of my last work while I had an inkling of time home. Edit: I resized the image due to the 100-kB file size restriction in BBC; the previous one was around 150 kB. -Wind-
  2. The Bohrok shield really isn't creating any space, except some underneath the torso. It's there to round out the blocky bottom end of the torso and add some gold. If I remove that and the throwbot feet, I can probably move the legs inward and have a bit more transition from the waist to the hips/legs. And yeah, thighs need to be thickened up. Not sure if I understand which part you're talking about in the bold. You mean this with this piece? The pauldron connection is pretty bad; it uses a T-connector. The arms were made in a last minute rush cause what I had in mind wasn't working out. I don't like them at all either. I wish an old gold bohrok eye existed, and not sure how a black one would fit without causing a gap, but either way I'll probably redo the arms. And I'll keep the wrist, heel and spike things in mind to fix. With side pictures next time.
  3. Thanks to all of you for your input. There's a small black clip/Exo-force robot hand put into the lower hole of its head. Attached to that clip is a black Exo-force robot arm, which fills in the back.
  4. Click for main pic on flickr.
  5. The Alchemyst

    Whooo Downtime

    Deadmau5 concert? Nice. Sounds fun.
  6. Awesome. Congrats to Veq and The Force Unbleached; I'd like to see a MOC using that Fabuland fig. Thanks to Primus for hosting the contest. Will be looking forward to future ones.
  7. I really like a lot of the MOCs here. The last three were particularly spiffy, but it was between the entries by Veq, The Lego Obsessionist and Brickeens for me. I'm going to go with Veq's though. I just love the look of it.
  8. Entry name: Robocop A-14 Entry pic: Here Additional video: Video Your version: Here Topic: BBC Topic
  9. The Alchemyst

    5 Days

    Ffff- I just need to make some arms that don't suck.
  10. Better to see good Toa-mods than "omgcustom!1111" Toa that look terrible.
  11. Started to work on something, but it started to deviate a lot, so thought it'd be best to ask. I'm working on your Robocop A-13, but it ended up taller, different color scheme, and with one center Cordak Launcher. Just wanted to know what you were focusing on as you were making it. I assumed Cordak launchers and a police-bot.
  12. Lol that's fine. Did you have a good one?

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