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  1. IC: Omicron - Corridor "My suit is... no good any more... but we need to go to the infirmary before it's too late." The diminutive kraata turned back to Poly. "Please, can you-" Her eyes momentarily moved from Poly's face to their hand on the hilt, before moving back to the face. "... help us?"
  2. ... We've lost. All of us. Kardas Dragon, me, every single brave individual who's faced that monster down. It... doesn't matter now. None of it does. Reality can't bounce back from this. A ready it s starti g to break appa t as I s ea . . No hin t do ow bu w it ou obl vi
  3. IC: Dormirahk - Causeway Dormirahk nodded. "Absolutely fair..." Going into flight mode again, Dormirahk lingered in the air for a moment, looking at Exxan with a look of regret, but also something else. A hint of reverence... and wariness. "If it somehow ever comes to it, consider me owing you a favour... if somehow you need one..." They then took off into the air, headed back for school. "Take care, Exxan."
  4. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero Porangi shrugged. "It's gotten me this far."
  5. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero For a moment, Porangi was completely silent. It was clear he was deep in thought, mulling over Doctor K's words. "... I'm pretty good at surviving. Getting out of situations I should by all accounts have died in. I'm... not entirely sure how I've survived this long, if I'm being honest."
  6. IC: Dormirahk - Causeway "Yeah... me... sorry about last time." Dormirahk sighed. "Listen, I realise I'm probably one of the last rahks you want to see right now, but I want to make up for the stunt I pulled in the Library. I saw what happened, you took quite the beating. I just... wanted to know if you're good to fly back, and, if not... whether you wanted any help?"
  7. IC: Dormirahk - Causeway Dormirahk was, for a moment, breathless. Literally, as the unnatural cyclones had raged, and after that, seeing the end of this titanic clash, they were almost frozen in place. They had just witnessed someone get blasted into literal dust in the wind. Now, as the dust settled and the wind turned tame, Dormirahk was affected by a strange mixture of awe, terror, and melancholy. Awe at the sheer power they had seen at display, terror over the destruction those powers had wrought... and melancholy over the way it ended. Dormirahk had, from rumours, and half overheard conversations, gotten a blurry picture of who Exxan was. What they'd seen here though... it brought a clearer image to Dormirahk's mind as to the nature of Exxan's character. For a moment longer, Dormirahk stood there, soaking all of it in. Until finally they registered that Exxan, slouched upon a pillar, was seriously injured. Leaping into flight mode, Dormirahk whizzed off into the air, descending to where Exxan knelt. A victorious Exxan, but clearly in a bad shape. Dormirahk was a little hesitant to approach him now, after what was clearly a difficult and, perhaps, traumatic event... or perhaps not traumatic at all... but Dormirahk wasn't one to sit idly by and let someone bleed out. Still... they weren't quite sure how to approach him. "... Exxan?"
  8. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "But then... what are you saying?"
  9. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "Wait... really? I can just decide what job I want to have and I'll have it?"
  10. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "Well... I don't... maybe a job running errands? Fetching things from around the wasteland maybe... Or perhaps guard duty might suit me?" Porangi contemplatively stroked his oddly sharp chin. IC: Hadraeka - Tesara Hadraeka unlocked and removed Silvana's handcuffs, stowing them away before gesturing to Silvana's ship. "Everything considered, I do hope your ship serves you well out there."
  11. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "... I dunno... I've never really had a job before."
  12. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "Oh..." Porangi awkwardly looked from side to side. "Do... you know who I could talk to then?"
  13. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero Porangi perked up at that. "Really? How do I apply? What's the process like? What jobs do they need to hire for?"
  14. IC: Porangi - Tower Basement, New Atero "... Are you currently hiring?"
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