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  1. Nice! You quite captured the character, and I love that torso build.
  2. I already said it to you, but I realy like this MOC. Please leave a more informative post next time. ~Makaru
  3. Thanks! Torso is a bit small indeed, but I personally kinda liked the odd proportion. As for the hooves, I didn't want to use the HF shells, they would be too big and exxagerated, and I wanted something closer to real Ram hooves. Thank you! I see what you mean about the whites, they are indeed an issue I never quite got around... As for standing, it actually can stand without the staff as support, its just a bit harder.
  4. My entry for the new contest! Its a representation of the Zodiac sign, and also the beginning of a series I plan to carry on troughout this year. Gallery; http://www.flickr.com/photos/johanndakitsch/sets/72157632784879869/with/8481586755/ NOTE: I forgot to add the "6" on the contest's name on the title, but I can't find a way to edit it in... Hope there's no problem with that.
  5. Interesting, nice proportions and I really like the hand technique. I just feel the arms could flow a bit better.
  6. Pretty good. I like the swords and the bits of yellow. The scope thing was clever. I'm not a big fan of the brown/red combination, but here it doesn't bother me much. I only think there could either more of brown on the arms of lessof it on the legs, to make the color distribution better. Also, there must be another way of using those as shoulder pads without limiting the movement. Anyway, still a nice MOC!
  7. Thank you! Unfortunately, the faceplate doesn't open, its just for looks I tried making the gun all light grey, but them I would have to make it shorter, and the axle inside would show. Anyways, thanks for the commetns, its much appreciated. Well, thanks! I'm pretty surprised at how well this is being received. It was a relatively quick build.
  8. Thank you all! Yeah, the build is kinda simple, I was focusing more on the flow and design themselves here than on the build. About the feet: they were supposed to be tiny and more robot-ish, but perhaps it actually could have been better.... As for the gun, actually it was made before I built the whole thing and was supposed to be blocky, but yeah, there might be a design clash between them indeed. I personally like it, though.
  9. A version I made of Felix the Cat's Self-MOC. Hope you enjoy!http://flic.kr/s/aHsjCVi2zworhttp://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/347003Constructive criticism always appreciated!
  10. Wow, awesome ship! Great design and shape, and a very nice use of parts. I don't think theres anything for me to complain about...
  11. You're welcome! Yeah, I only drop by here occasionally, and don't comment much. In some way, i'm more of a luker, I guess
  12. Awesome! Very nice build and great futuristic look. The way how the red on the missiles break the color flow is quite charming.
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