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  1. Out comes...Carapar again. Now mind controlled by Takadox. Carapar falls back into the pool!
  2. Out comes a pair of Cordak blasters! Kongu fires a round into the pool...
  3. Just goes to show you, watch what you post on the internet! You might regret it! Or...not...well, so much for that aesop...
  4. Well, if he didn't, then obviously he'd be outed as the FAKE Matau, and that would just ruin his schemes. Besides, it's MATAU. In a Lewa0111 Nuva comedy. Of course he'll be innately silly. Another fine job! I'll try to think of some questions to send ya. As for this latest installment, I really enjoyed it. I find it funny that the Other Matau wanted to be more serious, yet was willing to tap dance while covered in feathers and on fire.
  5. That explains everything! Well done, Lewa0111 Nuva! Another smash hit!
  6. YEEEEEESSS!!!! The return! Ah, yes, the continuing saga of the narrator and the wallbreakers... Excellent Job, Lewa0111 Nuva! Good to see our favorite green-clad hero/comedian is back in the action!
  7. If that's true...I hate to think what the OTHER ones were like...
  8. I like the way this guy thinks. Once again, an excellent job, Lewa0111 Nuva! The holiday specials are always greatly enjoyed. Can't wait to see more of your works!
  9. 1: B. Hopefully the presence of Scuba will be enough to assure Ski he is in no danger right now. 2: A. I doubt Hero Factory managed not to hear all the commotion under the bed; they need to get out fast. Besides, it sounds like the meeting is over. 3: A. Yeah, they may have failed the mission, but I'd like to know what it is.
  10. Well...I'm kind of surprised the place hasn't melted yet...Also explains what Kopeke's doing out on the North March. Also: Sushi restaurant? Obviously a plot to reduce Ta-Koro's hot dog market in Ko-Koro, further weakening them for eventual conquest! Another fantastic news story from Mata Nui! I'm not sure what we would do if you weren't reporting such news...
  11. Such a lengthy chapter! 1: B. With all that's going on, Tahu should probably read "take care of you" as "dismember you on the spot." 2: A. As far as the other sets know, the backyard is the last known location of Gali Mata. 3: D. I want to see how he's holding up.
  12. Ah, the good old "Emperor's New Groove" sequence appears. Didn't you establish that dolt isn't a word? Didn't know portals could emote. Nokama's showing her usual smarts again. Except... ...she forgot about that other copyrighter... Why not? Everyone else seems to be. Good, I was starting to get worried there for a second. Another fine job by the best comedian on BZP! Can't wait to see what you pull out for Christmas!
  13. Ooh! Three choices! 1: B. Even though Tahu and Scuba don't know Umarak's exact abilities, it's clear they would be hard pressed to beat him. 2: A. Nuju Metru is most likely dead. If Tahu Mistika hasn't sided with Stars, he may be of help. 3: B. Irnakk should be easily able to beat a near-dead Titan and a few dozen Rahkshi; if Vultraz can get Maxilos out and rested, he'll be useful in the long run.
  14. 1st choice: B. Gali Mata sided with Tahu Mata in the fight, and I don't think Tahu Stars is willing to show mercy. 2nd: A. Because why not?
  15. Choice 1: B. Tahu's combat skills will be desperately needed in the coming conflicts, and he can't lead or fight effectively if the horrors of this knowledge are in him. Choice 2: A. Kiina obviously can't see the chaos enveloping the house right now. Action is needed, and Kiina is too passive unless her rule is threatened.
  16. Isn't 2015 Gali in the Colosseum? Kopaka is Lewa 2015, that much is clear. 2015 Gali is Onua, 2015 Tahu is Pohatu, 2015 Onua is Lewa, 2015 Kopaka is Tahu, 2015 Pohatu is Gali.
  17. An entire Koro gone missing? This must be the work of Makuta! Summon the Toa! ...oh, they're missing someone too. And that's a 1/6th market reduction for the poor hot dog sellers, too.
  18. Well, considering what Macku's been up to in the other stories... Another fine job. Of course, the lack of Koli means a lack of Koli games to sell hot dogs at, too.
  19. 1: A. I'd like to see if the remaining forces can hold off Hero Factory before they deal with the Dreaded One. 2: I want to see more of Nuparu Inika.
  20. I thought about Matoro, but I figured that since Hero Factory would likely be coming soon in the series, their leader (William Furno) was a better banner candidate.
  21. Such a spooky chapter... Anyway, my guesses for the next banners are Tahu Mata, Tahu Okoto, and William Furno (not necessarily in that order.)
  22. Railblazer

    Parade Possible

    Just what we all need--a giant Nuparu balloon! This is after "Staring Contest Continues" confirmed they have no need for hot dogs... As for the political campaigns, I'm assuming that will be covered in a few new reports. Another fantastic job, Onuki!
  23. A departure from the standard Ga-Matoran tactic, which, as some of the other stories would suggest, would be to develop instant crushes and mob him happily. Obviously, Hafu messed up somewhere.
  24. ...really? Really! Just try playing MNOG (if you can find it), and you'll see! (Of course, your definitions of slowly or quickly may vary.)
  25. For this one, I'd go with B. While Luroka was not directly told of either group, the fact that the Director mentioned he was their SECOND creation would likely send him looking for the first (possibly for a kill?) to see if they know anything new.
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