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    Bionicle, Lego in general, PS3, Star Wars, Nintendo Game Boys and DS, Wikipedia, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, TV, AdventureQuest RPG, Eddsworld, Pokemon, PotC, Falcon + Chipmunk Punch, hoping it's nothing serious, Irregular Webcomic!, 8-Bit Theater, Syobon Action, driving people mad with my insane mind, NOT getting institutionalized (I'm serious)

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  1. I'm back again! It feels like it's been forever (must have been almost a year) and now I can (briefly) blog again! Now that I have some time (but not much, with class and work) I might be able to post again! HOORAY!
  2. Apparently I have something up genetically. I doz not like. Oh well. Also, the Chipmunk Punch is pretty good. As is We Will Be Heroes (song with most win I've heard in about 2 years). This is WoE, signing off. WARBLE WARBLE!! No, wait:
  3. First off, this blog won't last long. I'm not a premier member and I leave on Wednesday for a trip, so yeah. A little madness! WOOT! First off, play Syobon Action but NOT I Wanna Be The Guy. 'Nuff said there. Also, I like Eddsworld. It's awesome. And if you cross me... this will happen Link Removed. Yeah. PPPPUUUUNNCCHHH!! Also, I think BBL has a lot of potential but the new Star Wars movie will probably be terrible. Yeah. WARBLE WARBLE!! Please do not link to websites that are blocked. - Kohaku
  4. Sorry but I can't get on Nintendo WFC for some reason right now. How bout another time?

  5. If anyone's interested, I'm looking for a WSHMKR Jirachi, don't care about IVs or EVs. Will offer a lvl 100 event Darkrai (with Spacial Rend and Roar of Time, other moves changed) totally legit, decent IVs and EVs and only slightly touched.
  6. Sorry again. Mixed up messages there. Please ignore previous comment.

  7. You conned me with that Spiritomb!

  8. Are you on GTS? I can't seem to find you.

  9. Warlord of Evil: Its not that her account was banned. She is just not able to go on the computer due her grades. Thanks for asking and if you have any other questions. Please ask

  10. Why did YWN get banned? Just leave a comment on my page with the answer

  11. yes i can talk now and yes i can use the messenger now!

  12. Good to see you! I can PM just fine!

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