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  1. I tried the red chin, and many other colours. But all it does is draw attention to the fact that aside from the eyes, the face is actually put together quite poorly. Oh, hmm. Well, maybe you could give it an OZ MS square lens face instead? Considering the design family and so forth.
  2. There really isn't. It's the exact same stuff you did for the first 20 levels just with bigger healthbars. The game seriously needs an injection of new maps, enemies and vehicles. At this point it just feels like a more boring halo.
  3. Nobody's holding you or the MOC or it's inspiration at fault. The poor behaviour is happening on some other site. You shouldn't worry about it; this thread has been nice and civil, and it deserves credit for that.
  4. I like the MOC design itself, but... The whole "trans" thing, right? Honestly speaking I'm really sure why it would exist in this context. Matoran are artificial beings, and the girls are placed in a segregated ghetto for some reason. That, to me, suggests that the concept of gender in Bionicle isn't fluid, but is more like programming. If Tamaru was a girl he would have been built as a Ga-Matoran, since the Matoran are designed by a specific creator rather than our species with all its evolution and biology and chemicals and so forth. I could see it maybe on Bara Magna, but here it just seems weird and out-of-place. That said all a Matoran would need to crossdress is a bucket of blue paint.
  5. Yeah. They can throw out all that stupid Matoran Universe trash and go back to spooky island adventures.
  6. I wonder if it'll be a reboot. That'd probably make more sense for LEGO.
  7. I think a soft reboot is probably the more feasible option, simply because it makes it more accessible for new fans.
  8. Has a bit of a "jungle book" vibe. Neato, I like it.
  9. I get that you guys are excited and I think it's likely, but it's important to not overdo it. The world is full of people getting hyped about something that doesn't eventuate and end up feeling disappointed. Try to relax a bit.
  10. Huh, I still have this job title under my username. Someone should probably remove that.
  11. Storywise it lost most of the charm by the end of 2003. Setwise it was good up until the Inika, then every year after that it was a trainwreck until the Glatorian grabbed hold of the wheel and steered it back to safe ground. However it was out of gas by that point anyway.
  12. Have you ever built actual gunpla model kits? The lineup is very custom-friendly.
  13. I feel like the proportion between the head and the body is slightly off but I guess that might just be because I'm used to the body being a smaller, simpler construction for Tau. Colours are quite nice though.
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