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  1. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Okuo furrowed his brow, looking unconvinced. "I don't think that's a good idea right now. The cure may not be complete but it seems like it's brought you back to your original states for the moment. Depending on how long that'll last, I feel like it's safer if you take some time to recover before heading off on any kind of errand, which I would prefer to accompany you for anyway in case you encounter something dangerous out there. Right now I have business in Kini-Koro with Knichou, he requested the presence of me and Triage a while ago and we're very late for it. When we get back, we can go look for the pure stuff... alright?" He asked, his tone reasoning and his expression pleading. @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
  2. IC: Whakamahu - Ko-Pou Shelter "Energized Protodermis. One of the only transformations the Mask of Mutation cannot undo on its own." Whakamahu looked into the minds of the matoran, not to pry, but to see if she could soothe their yet addled minds and facilitate smoother cognition by helping them untangle and reorient their thoughts. @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
  3. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Mulling over Kardaka's words and reassurances in regards to a future as a Turaka, Okuo paused for a moment with a thoughtful expression, before then nodding to her question concerning his familiarity with the matoran. "Yes, I was... well acquainted with Nixie and Vhisola before the affliction." @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
  4. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Okuo shook his head. "Maybe if I was just using it alone... but if I can use it in tandem with the Kaita, channel my power through them so they may direct it with purpose and precision... perhaps it could work? I don't know. I think it's worth the risk..." The Ta-Toa sighed, looking down with a thoughtful yet troubled expression, it being clear that this wasn't the only thing on his mind. "... It's not like I asked to be a Toa to begin with." @Toru Nui@Harvali@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Snelly
  5. IC: Onaku - Kini-Koro "Oh... oh no. Not you too!" Onaku arrived at the scene to find Jutori and Katrin affected by the poison, a panicked grimace on his features. Hurrying to Jutori's side, he grabbed him and tried to help him up, all the while careful not to touch the substance. "Come on, no no, come on, stay with me here bud! Fight it!" @Tarn@The UltimoScorp
  6. IC: Whakamahu - Ko-Pou shelter The Kaita looked upon the matoran, their forms restored though their ailment lingering, with an expression difficult to read. Looking closely enough, one might recognise relief, though it seemed to be mixed with a hint of grief and disappointment. "Your forms have been restored... for now. But it is not complete. The ailment still lingers residually, no doubt you can feel it deep down. We had hoped I would be enough, but it seems this is just beyond my power to fully resolve..." IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter A look of relief washed over Okuo's features as he saw the afflicted, especially so his two friends, restored to their previous forms, all of them seeming able to speak and think as they used to. This relief was replaced by concern, how ever, as the Kaita spoke their words, lamenting it wasn't a complete cure. The Ta-Toa wracked his brain. What else would be enough if not this? A thought returned to him that he had previously dismissed as far too risky at the start of all this. In the legends of great Toa he'd heard once when younger, there were tales of the heroes sacrificing their great power to set right some grievous wrong that had been inflicted upon the innocent. Giving up their Toa forms to help those that needed it. "... What if we use my Toa Energy?" @Tarn@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Onaku - Kini-Koro Working up a sweat even as the storm cleared up, Onaku was in the midst of helping dig a channel to redirect potential floods when the sound of something splattering nearby caught his attention. Looking up, he saw some strange substance scattered across the ground, and a matoran stumbling nearby seeming to have gotten caught up in the splash, looking out of it. "Whoa, hey, stay sharp now!" Onaku vaulted up out of the hole, approaching the matoran, who lost their footing and fell onto their behind up against a nearby tree. "You alright?" Trying to get any response out of the matoran seemed to be a fruitless effort, they simply mumbled in delirium and panted weakly as if exhausted. Onaku grimaced, looking up and seeing the immense form of a scorpion monstrosity in the mountains above the valley, its stinger aimed their way. The culprit. Another enemy coming for Kini-Koro. Slinging his shovel over his shoulder with a determined glare, he began making his way back into Kini-Koro, looking for two familiar faces. @The UltimoScorp@Tarn
  8. IC: Onaku - Kini-Koro Onaku had nodded and taken a step to move off toward the mechs when he saw the mechanical giants make their way across the valley, headed for the origins of the storm. "Looks like that won't be necessary, Commander. Shall I return to work?" He asked, readying his shovel again. @Sparticus147
  9. IC: Zadred - Kini-Koro What had been intended as a simple visit to a friend in Kini-Koro turned into an arduous evacuation effort as Zadred did her best to help out, lending her aid where she could be it by binding the ground with stronger roots or by employing her Skakdi strength to help carry things between places. The heavy rain beat down on her as she worked her hardest to keep up. She certainly hadn't expected this to be her day, but she wasn't going to up and run away from it either. She could help here, so she was going to help, wherever she could lend a hand.
  10. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou With all of the food pretty much ready to be served, Okuo stepped out of the kitchen, making his way out of the guardhouse to go check on the afflicted and see how they were feeling. It was upon seeing an unusual glow from within the shelter, how ever, that Okuo hurried his pace, sprinting to the door and opening it up to behold a sight that left him speechless. Stepping inside with a bewildered expression, the door closed behind him as he looked upon a being three times the size of a Toa, enveloped in a glow that spread out to light up an area with the afflicted inside. He had heard of Iradra, the Av-Toa healer, though they had thus far not had a chance to consult her. Was this her? He'd have thought someone would've mentioned how tall she was if so. Peering at the large being, Okuo could have sworn he recognised them, mulling it over before he suddenly came to a realisation. "... Triage?" @Tarn@Snelly@Harvali@Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  11. IC: Arkius - Spiriah's Labyrinth Pain. It was an old friend of Arkius. It told him of his limits, complained when he pushed past them, and screamed at him when inevitably he broke in some way. But every time he came back stronger, and his tolerance for suffering grew greater. The pain he felt now, lingering at the edges of the dead nerve endings that had been burnt away, was great indeed, but it wasn’t the worst pain he had suffered. He’d been through worse, and he’d pulled through, even if only barely. His thoughts, clearer as he ever drew further from Spiriah’s mind numbing influence, turned to his situation, pushing the pain to the back of his mind. Up. Go up. He held onto that mantra as it remained at the center of his psyche, a singular tether holding him to the mark despite his body screaming for the bliss of unconsciousness or oblivion. He knew he couldn’t keep this up forever, and he wasn’t certain how long it would be until he reached the surface. Eventually certain branches would exceed his limits, and his admittedly impressive reserves of elemental energy would grow thin, and then depleted. But he didn’t have to keep this up forever. He hadn't intended to. Even now, he could feel his pursuers traveling down an errant branch. Not that it mattered if they’d chosen the correct one. He exerted his influence once more. Suddenly, the branches shattered, breaking apart into a multitude of large pieces, some merely small fragments of packed earth, but too many to count were the pieces large enough to fit the large Toa inside them. The pieces each grew to a sharp point upwards, before the collective began to ascend, the earth bending around them as they tore up through it like shotgun pellets tearing through flesh. @Eyru
  12. IC: Arkius - Spiriah’s Labyrinth Arkius could feel his nerves burning away, leaving his entire body utterly numb. His flesh charred and blackened, his mechanical parts warped and cracked, his body was in one of the sorriest states it had ever been to his memory. He couldn’t feel his body. But he could feel the earth around him, feel the earth resting against his mangled frame and singed flesh. As much as he could, he wrapped his ruined body in a sterile earthen cast, protecting it until it could begin to heal. With his earth senses stretched out, he could feel where he was, and where he was going. He could also feel something pursuing him, and gaining on him. Lastly, he could feel something dragging at him from the earthitself, something indirectly influencing it to hinder him. He could feel it, the gaps between the granules of earth tugging on it. Drawing further and further from the confusing influence of Spiriah, and forcing himself to process what he was sensing despite the difficulty he felt at just thinking, Arkius recognised the culprit. Shadows, formed in the space within the earth itself, the emptiness between the earthen grains, allowing one with power over them to affect his element indirectly from inside. If he had the mental capacity at the moment, he’d have taken offense, but all he could afford right now was to troubleshoot. Ever further from Spiriah, though his momentum slowed from the Aspect's insidious influence, Arkius was afforded enough clarity to realise something. If the gaps allowed shadows, then to eradicate the gaps would eradicate the shadows as well. Slowly at first, but gradually picking up in pace, the granules of earth around Arkius began compacting, compressing upon each other until the space between them was negligible to non-existent. This continued outwards, great swathes around and ahead of him compacting into a nigh impenetrable lane of hyper-compressed earth, allowing little to no manipulation of it from the inside by any other element than earth itself. And then these lanes split, multiple branches of compacted earth forming into multiple directions as far as Arkius’ considerable influence stretched, and the signature motion anyone with sufficient elemental sense could feel carrying the Toa through the earth split equally across all lanes, identical movement throughout them all carrying off into wildly different directions, some diagonally away and upward from the Aspect's chamber, a couple straight upward toward the surface, and a couple even diverging downwards into the depths below. @Eyru
  13. IC: Whakamahu - Ko-Pou shelter "Stop." Before the pebbles and rocks could hit the afflicted, they stopped in mid-air, held at bay by an invisible force. Likewise, the afflicted would find themselves held back by something cushiony, a push that didn't hurt them if they struggled against it. The Kaita turned around to Kardaka, raising a hand and looking at the Turaga with pale golden eyes that had no malice or anger to them, only care and understanding. The voice they spoke with wasn't loud or imposing, but it was easily heard and resolute. "Let me." Simultaneously, as the afflicted were held in the gentle psionic grasp, they could feel an immense yet oddly comforting presence touch upon their minds, six eyes all filled with compassion looking in upon their psyche. Be not afraid. We are here to help. They could feel something reaching for them, though it did not intrude. They had to give their permission, to accept it, for it was only offered. You have fought this battle on your own for too long. If they were barely keeping their head above a tumultuous ocean, then this mental presence was a hand reaching out to them to pull them out of it. Let us aid you now. All they had to do was accept it. @Vezok's Friend@Harvali@Toru Nui@Tarn@Snelly
  14. IC: Arkius - Spiriah's Labyrinth Arkius was on edge, his nerves on fire as he kept his senses open, pulling himself like a cordak rocket toward the exit. But such a clean exit was not to be, as he felt the stone corridor smash closed behind him. Arkius grit his teeth, and tried to think of another way out. Another way out. Out... The earthen Toa felt his focus slipping. What was he doing again? He was covered in earth, and keeping up a sandstorm outside of himself... but... why was he... The searing heat of the magma his earthen shell smashed into brought him back into the now, and he almost screamed as his back was singed by his cocoon melting behind him. Tearing himself away, he returned his focus to a way out, earth creeping around his form to shield his back again. Out, he had to get... Arkius gnashed his teeth as he could feel his focus slip again. Out. How to get out. Out... Up. Go up. Arkius reached up, and pulled on the earth above him, the earth tearing through the stonework covering it, a tendril of the element smashing down into the Toa to envelop him, before ripping him up into the earthen fold above the Aspect's chambers. He came too close for comfort to simply losing all focus and staying there in the embrace of his element, but with hardened resolve, he focused again. Up. Go up. He began conveying his element around himself to pull himself upward. Bending the the earth around himself and his earthen shell, Arkius launched himself like a torpedo up through the ocean of the island's underground. @Eyru
  15. Name: Whakamahu, Toa Kaita of Remedy Breed: Toa Kaita Faction: Refugees Brief Description: Standing three times as tall as a regular Toa, Whakamahu possesses a sleek yet athletic figure. Their armour, an iridescent blend of gold and bronze complemented by a similarly iridescent mixture of white, teal, and blue, is ornate though not ostentatious, finely crafted and of sturdy make. Crimson sigils of ancient medical traditions adorn their armour in key visible places, in addition to adorning a white cloth tabard hanging from their waist and a white half cloak that covers their right shoulder and their back. From behind a bronze and gold mask in the shape of an ancient Mahiki gaze pale golden eyes. Background/Occupation: Formed from the fusion of Iradra, Triage, and Vashni, Whakamahu’s purpose is to try and reverse the mutations the afflicted matoran at Ko-Pou have suffered in Metru-Koro. To that end, they will rely upon the combination of their masks and elements. Flaws: Weak arm: The shoulder of one arm is weak, and the hand of that arm is shaky. Power Migraine: If Whakamahu overuses their elemental powers, they get a strong headache that lingers and amplifies depending on the severity of the overuse. Shalt Not Kill: Whakamahu is psychologically incapable of killing another living being, or deliberately taking action that will knowingly lead to another's death. They are also unable to stand by and let someone die if they know they can save them. Memory Leakage: Each Toa making up the fusion leaves it with fragments of memories from the others they fused with. Empathic Link: For a short period of time, the Toa making up the fusion can feel hints of what the others they fused with can feel, with pain as an example. This effect gradually fades over the course of a day or two. Powers: As a Toa Kaita, Whakamahu possesses greater elemental power than their three component Toa, and can wield them in combination. These elements are Plantlife (Triage), Light (Iradra), and Psionics (Vashni). The Kanohi the three Toa wear have also merged into a new mask that contains the powers of Healing, Illusion, and Mutation. With the healing powers of Iradra incorporated into the Kaita, Whakamahu can at will imbue any of their elements with healing properties, allowing them for example to heal wounds, restore missing body parts, and cure the effects of toxic substances, mutagens, and diseases. Equipment: Whakamahu wears the Mask of Remedy, which has the powers of Illusion, Mutation, and Healing. Additionally, the weapons Iradra possessed, a couple of curved blades and her staff, have combined to form a large double ended glaive.
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