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    BIONICLEs, Computers, LEGO Bricks, Pillar (a christian rock band), programming, web development<br /><br />As you may know, what used to be my signature work - my DJ Reidak's Studios Website - has been almost terminated. With my version 3.0, it has become a really small website that I don't bother to really update. Sometime I will bring this back, but at the moment I am really busy.<br /><br />Currently, I am a ADD programmer. I have been working on a couple projects like DJ Reidak's BIOS. Programming will probably make me bald, but I like to go with what I am good at.

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  1. First off, really glad that this topic is back up. The last we heard from RQ was that he was working on a secret plan of sorts to allow the game to be made legally available to download. No word yet on how this has progressed during the forum downtime, of course.Aside from asking Lego - who, as the copyright holder, is the only entity who can legally distribute LoMN - for permission, I'm not sure what RedQuark could do.Well, RQ has understandably not revealed details of his plan yet, so there's no real way to judge whether it will work short of waiting for further word from him. As for the programming stuff, members such as JMMB, DJ Reidak, and alpha123 seem convinced that they'll be able to pull this off given enough time. I don't know much about that kind of thing, so I'll leave it up to them to respond if they wish... Second off, I want to make it clear that I have faith that other people here will be able to fix this game if we are able to get it. I can make some decent programs in Microsoft Visual Studio (VB.NET), but what other people can do here is way over my head. DJ Reidak
  2. Can I add you on Yahoo?

  3. Hello there good sir.

  4. DJ Reidak

    Legends Of Mata Nui

    There are some people who have the "full" game. At least, as complete as it was when it was canceled. And it isn't impossible to get past the first level, it is just harder than it should be, as I understand it. People with the game disk have been able to get past the first level. DJ Reidak
  5. DJ Reidak


    I would be glad to help. What exactly is the problem with your computer? DJ Reidak
  6. I know. I have just been too lazy to change it. =P

  7. Ya know your avatar path is broken? The file's not there. ;)

  8. you said "weird and proud of it" that makes two of us

  9. @JrMasterModelBuilder:

    You gave the wrong link. here is the right one:


    Thanks a lot by the way!

  10. Please empty your PM inbox so we can continue PMing. :)

  11. I am a programmer, so it just took me a little bit to figure out what this said. Very cool reward. DJ Reidak
  12. Wow. in two years, I have gone from image sharing site to a computer programmer with publicly available work.

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