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  1. That mask looks great! Now, if we could get a better look at the sets...
  2. well i dont have a certain creator I like cuz I cant really find that many good flipnotes anyway <_< but I did one time find this really funny one with Mario & Luigi and pie XD

  3. Well, He's pretty funny.

    So, Who do you like on Flipnote Hatena?

  4. Hey, Have you heard of a guy with the user name Phillip on Flipnote Hatena? I go to his chatroom alot.

  5. What's your username on there? Mine is Neptune©

  6. Yes, I have been on Flipnote Hatena.

    Have you?

  7. Have you ever been on the Flipnote Hatena?

  8. For my Dsi I have: Pokemon Platinum, Super Mario 64 DS,

    and brain age

  9. what games do you have for it?

  10. Yes, I have a Dsi.

    I didn't know the dsi XD was out yet.

  11. Yep :D and just before I saw your comment my brother was showing me something on there with his DSi XD do you have DSi?

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