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  1. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Doesn't change the fact that it has been..." IC: Hadraeka - Tesara "Hm." Hadraeka nodded and ducked out of the tent once again. IC: Oko - Soup Kitchen, New Atero "Actually I just pour the soup, but I'll relay your complements to the chef." Oko looked from Kodran to Rakin, then back to Kodran, then back to Rakin. "So er... either of you want a bowl?" IC: Drukann - Arena Dais Drukann sighed, and resolved to simply ignore the tempestuous little man to instead focus on investigating this place. Drukann stepped up onto the ovular dais, kneeling down near the center and looking at the place where previously he had seen the glowing symbols. "You know, we might have to wait for nightfall for this place to do anything. That's when the beacon comes out, for one." OOC: I too apologise for the wait, it's been a busy week.
  2. @TheLegoRoleplayer What are you trying to prove here, exactly?
  3. @TheLegoRoleplayer ... Whatever RPing environment you come from sounds competitive to a toxic degree. Regardless of what caused it, your attitude toward RPing doesn't seem compatible with ours in the slightest. None of us is here to take over the RP, or to kill everyone else, or to tell some story we personally want to regardless of the game. Quite the opposite in fact, we're here to work together toward a cooperatively written narrative, one built around the setting Nato has laid out for us. This isn't some competitive matching ground for us to measure our power against each other, it's to build a story we find to be compelling with the characters we've written, poured our souls into, and sent off on their adventure in the wasteland.
  4. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Oh... well, that's kind of the problem, isn't it?"
  5. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara Hadraeka gave Mirror a subtle eye gesture for him to continue the report. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "You... neek? What's a neek? How am I a neek?" Porangi tilted his head in confusion.
  6. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara "The vortixx known as Silvana has been sent away from the city." Hadraeka stated, having ducked through after Mirror into the tent. "As you ordered, Captain." IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Honestly... I always kinda just assumed I was defective." Porangi bowed his head a bit dejectedly.
  7. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara As the two of them arrived at the medical tent, Hadraeka gestured for Mirror to take the lead. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero Porangi tilted his head. "Really? I thought species shared a lot of traits. Like everyone always says Zyglak are horrible murderous monsters, and that they're all dangerous and untrustworthy, and 'get the karz away from me you lizard freak'... actually I don't know if that last one counts as a comment on my species specifically." IC: Oko - Soup Kitchen Oko looked at Kodran as if he had two heads. "Er... well... I mean... I guess?" "... Are you sure you want to skip your free bowl though?" IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann sighed, relieved the situation had been resolved without violence. He had been very close losing it earlier when Juno'd pulled out that gun. Too close for his own comfort. He decided to put all of that aside for now and started to make his way to the dais at the Arena's center.
  8. IC: Hadraeka - Tesara Marketplace Hadraeka stepped up next to Mirror, her teal eyes looking from up high upon Calidus and the orange matoran with their natural intensity. "Calidus Serpico, we are currently on our way to report to Captain Jira. We may better discuss this once that is done." The large guardwoman put a reassuring hand on Mirror's shoulder, then began walking back toward the medical tent. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero Porangi stroked his bladed chin, wincing as he superficially cut one of his fingers, before focusing back on the matter at hand. "I see... he's one of those rock dudes, isn't he? Are they usually like this?"
  9. IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann frowned and crossed his arms. "No, I don't think we will git." He then looked to the agori's two companions, then back to him, narrowing his eyes. "If this place's mysteries are going to be solved, we're going to be part of it. Whether you like it or not."
  10. IC: Drukann - Arena "We're here to figure out the Arena's mystery, one way or another... but..." Drukann sighed. He looked the three strangers over before closing his eyes and extinguishing his fist. "If we're here on the same business, then hostility isn't necessary. I'm hoping you can understand, but in the volatile climate of this wasteland, one becomes accustomed to having to show strength to survive. I am sincere when I say that I meant no threat. To any of you." Drukann's gaze had at this point softened as he looked at the strangers. "Perhaps we can start this over on a bit more amicable note. My name is Drukann."
  11. IC: Hadraeka - Tesara Marketplace Hadraeka silently walked alongside Mirror, her dark figure towering over most other people present. Her teal eyes scanned over the damaged marketplace, narrowing before looking straight forward again, at the tent she and her fellow guardsman were heading toward. IC: Oko - Soup Kitchen, New Atero Oko poured out a generous bowl of soup and handed it over to Alarei. "Here you go, one bowl of soup. If you want any more it'll be just two widgets for an extra bowl." IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Oh... why is that?" Porangi asked curiously.
  12. IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann knew better than to meet the gaze of a member of Juno's species, though he did give her a brief look over before moving his eyes back to her two compatriots. "I'd prefer to call it a warning. Whether anything will come of it is up to you. We can avoid unpleasantries. We could even work together here, it seems we have a similar goal. I have no quarrel with any of you." One of Drukann's brass knuckles ignited with flame that wreathed his fist. "And I would advise you do not change this." IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero Porangi blinked, his eyes watching the receding figure of Coyle for a moment before turning back to Doctor K, speaking in a hushed voice so that only he could hear. "Who's that guy?"
  13. IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann chuckled to himself. "I don't know if you noticed, but we arrived here first. I really don't see why you would get any greater claim on this mystery than us." Drukann sighed, his smile giving way to a more serious expression. "All of that aside though, I gotta say... despite your confrontational nature, I actually find this encounter of ours somewhat fortuitous. The way you three act will decide if I keep feeling that way."
  14. IC: Drukann - Arena "Maybe... but being that I asked first, perhaps you could do me the courtesy of answering first. Who are you people?"
  15. @Darth Jaller If you're ever feeling up to it, I think we would all be thrilled to have you on the discord server.
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