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  1. Hey there guys, I was wondering if someone can help me. I'm trying to find the Summer 2016 Bionicle sets, but can't seem to do so at all in my local area - Birmingham, UK. I've heard reports that they're out in Lego stores, but my nearest one is several cities over, and I don't have a car, and I've also heard that they just might not be distributed to normal stores in some countries, and the Skull Villains did shelfwarm here badly... Anyway, I was wondering if anyone in my area has seen them somewhere, or if you can offer some advice? Thanks.
  2. When it's done? Tohkann does have a life afterall. He said by the annaversery on november 15th.
  3. Holy &((&^% on a %^*( Sandwich, that is absolutely amazing! You really do keep getting better! I didn't think that was even possible...
  4. Good idea! About time we had one of these, Death Bringer's not long been out after all
  5. Hmmm I see you Like Drawing Bionicle To Huh?

  6. Hmm So what will you be doing now that the Cards are Over?

  7. So What were the Cards For?

  8. Oh, I Get it like "There's Somthing on your Back" from Doctor Who Dark's on the Fire Lightning's on your head Night's in the Veil The Oracle's Lost Her Head Codes of the Lost
  9. Hmmmm Thanks Hazrd, good to know your not Dead YET *Looks round nervously*

  10. If you found the Red Zatth, it would be unsportsman-like not to say where.So we Blues can tear the place apart to find the blue one

  11. THANK YOU for Making thease

  12. nothings here hello,hello eerie

  13. Sorry about the wait,Mata Nui will be my entry for BBC#54.At 50.5 inches

  14. No......but your Epic loooooked cool..Hafu2 i mean

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