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    120 dont you wish you knew road
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    um let me think. BIONICLES!<br /><br />sports: soccer is the best. playing wii can be fun! i tried skatebaording, bla, my friend is getting me into the fingerboarding. hacky sac, i am awww-mazin!! talking to people, so IM me at ecophisome. <br /><br />stuff:i like to make new friends, i dont care who they are ( exept those kids that are hyper and aynoing!!)<br /><br />movies: i love saw 1-3 (4 is okay)<br />lord of the rings<br />hills have eyes 1 (not 2)<br />halloween ( old one)<br />jason<br />hostel 1 & 2<br />superbad<br />40 year old vergin lol<br />borat<br />harry potter <br />i am legend <br />batman: dark knight<br /><br />books: omfg i hate them!!!!!<br />tv shows: i hate tv but family guy is okay so is robot chicken and the soup, sometimes<br /><br />music: <br />bullet fot my valetine<br />three days grace<br />chiodos <br />sum 41 ( a little)<br />seether<br />disturbed<br />korn<br /><br />i am not a big talker, more of a listener, i like to IM, SO HEY JUST IM ME. i am a loner, liking to be on my own than with a lot of people, <br /><br />yup thats me. so hey add me, rate me, comment my, ask me questons ( i bet i can answer them) and just keep being cool!!

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  1. yo um if you see this comment then go to youtbe i am in your stream i am sooo bored and its the 20th

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