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  1. Hey, nice Guren you made. ^_^

  2. Hello there! A member name, Resev needs your vote! Can you please vote for him in his blog: Resev vs. D-Exo? Remember your vote will count and you can find his name on my friendlist if you want to go to his profile faster. Thanks for your cooperation.

  3. My little brother loves metroid, he wanted to know if you were also a fan.

  4. Phazys


    hm...(please excuse my ignorance from a lot of bionicle): if Vamprah has a specialty like hunger, does the Makuta of Metru Nui have a specialty power as well?
  5. Phazys

    Real Black Hole

    Schwarzchild i dunno Quantum...hm...that's hard...bec. quantum mechanics and relativity both work in a black hole right? Ok i admit it i went to wikipedia to look it up, i know what it is... but wait hold on...according to wikipedia that name is actually just 'fiction' not exactly completely definitive
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