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  1. IC: Artur-G013 [Space, The Final Frontier] <<Copy, Nova Lead,>> Artur responded to Myra; he quickly began to turn his turret in the direction of the last Banshee. Not that he had any opportunity to fire once he saw it, as Julia threw the frame around as he was turning, clipping the craft's wing with another blast from her M92. It spun away for a moment, before Julia turned around again, finishing it off with her own rotary cannons. For his part, Artur had shifted to doing what he could to keep track of what was coming towards them, firing a salvo at a Seraph; despite returning some fire, it seemed to take the warning seriously, choosing to adopt a more cautious approach to dealing with the two Spartans and their booster frame, instead of blazing forwards as aggressively as possible to nearly plow into them. With plasma splashing against the shields just a foot away from his helmet, he followed the Seraph's path while the booster frame turned away, continuing to pepper its shields with bolts. <<Nice shot,>> he said dryly, over single-beam comms. <<I know you like playing with your food, Julia, but could you save it for the big ones, please? Otherwise, all your fancy maneuvers to keep them sighted might send me flying off into space, and neither of us want that.>> OOC: @Dane-gerous
  2. IC: Artur-G013 [Space, the Final Frontier] Hanging from a magnetic clamp in the middle of deep space on a glorified gun-with-engines wasn't really Artur's idea of a good start to a mission; he preferred land-based stealth drops, not floating in an empty field of nothing that was interrupted by the odd bit of baryonic matter every now and again. The anticipation of being released from the magnetic clamp, only to rocket off far away from the ship that was serving as his current home, didn't help matters. Of course, Artur didn't really have a choice, so he just had to make the best of a poor situation and hope he and Julia didn't end up crushed, exploded, or stranded. Wow, I hate this entire scenario. Is it too late to request transfer to the Pelican? Almost as soon as he wondered that to himself, the clamp disengaged, the engines on the booster frame throwing him and Julia out into the empty void along with the others of the squad within the space of a heartbeat. He swivelled the turret to face forward, disengaging the safety as the multiple targets started to pop up on his HUD. "Here goes nothing," he muttered to himself, while the group approached the patrolling escort craft. Sixteen in total, with the Banshees scrambling shortly after Nik's opening fire; not too bad to deal with, helping alleviate some of Artur's distaste for space combat antics like this. He quickly tracked the trio that was heading in his and Julia's direction, just as she pointed them out to him. <<Do you think I'm asleep back here?>> he replied, before the frame shuddered as she fired; as the leading craft quickly sputtered and died, falling off course with a hole blasted clean through the pilot's compartment, he opened fire on the one to the right before it could start to evade. Its shields splashed and dissipated quickly, before it screamed on past his postion; swivelling back around, he resumed fire with another burst, punching through the small fighter's nanolaminate plating. One lucky bullet found the store of fuel rods for the cannon, and the Banshee was enveloped in a flash of green light and gas. <<Banshee down,>> he reported to Julia as they sped away. <<Lost sight of the third. You see where it went?>> OOC: @Dane-gerous
  3. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] <<That's not what you said during our last training sim,>> Artur replied to Julia on single-beam.
  4. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] Nik got a short nod from Artur in return. "Fly well," he said, the words sitting somewhere in-between friendly well wishing and a command. "And like I said, you don't have to worry about us. One team member lost over a lifetime is one too many." Artur was no stranger to awkward pauses and overly-long-awaited answers, having been the cause or creator of many; it didn't take too much effort to guess at what had given the Spartan IV such a pause. He turned away as well, walking over to another one of the booster frames, before seeing—and hearing—as another member joined for the assault on corvette A. It seemed the booster frames were becoming a limited resource. He placed one gauntleted hand on Julia's armoured shoulder, preventing her from turning and walking to another booster frame. "You fly," he said, stepping up to the mounted anti-aircraft gun on the back. "I've never been good with these, and somebody watching your backside is always a good thing." After a moment, his boots magnetically locked to the frame itself, his HUD adjusting to the machine gun. "Just don't crash me into anything, alright? I meant what I said about not wanting to end up like oh-seven-nine."
  5. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] Artur turned to look at Nik in momentary astonishment after he started delivering warnings about the Kig-Yar, wondering for but a second on how to respond. While the man certainly couldn't know his entire combat record, something Artur couldn't fault him for at all, his service tag made it obvious that he wasn't just a Spartan III, but he was of the last company to be trained. Unlike the previous generation, Spartan IIIs were commissioned for anti-Covenant work, not anti-insurrection. He was perturbed—likely too perturbed—at what seemed almost like he was being spoken to like a fresh recruit on his first combat deployment, something that made the normally-jocular Spartan feel just a little prickly. "Don't worry about us," he replied calmly, while a quick series of practiced blinks initiated a TEAMCOM link with Nik's armour. It wouldn't do any good to reinforce the idea that Gamma company was full of poorly-controlled monsters, one that those in the know on their special modifications seemed to hold. "We paid attention back on Onyx. It was our former partners that learned that lesson the hard way."
  6. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Armory] Putting the two members of the team that seem to have the most distrust for each other together seemed like a very risky move. Sure, it might work out well, throw them into duress, let them forge some mutual respect and maybe friendship by keeping each other alive...or one won't do quite as much as they could to save the other. He wasn't particularly worried that such would prove the case, but it was important to keep in mind. He returned Nik's nod, not voicing any of those concerns. It'd be easier for him and Julia to keep an eye on them, rather than potentially killing any chance at unit cohesion before the mission actually started. "It'll be good to have you, Vali," he said instead, attempting to ease the tension just a little. "Can't speak for Markov, but Julia and I are better with human computers than anything the Covenant used to use. It'll be nice having somebody who knows how to work them around." OOC: @Dane-gerous @sunflower @Krayzikk
  7. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Armory] Potential crisis mostly averted, Artur noticed the slight turn of Julia's helmet, glancing over towards the OF92 frames. He tapped her on one shoulder, a much more gentle way of getting her attention than she normally did for him, a small smile growing beneath his visor. "Don't be getting any funny ideas with those," he warned her, while at least Vali and Markov were more focused on each other than anything else currently happening. "You need to fly carefully, no theatrics." He paused, letting the warning sink in for just a moment. "Because if anything goes wrong, it's going to leave you feeling very soar." OOC: @Dane-gerous
  8. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Armory] "And here I thought I was the one who was bad at social situations, but here all of you are being the awkward ones."
  9. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] Of course, joking around with Vali and Julia couldn't last forever, even if it was already proving easier to talk to them than anybody else. He ignored the light flashing in his HUD from Cassie, instead turning back to Taylor. "I thought I stated it very clearly," he said in reply, mildly confused at the ODST's confusion. It might not have been confirmed—the existence of the Spartan III program still wasn't even officially known to anybody outside of command—but he knew rumours had been going around for years through the UNSC military about Spartans and their origins. Surely this man had heard them?
  10. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] "You and Julia will get along great."
  11. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Hangar] Artur's visor turned fully towards Myra, the faceless visage staring wordlessly for a moment. "Don't worry," he replied calmly, while Julia chided Alice for him. "Julia and I got our implants replaced right before this deployment. I'm not that crazy." A pause. "I think." The entirely deadpan delivery would leave it up to interpretation whether that statement was a joke or a serious warning. He turned to Vali, giving her a proper nod of greeting as she spoke to him. "Vali 'Sakuai, right?" he started, entirely unperturbed by the grin she had. Sangheili blood was a different colour, sure, but once you knew they bled the same as humans, there was nothing really to be scared of them for. "Very strange, considering they're sending a female Sangheili off on a deployment like this. What intelligence we had from before the Swords separated from the Covenant was that Sangheili culture was generally very...patriarchal." He studiously ignored the approaching presences of Cassie, Jill, and Taylor, while continuing to focus on his current conversation. One target at a time, Artur, it's just like shooting. Probably not the best way to look at it but it helped, sometimes. "We've got adults being augmented into Spartans, completely mass-produced powered armour, and a female Sangheili swordmaster working together with a ship full of humans. Twenty years ago we'd all have been relieved of duty and sent to a mental institution for suggesting such things could ever happen." OOC: @Dane-gerous @sunflower @Vezok's Friend @The UltimoScorp @FarflungWanderer @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Snelly
  12. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal hangar] As sure as Julia seemed to be that it was absolutely all worth it—or, at least, as much as she tried to make it seem that was the case—Artur doubted he'd ever be fully in agreement. Still, he didn't have any choice in the matter either. In cryo, out of cryo, fly around in space, and do what he did best, that was what his life had become. At least he and Julia hadn't had to suffer the same fates that Alpha and Beta companies did. "At least these new ones get to volunteer, even if they're not built as well." Mild jokes at the expense of the new generation of Spartans; everything back to normal. Continuing on into the hangar with Julia at his side, it didn't take long to locate where Spartan Vasquez had gone, standing apart from all the normal technicians and the like and talking with their Sangheili attaché instead. Studiously ignoring the booster frames for the time being, he made his way over to the pair, coming up just as Vali was ending her sentence. "I don't know that ordinary means much anymore," he said once she was done, before turning to Myra. "The other three should be on their way fairly shortly. Sorry that took so long. Got...cornered." OOC: @Dane-gerous @Vezok's Friend @sunflower
  13. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal corridor] Artur nodded, wordless for the moment. There certainly weren't many Spartan IIIs left, no matter what company. NOBLE team exterminated on Reach, all except for Jun, who was the head of Spartan Operations; Echo, Gauntlet, and Red all likely had the same fates. Headhunter squads rotating in and out of existence like a carousel of suicide missions, not to mention Operations PROMETHEUS and TORPEDO, or almost of Gamma Company's absolute best falling when Onyx was attacked. The only ones still around, officially, were odd stragglers like himself, Julia, Cassie, Jun, and some others; while he shouldn't know about it, some of his digging had revealed the fates of most of Gamma company, being declared KIA in all manner of conflicts so that ONI could keep them as shadow operatives, and hide the illegal augmentations. Only a handful officially alive, and only a couple hundred total left to serve in any capacity. The IIs had been hit just as hard as the years went by, not to mention how many they'd lost just in augmentations. "That's just life for us, isn't it?" he said after a few moments. "Any of us. Anything to keep the threat of extinction away from our door. Twos, threes, and now fours; we're all the best of the best, so they'll keep sending us into the worst of the worst. No matter how expensive any of us are, mission success far outweighs mission expense." A practice which had held especially true for Spartan IIIs, much moreso than could be said for either other generation. Up ahead he could see the hangar, more busy by far than the armory had been. He sighed, stopping in his tracks. "Well, so long as it means that others actually get to be kids, it's all worth it, right?" OOC: @Dane-gerous
  14. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal corridor] "I saw on her locker." He tsked quietly as they walked along. "Armour like that? Visually loud and physically loud? When we were all trained for stealth originally?" The disapproval in his tone was obvious. He already wasn't a big fan of the majority of different paint-jobs the new Spartans were always deciding to try out, almost prioritizing aesthetics over practicality and durability. Something as ridiculous as Cassie, though, that was another level entirely. At least she could be her own warning sign. "And here I thought we were supposed to be the crazy ones." OOC: @Dane-gerous
  15. IC: Artur-G013 [Madrigal Armory] Okay, this new IV wasn't all bad. He reached out his own hand, with a dull clang marking the fist-bump. "Artur," he replied, shooting a glance out of the corner of his eye at where Julia still stood. Please help, he tried to will her to telepathically hear, to no avail. He also had to try to ignore the louder S-III who had just made her entrance, strutting around in one of the most ridiculous armour paint jobs he'd ever seen. Not to mention her choice of ordnance. "Most of what Julia and I have gone in against was Insurrection," he said, shrugging in response to Nik's words. "Had some Covenant engagements, but not as much as some of the others we kne—" Of course, at that point he was cut off by the AI making her vocal entrance, leaving the flustered Spartan feeling even more awkward than before. "Well, I'll let you all finish up your prep. Place is getting crowded anyways." With a curt nod to the Spartans surrounding him, he quickly retreated from the tangle of social interaction, stepping out of the room just behind Julia. "Please don't let that happen to me again." OOC: @Dane-gerous
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