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  1. New comic up in a few minutes

  2. Where`d you get the sprite in your id card?

  3. Wow.I didn`t know your daughter was Turakii!

  4. Welcome to BZPower!Check out my comics when you have the chance,too.

  5. Check out my new comics

  6. Lerman,My new comic topic will be up tomorow!

  7. I meant toa kit

  8. My new banner is awesome!Thanks!

  9. What kit did you use for the second movie?

  10. pm me if you need anything!

  11. i vote for you

  12. what kit did you use for the star wars comics?

  13. Congratualations on being here for two years

  14. When did I ever say the Steelers stank?Who told you that I said the steelers stank?What lesson were you planning to teach me?

  15. The wings on your av are awesome.

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