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  1. IC: Zadred - Metru-Koro "One moment, please." Zadred said as she turned around and looked over one of the planters, searching for something between the plants until she seemed to spot it. "Kargon." She said, approaching a Kaukau wearing Bo-Matoran who was tending to a different crop, who turned to look at the Bo-Skakdi as she approached him. "I'll be leaving for a short while. Can I trust you to keep everything going in my absence?" The matoran nodded, putting away the tool he'd been using and standing half at attention. "Of course. I've been dealing with crops for most of my life. I can handle things here. And if I run into any trouble, I'm sure I can ask Tekmo or some other Toa of Plantlife to help out." The two smiled and nodded at each other, and then Zadred was off, following the Toa of Iron as he found two compatriots of his. While he spoke to the two toa, Zadred stood awkwardly off to the side, offering a small and polite wave to them before looking down and away, waiting for her newfound companion to finish his conversation. @~Xemnas~ @Tarn @Snelly
  2. IC: Zadred - Metru-Koro Greenhouses Zadred sighed and nodded. "So long as we would be avoiding direct conflict and violence, I might be interested. I just need to make sure the crops are tended to while I'm away..." The small Bo-Skakdi turned around and picked her staff up off the table, fiddling with it in her arms as she looked over her shoulder. "When would we be setting off?" IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro Iradra nodded. So far she'd made great strides in mastering her power of the light, but she couldn't expect to master such advanced techniques in any short amount of time. "But Kohara, what of... the other thing? Is there anything you can tell me?" The 'other thing' Iradra referred to was the fact that her elemental light had healing properties, something she'd discovered shortly after becoming a Toa by saving the life of one Toa Datrox. Since then, she'd employed it where needed, mending wounds and curing ailments of those she came across like a some kind of a faith healer, only she was an actual healer. Slowly word of her gift had started to spread around the settlement, which meant she now drew some attention when out and about. Attention she wasn't necessarily comfortable with. @~Xemnas~
  3. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro Iradra breathed in and out deeply. Slowly, carefully, she reached out from herself, feeling out the light which flowed freely around and upon her, a strange and alien sensation she couldn't have imagined a week ago. Gradually, she began reaching within, tapping into the light she had in the preceding week gotten a small measure of a hang of, and began coaxing her control outward, into the light she sensed around her. With great care, she once more began to try and shift the trajectory of light as it approached her, carefully attempting to bend it around her form before then letting it continue its trajectory unhindered. When dealing with a single beam of light this would perhaps be simple, but here she had to deal with light coming at her from all angles. Bending evey beam of light and sending it on its way uninterrupted was a delicate and complex process that required all of her attention. Slowly but surely, blots of her form began to disappear, with the light gradually bending around her until finally she was invisible. The problem was that this wasn't easily sustainable. Trying to focus on every beam of light like this was taxing. And yet Kohara spoke of this ability as if it was simply one step toward more advanced techiques. Iradra shuddered to imagine what kind of difficulties she'd be facing there. Finally, Iradra gasped with exertion and let go, allowing the light to return to its proper course, her form becoming visible once more. "You make this look too easy, Kohara." @~Xemnas~ IC: Arkius - Metru-Koro Gates Arkius nodded with a satisfied smile on his features. "Very good, I am certain your help will prove invaluable. Now, I don't believe we've met before. I am Arkius, Toa of Earth." Arkius reached out a fist for a customary greeting. @Smudge8 IC: Zadred - Metru-Koro Greenhouses The diminutive skakdi gasped and turned around in a minor panic, sighing with relief upon seeing the Toa of Iron standing in the entrance to the greenhouse. "S-sorry, did you say exploration? Isn't that a bit... dangerous?"
  4. IC: Arkius - Metru-Koro Gates After his announcement, Arkius had made his way down the market street again, this time the eyes of various beings present following him before most of them returned to their previous business. As the earthen toa approached the gates, he noticed a Toa of Gravity sitting there on the ground, playing with some stones using his powers. "Hail and well met, brother. I don't suppose you heard my announcement earlier in the town square?" @Smudge8 IC: Zadred - Metru-Koro Greenhouses Green fingers gently caressed soil which a particular fruit-bearing plant was found in. In the days since the Cataclysm, a green house of sorts had been established along with the rest of Metru-Koro, built from glass made through the collaboration of fire and earth elementals, with a framework built by iron and plantlife elementals, resulting in a handful of strange glass domes with support structures of metal and wood. Within these domes were carefully maintained miniature ecosystems, plants bearing fruit and crops of different kinds carefully grown and harvested in these greenhouses to then feed the population of the refugee settlement. Three days ago, Zadred had submerged in sand at the edge of the liquid protodermis lake. After barely evading the haunting undead constructs that wandered the place, she made her way across the strange and arid landscape, eventually finding her way to the settlement of Metru-Koro. Though thrown suspicious glances by some present, Zadred found a home here and a role, using her powers of plantlife channeled through her staff along with her own botanical know-how to help with the establishment of a food source for the refugees settled here. So far her efforts had been a success. Working in conjunction with other plantlife elementals as well as some particularly skilled Bo-Matoran farmers, the Metru-Koro Greenhouse project had taken off with resounding success and speed. Right now Zadred was tending to a Vubraloan ankapple tree that was slowly starting to flower under the favorable conditions of the greenhouse. Soon enough it would start to bear fruit, small ones due to its current diminutive size, but ones that would help cultivate more of its rare kind. OOC: Arkius open for approach regarding the announcement, Zadred open for interaction in general.
  5. Name: Atka (short for "Atkanu Aehltiin") Breed: Void Eakai Faction: The Eakai Brief Description: Atka stands about a head above the average toa, and is of modest but solid build. Her dark green armour is iridescent, with a black secondary colour that seems to reflect no light, as well as glowing teal eyes and accents. Background/Occupation: Receiving Matrak's signal through the void, Atka has arrived on Zakaz to find him and uncover the secrets he went missing in search of. Flaws: Atka is headstrong and stubborn, often unwilling to consider alternative perspectives to her own. She is also completely unfamiliar with the activity known as "swimming". Powers/Equipment: Atka possesses a bow and arrows of strange make, the material used in their construction possessing similar qualities to protosteel though distinct from it in that it is not a metal. She also has a short curved sword made from the same material. Atka possesses all abilities inherent to a Void Eakai.
  6. New Species and Faction: The Eakai The Eakai are a race of exotically elemental beings hailing from a realm devoid of most standard elements, though being originally elemental beings like toa from a realm not unlike our own, they were forced to adapt to this realm they came to call the Twilight Realm by taking on new elements deriving from the less the straightforward building blocks of the realm, creating a new elemental foundation. Though originally they came to thrive in this realm with their new elemental foundation, the world they found themselves in did not take kindly to an outsider stirring things up. The world devolved into chaos, many Eakai died, and the remainder went into hiding. Desperate to save their species, the Eakai turned to their Void affiliated brethren, who proudly ventured into the unknown to find sanctuary for their race, and a way to deliver them there safely. One of these Void Eakai, one by the name of Matrak, found himself in the Matoran Universe in the midst of its collapse, becoming entangled in a complicated series of events that eventually lead to his disappearance, though not before he sent a signal through the void to others of his kind. This signal was one word: “Hope.” Answering his call, other Void Eakai have now arrived in this strange realm between time, desperate to find whatever it was that Matrak uncovered on the island of Zakaz. Species Traits Void Eakai on average stand a head taller than the average toa, and are ganglier in build. Their colour scheme is usually dark green and black, their eyes taking on various shades of green such as lime, emerald, or teal. Further differentiating them from Toa, the Eakai have an elongated cranium, and mandibles around their mouths. They are unable to use Kanohi masks. The Void Eakai possess several unique abilities. Being that their element is the Void, their various powers relate to it as a concept. Their ability to immerse themselves in their connection with the void manifests in several distinct abilities. Void Step: The Eakai can traverse near-instantaneously from one location to another by travelling through the void. The location they travel to must be a location they have been before or are highly familiar with. For the latter, this familiarity can be either a mental projection from another being who has been to this place, or they must utilise their Void Extrospection to find it themselves. Void Shroud: The Eakai can also step only half-way into the void, blurring the line between their reality and unreality. The effect of this is that they become in essence invisible and undetectable, though in exchange they are unable to affect anything around them while in this state, only observe and traverse. Power Nullification: The Void Eakai possess the ability to tap into their connection with the void to nullify one power they can see being used in a ten foot (3 meter) radius around themselves. This can only be used for one power at a time, and cannot be switched instantaneously. Void Extrospection: Through intensive meditation, a Void Eakai is able to explore far away places through the void with their mind. This kind of meditation takes time and energy, but can give glimpses of different places both on the same plane as the Eakai and beyond, unless some other power directly inhibits it. If you have any questions about the Eakai, feel free to PM me or contact me on discord, whichever works best for you. I'm always happy to work together on a character concept.
  7. Arkius and his announcement are up. Anyone wishing to join him on his quest can head to the main gates and meet him there, or meet him at the notice board right now before he makes his way there.
  8. Name: Zadred Breed: Skakdi of Plantlife Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees Brief Description: Diminutive for a Skakdi, standing between a head below the average Toa, Zadred cuts out a meagre frame. With a teal and muted lime colour scheme, and two amber eyes staring out of her sockets, she's about as frail in stature as a twig, and about as likely to break as one from the look of her. Background/Occupation: Life on Zakaz was never easy for Zadred. Being a veritable runt of her litter, she was pushed around, bullied, and at times even beaten up by her fellow Skakdi, to the point where she became withdrawn and meek, seeking out isolation wherever she could find it, until one day she ran away. Eventually she found Xane, a Skakdi with a vision of a better Zakaz, one which she desperately desired. Joining him, she ventured to Metru-Nui on their ship, where upon the Cataclysm's arrival they were separated, with her waking up in a strange new land. From there, she eventually found her way to Metru-Koro, where she's taken up tending to crops and other flora in the settlement. Flaws: Zadred is a pacifist by nature, abhorring violence of any kind and becoming withdrawn upon any display of it. Her traumatic early life left a permanent scar on her psyche, where a more ferocious self lies boiling under her surface waiting for the right stressors to break her and let her loose, something not even she is truly aware of but is subconsciously terrified of. As a result of her pacifistic nature, she has no combat experience what so ever, nor is she willing to fight, running away from any combat where she can or curling up in fear when trapped. Powers/Equipment: Zadred has the element of plantlife, an element she cannot access unless in conjunction with another Skakdi, or through use of her staff which allows her to channel her plantlife powers. Her vision power is one of telescopic sight, whereupon she can see things far in the distance as far as the horizon allows her, which as allowed her to evade threats throughout her life when on her lonesome. Her tertiary power is one she prefers never to use, as it allows her to turn things she touches into explosives where the amount of mass determines the size of the explosion. She has a staff which allows her to channel her element, a metallic staff of sturdy make that has many utilities outside of combat.
  9. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro "And I you." He responded, placing a hand on her shoulder as he stepped up to her, an expression of regret for what he had to leave behind clear on his features for a brief moment, before he then took her in for a deep embrace. One final show of his new-found and immense endearment for her before they were separated for who knows how long. For a moment he almost didn't want to let her go. He could stay here with her, he could protect her and the people here, surely... But he knew in his soul that it would never work. He had work to do. Hesitantly letting her go, he nodded to her with a sombre expression. With that, their goodbyes had been said, and Arkius walked outside. Metru-Koro, some time later The town was bustling with activity at this time of day. As Arkius walked down the town's market street, his eyes snapped to the town square. A crude notice board had been built there, with various bits of information displayed there for those interested. Arkius unfurled his parchment and put it up on the board, the large poster detailing his intentions. A quest was to be undertaken to track down the marauder who'd attacked the town chasing down an unfortunate lone survivor of one of their scouting parties. This marauder and whatever group he belonged to were to be ensured never to harass their settlement again. Anyone interested was to meet him by the main gates. Indeed, to emphasise his placement of the poster, Arkius turned and with his deep and booming voice he spoke loudly to the people present. "People of Metru-Koro! An attack was made on our home not a week after we arrived in this strange new land! Hostile forces lurk outside our settlement, just waiting for the chance to strike! We cannot give them that chance! I intend to march out there! I intend to track down the skak who dared show his face here and make sure he and his posse never mess with us again! If I must go at it alone, I will! But I'm willing to bet there are others here willing to accompany me! Anyone who wishes to join me can meet me by the main gates!"
  10. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro A week had passed since the fateful day when the world came crashing down upon this strange new world and their lives had changed forever. Arkius had done his duty, protected the matoran as they settled into their new lives, but even here lurked threats to their livelihood. He hadn't been there to protect the Archivists as Mantax and his band of murderers slaughtered them. All he could do then was avenge them. Never again. This time he would take the fight to the enemy. This time they would know fear. He'd make sure of it. "What are you doing?" He heard from behind him as he donned his metallic grey armour and prepared supplies for the coming journey. He turned to see Nale standing there behind him, leaning on her spear. "I'm going out there after that marauder. I'm going to ask anyone willing to accompany me, and I'm going to make sure what happened in the Archives never repeats itself." Arkius finished his preparations and grabbed his axe, putting it on his back as he turned to Nale, fully adorned in kit. There was an apologetic look on his Calix, his one eye looking at Nale with understanding. These past few days they'd spent together had been invaluable, but always at the periphery of his mind was the threat to the Matoran, now that they were more vulnerable than ever. He couldn't rest. "I'm sorry, Nale. But my duty is not yet done."
  11. Well, that, or steal an ACR from someone who did that.
  12. Name: Iradra Breed: Toa of Light Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees Brief Description: Enrobed in long flowing robes of white and grey colouration, with ornamental pieces of bronze armour laid on top over her chest, arms, waist, and face. The face mask she wears conceals her true mask and visage underneath, a faint white light glowing through its darkened eyeholes. Underneath this she carries remnant scars of the disease that once ravaged her body, scars that mar her pristine white and bronze armour. Where as a matoran she seemed ready to keel over at any moment, she now stands tall and carries herself with a grace and dignity she'd never imagined she could possess. Background/Occupation: Once a lone survivor of a village ravaged by disease, she carried the disfigurements and remnants of that plague with her every day as she struggled to find a reason to exist in a world that didn't want her. Her struggles eventually brought her to Metru-Nui, where she found the company of two fellow Ko-Matoran and a Turaga. Joining them on their quest to find the Great Disks of Metru-Nui, she eventually found herself in the presence of Turaga Dume, who bestowed upon her the powers of a Toa, transforming her and cleansing her body of the ailment she'd fought for so long. She emerged from this transformation not as a Toa of Ice as she thought her element had been, but a Toa of Light, revealing that she had in truth been an Av-Matoran. After the GSR's head crashed into Zakaz, Iradra embraced her role as protector of the Matoran people, delving into mastering her power over light, and the healing properties she wields through it. Flaws: Insecure and uncertain about her worthiness in her new role as a Toa, Iradra works hard, perhaps harder than she needs to, to prove herself. Every day she is wracked with guilt over her ascension coming mere moments before the entire universe unravelled. That she was bestowed such a blessing when others lost everything. Powers/Equipment: The powers of Light now lie at Iradra's fingertips, powers she never could have imagined would be hers. Though new to her role as a Toa of Light, she's found to her surprise that she is a quick learner. In addition, she can imbue her light with curative and restorative properties, healing wounds and eliminating toxicants in those her radiance touches. This process is not instant, and requires time and concentration from Iradra. Transformed with her two-handed sword, Iradra's main tool is a gigantic yet beautiful sword, almost as long as she is. It is a weapon she wields comfortably with practised strength and balance, more so now than as a disease addled matoran. She also possesses her daggers, still sheathed underneath her robes, now transformed into short ornamental curved blades of beautiful craftsmanship. Under her ornamental bronze head gear she also wears a grey Mahiki that bears the scars of her past, though this damage is purely superficial at this point. Otherwise the Great Mask of Illusion differs in no way from others of its kind.
  13. In response to the aggressive acts of the Skakdi-Xa upon Metru-Koro, Toa Arkius is assembling a host of Toa and others interested to strike back at the Skakdi-Xa threat and ensure the safety of the Matoran populace. Any interested in taking part in this campaign may PM me, approach Arkius after I've posted on him in Metru-Koro, or talk to me on Discord. Toa participants are encouraged, though all are welcome.
  14. Name: Okuo Breed: Toa of Fire Faction: Metru-Nui Brief Description: Average height and of slim yet athletic build, Okuo has a red primary armour colour with a light azure secondary. His eyes glow a vibrant azure-cyan underneath his red Great Mask of Adaptation. Background/Occupation: It is strange how much two weeks can change someone's life so completely. At the start of it all, Okuo found himself as a hacker in Metru-Nui, digging in places he shouldn't for information he wasn't supposed to know. Digging in the wrong places (or the right ones, depending on your point of view), Okuo discovered a plot by the Dark Hunters to kill the matoran Vhisola, a plot which he successfully, although by no means easily, prevented. From there, he assisted in the acquisition of the Great Disk of Ga-Metru, accompanying the party responsible to the Coliseum where after attempting to save Dume's life, he found himself transformed into a Toa. Following an unsuccessful attempt at fixing the timeline, Okuo finally found himself back outside the Coliseum, watching the world tear itself apart. Now, a week after the Great Spirit was decapitated, Okuo finds himself in the role of a scavenger, salvaging leftover tech and materials from the ruins of Metru-Nui, while avoiding the forces of the remaining Barraki which now claim the ruined city as their stronghold. Flaws: Okuo is overconfident to a fault, and though this confidence no longer extends to social interaction, it means he is far more willing to pull risky or even outright dangerous stunts to get his way. To make matters worse, he possesses no real combat skills other than his expertise with a kanoka launcher, which in addition the fact that he is rather physically unimpressive for a toa, means he's rather out of his depth in close quarters combat, with only his shield to aid him in such circumstances. Powers/Equipment: As a Toa of Fire, Okuo possesses elemental control over fire. He also wears a Great Mask of Adaptation, allowing him to breathe underwater. Carried over from his matoran form is his ability to turn invisible as if by a Great Huna. Okuo has been integrated with technology he possessed before turning into a Toa. Incorporated into his Great Mask of Adaptation is a heads-up display he's managed to transfer from his old Rau, a feature that allows him access to networks and computers, with an augmented reality keyboard for input. This HUD is routed into his deck, which has been shrunk into a smaller, more portable form, losing its input functionality in favor of the integrated HUD keyboard. The deck still retains its physical connectivity functions, allowing him to jack into systems that lack a wireless option. His kanoka launcher/hover board has been transformed as well, expanding to fit his new Toa form, but also gaining an additional mode, taking the form of a large shield he can use for defense. In its launcher form, it can fire regular kanoka, as well as channel his fire powers through it, for example in the form of kanoka-like fire projectiles. Its shield form is as previously stated large, and has the option of being fixed to the ground, providing cover for anyone in need. The levitation kanoka Okuo used to have has been fused into the hover board mode itself, and cannot be retrieved. Name: Arkius Breed: Toa of Earth Faction: Metru-Nui Refugees, His own Crusade Brief Description: Arkius is incredibly large and muscular compared to other Toa. Where before he was clad near entirely in black, he now wears a beaten metallic grey chest plate and pauldrons over his dark grey and black form, with occasional glowing green accents that match his eye. He currently wears a black Calix with one eyehole patched over that hides silvery scar tissue where his right eye once was. Background/Occupation: Once a awakening in a far away land, Arkius rose to become a prominent Toa protector. When the Legion began its conquest, Arkius stood opposed to them, eventually finding his way to Metru-Nui where he intended provide the last line of defense against the encroaching Barraki horde. There he became entangled in a strange plot, whisked off his feet by Toa Stannis and his crew as they tried to figure out Turaga Dume's true intentions. But when the Barraki very suddenly teleported into the underground of Ko-Metru to invade the city, Arkius had to leave the crew behind, travelling to Onu-Metru with Toa Nale and the Krahli designated "Kilo" to protect the matoran, or avenge them otherwise. In the end, the latter proved to be his true calling, where with Kilo he rained vengeance upon Mantax's men in the Archives, and battled the warlord before his eventual demise by the hands of his Krahli companion. After this, he emerged to a world tearing itself apart, and with his compatriots emerged on the so called Zakaz to build a new life after the Cataclysm. Only peace turned out to never have been an option. In this new land, aggressive and vile Skakdi revealed themselves to be the native flock, a people Arkius had never been comfortable with, but these Skakdi-Xa proved themselves worse still. Arkius resolved to protect the Matoran at any cost... even if it meant the eradication of these Skakdi-Xa down to the very last. Flaws: Arkius has entirely left the Toa Code behind, believing that if a threat presents itself to the Matoran, it should be dealt with swiftly and without hesitation. This may prove to put him at odds with those that still hold to the ideals of protecting the Matoran without resorting to killing, but Arkius has no more patience for such triviality. His mind has become unstable ever since he began to delve into his forgotten past, his personality shifting in small and barely perceptible ways. For one, his aggression and rage have been magnified, a lust for blood overtaking him which he justifies as a righteous fury and a longing for justice. This is a self deception above all else, one that may lead him down a road he can never turn back from. Arkius has lost his right eye, meaning without his earth sense he is without depth perception, as well as a reduced field of view to his right. Additionally, he possesses no ranged weaponry, relying on his trusty axe above all else mixed with his control of elemental earth, preferring to get in close and personal with those he seeks to fell, meaning that those able to stay at distance form him hold an advantage over him. Powers/Equipment: Arkius possesses the powers of a Toa of Earth, powers which he has trained with extensively. Additionally, he has a strong physique, and an immense well of stamina. He wears the Kanohi Calix, which allows him to perform at the absolute peak of his natural physical abilities (such as executing seemingly impossible leaps, dodges, flips, etc.) so that he moves and reacts better than almost any unenhanced member of his species. As far as his equipment goes, Arkius wields only his trusty axe, a weapon he has felled many a foe with, one which he wields with great pride... and deadly intent.
  15. So I decided to compile the various memes I made for the SKE discord chat into a single post for future reference and for anyone who happens not to be in the discord. Enjoy. Exhibit A: Raz on the Coliseum. Four variations, each depicting various developments surrounding Raz's stay on the Coliseum exterior. Exhibit B: You're not invited. Leonn and Takadox, what a couple. Exhibit C: Kalmah's fate. Didn't come to pass exactly as predicted but close enough. Exhibit D: Skyra need more dakka. Exhibit E: #SaveTheDate. The inevitable ceremony that will take us into SKE2. Exhibit F: Airspace violations. Vent, @Dane's character who will appear in SKE2, likes to go whoosh. Alright, that's it. See ya'll on the flip side.
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