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    -Update: 20th July Midnight-<br /><br />Bionicle and BZPower. I play online web browser RPGs, and prefer them over the ones you need to download. Art can also be considered, I guess. I sometimes just get an idea for a character or weapon or random thing and pick up my clipboard to draw it. A little bit of interest in photography, always using the camera/video cam when on holiday. I also play Magic (though I'm still considered quite new at it).

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  1. Lol I haven't been on BZP for a long time.


  3. Heh, two year spinny.

    May have (generally) left BZP, but still remember my join date =p

  4. Don't you ever say out my real name! Comment deleted.

  5. as in hello, but they misintepreted hel.


  6. Oh yeah I'm in WAB (Western Academy of Beijing) It's an international school in China. :) So i'm Singaporean

  7. Hey...So what school are you in anyway?

  8. Hey, so which Sec school are you going to? I'm in HCI.

  9. I'm not very sure about Voporak's availability here. It has been a long time since I checked.

  10. For me, it's okay now, since we're going on excursions.

    To MoXN-Thanks.

  11. Hi, going to school after PSLE is also bringing me down. We have to od projects!! The HORROR!

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