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  1. Check out my new comics

  2. Congratualations on being a Toa!

  3. Congratualations on being here for two years

  4. Dude,how could you have 10 pages of friends?

  5. Hello, and welcome To BZPower!

  6. Hey,Thanks.Do you mind posting?I need some of that.

  7. Hi!Welcome to BZPower!I`m Toa Tanak.

  8. Hi!Welcome to BZPower!I`m Toa Tanak.Check out my comics if you have a chance!

  9. I know about the shop,just where did you get the sprite?

  10. I meant toa kit

  11. i vote for you

  12. I'm on a different computer every weekend, and I won't be able to get back on my other one until Dec. 26. Sorry!

  13. Lerman,My new comic topic will be up tomorow!

  14. Metator.Nothing like the original theory.

  15. My new banner is awesome!Thanks!

  16. New comic up in a few minutes

  17. pm me if you need anything!

  18. The wings on your av are awesome.

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