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  1. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "Zaliyah?" Looking over, the toa hordika could see the bronze clad and grey robed toa approach the wreckage she sat near, Iradra's gaze hidden behind the expressionless bronze facade clearly moving about the battered site before coming to rest on the mutated Ce-Toa. "Thought I might find you here." @Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro Toa Arkius had remained by Kanohi's side for a time as he spoke with the Vahki, eventually reaching the conclusion that these Vahki weren't trustworthy based on the simple fact that he knew of no Vahki in Metru-Koro, and its following admission of having no knowledge of the settlement. He was about to say something when he noticed vehicles approaching from the desert, coughing and nudging Kanohi to alert him. When finally he could see those who piloted the vehicles, he himself was among the village walls, unseen from so far away, but knowing that those who approached were trustworthy. A group of people he had worked with prior to the universe's fall, and one whom he had felled a warlord alongside. To his surprise, just thinking back on that time seemed to spark a mild migraine in him, and excusing him from the scene with the knowledge that Kanohi and the approaching allies could handle things in his absence, he retreated into the village, grasping his head. What he'd thought of as a mild migraine proved itself far more insidious, how ever, as it magnified in his skull, bringing him to gritting his teeth. "Toa Arkius?" He heard from next to him, the voice belonging to a matoran of earth as he realised upon turning around to face them, one he recalled having seen a couple days prior among the populace, though he'd never spoken with her directly before. "Yes?" He responded, eyeing her with his singular eye curiously, a small distraction from his mounting headache, though it did not stop him from bringing a hand to his head in response to the pain. The matoran looked concerned, looking the Toa over, who realised he was clearly broadcasting his pain with both his posture and expression. Though he attempted to rein it back, it turned out to be difficult when the pain was only worsening. "Are you alright? You look... ill." Arkius gave a small chuckle along with a cocky smile, followed by a groan and his expression twisting with pain. "Just a headache... I might need to sit down for a moment." The matoran nodded, gesturing to within a certain hut they'd both been standing near, and though he had a had time focusing through the splitting pain in his skull, Arkius made his way through the low doorway and took a seat, clutching his head with both hands. The matoran stood by, a worried expression on her features, as Arkius sunk his head down until his elbows were resting upon his knees and his face was turned down toward the floor, his expression a static one of great discomfort which he narrowly kept from twisting into one of great agony. A picture flashed through his mind. Nale, firing her gun at the warlord. He'd been disappointed at the time. He'd seen how she'd responded to his disappointment. He regretted that. But that moment shot past, and he was back to his headache. Another picture shot through his mind's eye, the great warlord Mantax being brought to his knees by the mechanical prototype enforcer he'd come to consider a brother in arms. He recalled feeling shame over not being the one to deliver the finishing blow, before that shame was supplanted by terror at the entire world starting to break apart. The picture passed. But it was followed hot on the heels by another image. An image of himself, pushing himself to his limits to save his two compatriots... no, pushing himself past his limits. He remembered holding up the entire ceiling of the archives while the world around them shook apart and they retreated to the city surface, where they watched the world itself spin out of control. He remembered how narrowly he'd managed to spare himself, Nale, Kilo, and a few Onu-Matoran stragglers from the fate the rest of the city suffered. He remembered how he'd fought the world itself falling apart and lived. He remembered Nale and him retreating from the ruins of the city as League Forces, better suited for surviving the apocalypse, surged with newfound vigor to take over the city. In spite of what he later found out was the destruction of three of its warlords and defection of one, the League had still conquered the city, having it been in ruins as it was. He... He heard the loud rain outside as he realized his migraine had finally passed over him, the white noise soothing to his recently addled mind. "T-Toa Arkius?!" He heard the panicked voice of the Onu-Matoran call out, and as he looked up, his ability to think had returned enough for him to recognise the strangeness of this sudden rain, the matoran standing in the doorway and looking out in worry. Arkius stood up, his brow furrowed, and he took several strides, bowing down under the doorway before looking about, his massive frame pelted by the water. It was only as he turned around that he actually saw the great figure clouded by the storm, passing far off in the distance by the village of Po-Koro. As he stood there in shock, he could suddenly feel the great surge of water reach the village, more so through the deep underground tunnels- The toa of earth's eyes suddenly widened with horrified realization. "Jovan!" @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@Toru Nui
  3. It is with deep regret I must inform you all that I am leaving the game. I will remain in contact with any and all players whose characters were in the midst of interaction with my own to try and work something out, but due to various factors, I have reached the conclusion that I cannot keep playing SKR. I apologise for anything and everything this will impact in the game. I've much enjoyed these last seven months with you guys, and were the situation any different, I'd much prefer to keep going, but I'm afraid that's not currently on the table. Thank you all for everything.
  4. IC: Okuo -Ko-Metru Underground- After extracting the crystal from the machine and putting it into his rucksack, Okuo gave a final once-over of the place. Swiping his hand in a certain way, he brought up in his HUD a 3d map he had of Metru-Nui, data he’d repurposed and modified for the current circumstances to provide himself some point of reference during his salvage expeditions in the ruined underground of his home city. Fortunately enough, a handful of the network nodes he’d hidden away throughout the city had survived its cataclysmic destruction, and still provided him with a yet encrypted signal, allowing him to triangulate his position relative to the city and cross-reference it with the map. Unfortunately, most of the time this was of little help, since no signal could reach that deep into the Archive depths. Only on occasion could he make his way back up to the surface to reconnect with his network and find out where exactly he was located, with a handful of markers now on his map for where he’d popped up briefly before. This place, this structure, couldn’t be allowed to get lost again. Tapping into his network receiver, he was pleasantly surprised to see one signal reached him, but grimaced as he realised that one signal wasn’t enough to triangulate his position. Promptly, he got back on his board, went invisible, and began levitating up to the ceiling of the massive chamber, repeatedly checking to see if he still had signal. Finally, touching base with (though not actually touching it, no need to risk testing the structural integrity of) the ceiling, Okuo smiled, seeing another signal appear on his list. Two signals. Not enough for perfect triangulation, but it was still something. After a short bit of processing, a small ring of possible locations came up for him on the map. For the most part, the ring clipped outside the map, but two sections of it became apparent. One went down through the Po/Ga-Metru border to the north. Clearly not where he was right now, he recalled the crystalline structure pierced into the underground he’d encountered earlier, and indeed the other one went down through Ko-Metru. Fortunately for Okuo, he knew about at what height he had to be underground to be receiving these signals. With all of that data combined, he managed to narrow his current possible location down to a small band from the surface of the Metru down to the depth at which he invariably lost all signal, more than enough to find this place again. Thus, having marked down the location of a broken down transmat device, Okuo made his way out of the chamber, intent on returning here when he had sufficient tools to study it, break it apart, or even repair it. His thoughts lingered on the possibilities of the portal for a short while, until finally his focus returned to navigating his way out of Metru-Nui’s underground. Corridor after corridor, some in worse shape than others to the point of being more cave tunnel than matoran-made structure, the Toa of Fire headed in a direction he knew would lead him to Le-Metru’s underground, and his exit out of the occupied city of Metru-Nui -Ko- to Le-Metru Underground Border- Nearing the border between Ko-Metru and Le-Metru, Okuo began to grow hopeful. The pristine architecture, albeit marred by the apocalypse, of the Ko-Metru underground was slowly but surely replaced by the more staight-forward construction of the Le-Metru underground. These tunnels, in part built to accommodate the ever expanding Onu-Metruan Archives, had been constructed in part with materials from the Metru above, lending them a distinct flavor from the particular districts they snaked under at any given time, while still distinctly Onu-Metruan in essence. Okuo was close now, he could almost taste the air from outside. That air of hope was abruptly cut off as he collided into a large Muaka turning the corner. Despite him being invisible, the Muaka was now well aware of something being there with it, and with only moments to spare, Okuo took his board and turned it into shield mode, seconds before the Muaka’s head shot forth into him. The sheer force of the impact sent Okuo flying into a wall, a pained wheeze escaping his lips before he quickly had to bring his shield up again, another strike from the Muaka smacking him against the wall behind him, denting it and bruising him. His shield protected him from the brunt of the impact, to be sure, but a few powerful strikes more from the Muaka pushed past even this, and his body ached all over from the beating. A pained yelp came out as he felt a sharp mangled piece of the wall plating stick into his lower back, and with another strike from the beast, that piece was driven deep in. All the air in his lungs emptied out in a breathless pained gasp in response to being stabbed. In a panic, Okuo raised his hand, letting forth a quick burst of azure flames, the Muaka growling and backing off in response. He’d only bought himself a few moments with that. He’d just been stabbed by wall debris, and a Muaka was still trying to maul him to death. The stress of the situation clouding his mind, Okuo couldn’t think too clearly, but one idea came to him despite this. Quickly, before the Muaka could attack again, he let forth another torrent of fire, and with some mental effort he could barely afford, he shaped the flames into a half-circle reaching from floor to ceiling, expanding out a little to drive back the Muaka, cutting it off from himself. The wall of blue flames cast a cold glow on everything in the tunnel, turning the greenish metal of the tunnel teal for a moment. With great effort, Okuo kept the wall up as he tried to pull himself off the wall. Even with all the care he gave to not mess himself up even more, the extraction was still painful, and he could feel the warm strands of liquid flowing down his lower back and leg as the shard exited the wound. Still keeping up the flaming barrier with one hand, the snarling Muaka on the other side, Okuo dissipated the end of his wall blocking the other end of the tunnel, and began to retreat. He couldn’t afford anything more than keeping the wall up for a few more seconds, so he had to be quick. Shifting his shield back into hoverboard mode, he threw it in front of him and jumped on… Only to fall over awkwardly as the board clanged uselessly to the floor instead of hovering. With that, his concentration broke completely, and the wall of fire died off. Okuo only had a few seconds to realise what had happened before the Muaka came charging at him, seconds he barely managed to use to bring up his board to block the brunt of the impact, though he was still sent skidding down the corridor. He gasped with pain, picking up his board and shifting it into launcher mode as he sat up. If he couldn’t run, then he had to fight. The Muaka was charging him again. Okuo’s eyes moved up, glaring at the rahi, his launcher moving with them. The Muaka growled, closing the distance. Okuo aimed, a skill he’d long practised. The Muaka shot forth its jaws. Okuo pulled the trigger. A moment later, the Muaka was fast retreating, the taste of a fiery projectile straight into the mouth not having agreed with it in the slightest. Okuo groaned, putting down the launcher and taking out his rucksack, ruffling through them to pull out a roll of bandages which he began to unroll. He stood up, and reached his other hand behind him, wincing at the still bleeding on his back. Taking the unfurled bandages, he quickly began wrapping himself up, putting pressure on the wound to keep more blood from flowing out of him, tightening the whole thing up with a grunt before tying it up. He’d have to have a medic check that out as soon as he was back home… Back home? With dread, Okuo looked down at his launcher. A moment ago, it hadn’t done its job. Grabbing it, he shifted it into hoverboard mode, and as he suspected, he could see some fractures. Trying it out, his fear was confirmed. The board couldn’t hover any more. His main mode of transportation, the way he’d made his way around for the longest time, was now busted. How was he going to get home? Right now, there was an entire lake of toxic protodermis between him and home. With a sigh, Okuo steeled himself, putting his rucksack back, and placing his board in shield mode onto his back. Going invisible once more, he then began making his way, on foot, in the direction he’d been going before.
  5. IC: Druu and Amarth - Escaping The Wombat Clutching his side with a grimace as he stood up, Druu looked with bewilderment as the giant Poroka tore out of the ship, leaving a gaping hole that was torn open even further by some unseen influence. With a but a glance and a nod exchanged between Amarth and himself, the two of them made their way to the opening, and as they pulled on their levichutes, they quickly found themselves left behind in the air by the plummeting ship, hanging in the air for a while longer under the influence of their chutes. Long enough that they could witness what had become of Poroka in the deep lake, a strange and twisted creature of wings and tendrils that soon disappeared into the distance. "I suggest we don't go into that water." Druu dryly remarked, fully aware of how obvious that suggestion would be to his companion. @BULiK@Toru Nui@Sparticus147 IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro Iradra had nodded in response to Zaliyah, before noticing her attention getting drawn to a group of people, some of whom she recognised from the Taku earlier. Making her way over, she failed to notice Taja and Whisper arrive and leave in short order, her attention drawn to someone she'd made a promise to. "Kat, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I won't be able to finish your weighed clothes at the moment. The cloth we got is in the New Archives, so you might be able to find someone else to manufacture a suit out of it." She sighed, looking over to the head looming over the landscape, darkened and eerie under the night sky. "I'm not sure when I'm coming back." The Toa of Light elected to omit the if from her sentence, but her tone conveyed that part anyway. @The UltimoScorp@Nato the Traveler@Tarn@Smudge8@Onaku@Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA
  6. IC: Okuo - Ko-Metru Underground Coming upon the scene, Okuo was immediately intrigued. His thoughts drifted back to what he recalled of the day the world ended, the day he became a Toa, the day the League invaded the city. Their invasion had started in the heart of Ko-Metru and spread from there to the other districts. If his intuition was correct, such a feat had to have been accomplished with some kind of translocation device. Could this strange device be it? Okuo couldn't be certain, but he figured it was worth checking out. First, how ever, his attention was drawn to the dead Turaga, a Turaga of plasma half buried under rubble, clutching even in death a strange stone in one hand, with a noble Hau sitting on his face. Looking at it, it seemed to him that the Turaga had been killed by the debris crushing his chest. A horrible way to die, Okuo imagined. Sighing, Okuo removed the mask from the Turaga's face, figuring it would be better served for a new purpose elsewhere than gathering dust and snow down here. Upon giving the corpse a closer look, how ever, his eyes caught sight of a small dagger, lying just beneath the rubble at the Turaga's side. Reaching in, Okuo grimaced as his arm scraped on the jagged rubble, before finally getting a hold of the dagger and extracting it from underneath. Looking it over, he recognised it as a Metru-Nui design, a Kanoka blade of some sort. He would inspect it closer later, for now he placed it in his rucksack along with the mask and moved on to the triangular frame and the terminals next to it. Approaching the glitched yet still active terminal, Okuo crouched down, taking a look at the crystal still powering it, wracking his brain on where if anywhere he'd seen something like it before, and if he could recall what properties it had. @Unreliable Narrator IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat With Dar Poroka growing several sizes, Druu was flung off his leg and to the ground next to Amarth as the Vortixx tried to take down the Vahki blocking his powers. Druu groaned, getting up to his feet, before narrowing and subsequently widening his eyes at the now notably larger titan breaching through the top hull. "That can't be good..." "HOW DARE YOU?! RETURN TO NORMAL SIZE SO I CAN FIGHT YOU PROPERLY!" Druu peered his eyes, trying to look past the giant Poroka who surely was taking up most of the hallway. "Might want to get your priorities in order there, bub! I doubt ship is going to stay together for much longer!" Meanwhile, Amarth could do little other than curse internally at the absurdity of the situation. @Eyru@Toru Nui@Sparticus147 IC: Arkius - Po-Koro "Halt! Who goes there?!" Arkius boomed as he strode outside the village walls to meet the Vahki transport approaching the village, warily eyeing the vehicle as it drew closer. @Toru Nui IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "I will accompany you. Do you have any means of returning to the city?" @Nato the Traveler
  7. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "Sheathe your swords, brother. Enough blood has been spilt." Iradra walked up, regarding the toa hordika with a hidden expression. "Toa Zaliyah?" @Nato the Traveler@Smudge8
  8. IC: Ardoku Helkyrie's words stayed with me. Even as I tried to sleep, I found myself unable to move past them, or Lionnel's reaction to them. My ghost was behind me? What did that mean? I recalled vague notions connected to the word, and Helkyrie's words before that. The dead. A ghost is the dead? But how could I have a ghost? I didn't feel dead. I sighed, turning on my sleeping surface, trying to recall the events of the night. “I can see your ghost behind you.” After looking at Helkyrie incredulously for a considerable interval of time, I'd finally deigned to look over my shoulder, but seeing nothing, I turned back to her, only to realise she was gone. I decided to brush it off, finishing my soup and watching the strange movements of some of the villagers around the fire, noticing that they seemed to correspond to the noise some of the other villagers produced with various strange objects. I was later told these movements were called dancing, the noise called music, and the objects were called musical instruments. The night went on, and eventually Helkyrie's words had faded from my mind as the festivities came to a close. Meeting with Lionnel again, I told him of my strange conversation with Helkyrie, all lf which he seemed very used to… well, all but the last thing she said. “She said... she saw your ghost behind you?" “Yeah. Is that unusual for her?" Lionnel was silent for a moment, looking quite thoughtful, before he finally replied. “Yes… yes I think it is. I don't think I've ever heard her say that." “But what does it even mean? My ghost behind me?" “I… don't know." “So it's nonsense?" Lionnel furiously shook his head in response. “In all the time I've known her, she's never been anything other than utterly truthful and perfectly candid in all matters. Even to her own detriment a lot of the time." “So… is she seeing things?" Lionnel's face twisted into something I could tell wasn't very good. “She does see things, yes. Real things. Hidden things. Things beyond our ability to see or, at times, even comprehend. And everything she says has had a truth to it revealed later on, though most in the village would like to think otherwise." I couldn't think of anything to say to that, and our conversation ended there. Afterwards, Lionnel showed me the way back to what I'd learned was his own house in the village. I also soon realised that there was only one bed in the house, and that Lionnel intended to sleep on a soft but smaller surface he told me was called a couch, but I declined taking his bed from him, and after a bit of back and forth he relented the couch to me instead. And so I found myself lying on Lionnel's couch, unable to sleep, my mind occupied by what Helkyrie had said. The noise from outside soon died out as everyone else apparently went to sleep, and I was left with the faint sound of the wind, my eyes in near complete darkness. Soon even the wind outside seemed to die down, and I was left only with the sound of my own breathing, and the beat of my heartlight. The rhythms of both soon lulled my eyes closed, and total blackness took over my vision. I then realised I couldn't hear my breathing or my heartlight. The very next thing I realised was that even with my eyes wide open, I couldn't see a thing. That was when I felt hands grabbing me. I yelled, but no sound came out. I tried to struggle, but I couldn't overcome the ones holding me. I felt myself being carried off the couch, and I realised I was being taken out of the house. Trying to maintain a sense of direction turned out to be futile, and I soon found myself disoriented, before I was finally thrown to the ground, slamming painfully against a rocky wall, groaning inaudibly before every noise slammed back into my senses at once, and I could suddenly see where I was, as well as the ones who'd brought me here. Two skakdi, one leaner with mostly grey armour but some green markings, and one bigger and beefier, with red and black armour and a lot more spines than other Skakdi I'd seen. I cautiously got back on my feet, their eyes not once leaving me. "You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here, Toa. Did you really think you could just waltz into our neighbourhood without repercussions?" The bigger Skakdi spoke in a gruff voice, her dark eyes looking at me with something I finally recalled to be named disgust. I was confused, but my mind briefly wandered back to the gathering, and the way some present there had looked at me, realising I remembered the yellow eyes of the grey clad Skakdi looking at me with scorn. “I don't want any trouble. I was brought in without my knowledge or consent, and if you want me to leave then I-" "You're not going anywhere, punk. We're not gonna let you tell your masters where we are so you can root us out again." I was utterly confounded by that statement. Did toa usually have masters? Did I have a master I'd forgotten? I couldn't really be sure, but something about that concept felt off to me. “I don't know any masters. I don't know anyone. The people of this village are the first I can remember ever mee-" "Cut the scrap! You may have fooled that trusting idiot Lionnel but we see through you!" I wasn't even given a chance to respond this time as the bigger one punched me right in the gut. The air emptied from my lungs in a pained wheeze, and I quickly found myself on the ground again, where the Skakdi continued her assault, kicking me lying down. For a second I thought I recalled that being a saying, before the assault distracted me with more pain. “Stop! What are you doing?!" The familiar voice of Lionnel suddenly cut through the air, and the kicking promptly stopped, giving me a momentary reprieve to look over where his voice had come from. Indeed, a familiar green visage appeared at the end of the canyon alley, but additionally I noticed Helkyrie lurking behind him. Lionnel's red eyes had come to a firm rest on my assailant, while Helkyrie's eerie white eyes met with mine, an inscrutable expression on her features contrasting Lionnel's visible outrage. "We're taking care of your mess, runt, be thankful we decided to-" “Shut up! I'm sick of being second guessed for everything I do! Let him go, Omi! Now!" Promptly, Lionnel drew a sword from his side, a sword I recognised as my own, its white blade gleaming in the starlight from up above. My two assailants laughed in response. "Go home before you hurt yourself, whelp." From her back, Omi retrieved a bigger sword, one which she levelled at the smaller Lionnel, taking on a solid stance… or, well, I at least suspected it to be, though I couldn't remember why. Regardless of this, I wasn't thrilled to see Lionnel put himself in danger for me. For a few tense moments, everyone in that alley stood still. Then the alleyway exploded into motion. Lionnel and Omi charged each other, and meanwhile, the grey and green Skakdi retrieved two axes, turning to me with a scowl before she charged me, while I hadn't even gotten on my feet again. Looking at her, though, I saw clear as day that her form was unrefined, all over the place, with an obvious opening in the middle. On instinct, I threw an upward kick into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her and sending her falling on her behind, giving me time to get my feet under me. Lionnel and Omi clashed, and in a single manoeuvre, the larger Skakdi had easily disarmed Lionnel of his weapon, the white blade flying out of his grasp and crashing to the ground behind his opponent. Just within reach for me. I jumped for it, but by then Omi's accomplice had gotten back up; I had barely gotten my hand on the sword before she crashed into me, wildly swinging her axes without technique. Amateur. But then what was I? More adept than her, it appeared. With little effort, I'd rolled away from her impact before coming up for a stance that felt right for the occasion, raising the sword at the yet charging assailant before easily disarming her of both her axes, finishing with the sword raised up and pointed to her throat. This certainly got her attention, and she immediately stopped in her tracks. Behind her, however, I noticed to my dismay Lionnel getting a heavy left hook to the face and falling limp to the ground before the formidable Omi turned around, with me realising only at that moment her eyes were pitch black. Noticing I was distracted, her accomplice batted aside the sword and tried to charge me, but with instinctual ease, I brought the pommel of the sword down on her head, knocking her to the ground. It was just me and Omi now… Wait, where was Helkyrie? A loud thud to Omi's head answered my question. As the greater adversary fell to the ground, I saw Helkyrie standing there with an implement of some kind, though I couldn't seem to remembe- “A shovel." “I'm sorry?" “This is a shovel." She said, indicating the object she was holding. “Okay, but how did y-" “We need to get out of here. Help me with Lionnel, quickly now." Helkyrie knelt by Lionnel, shaking him a bit to no effect before gesturing me over. Making my way to them, I instinctually went to sheathe my sword, only to realise and then remember the scabbard was not on my waist, but Lionnel's. I knelt down while looking him over, quickly noticing the scabbard hastily fastened to his waist which I reached over to untie. “This isn't the time for that." Helkyrie chided, looking at me with her cold white eyes. “It'll only take a second." Indeed, the scabbard was barely fastened to Lionnel's waist. I knew it would only take a couple swift movements to get it off him, and it was but a moment later I was proven right as the whole thing slid off Lionnel. Quickly sheathing my sword into the scabbard, I was about to fasten it around my own waist when suddenly I heard something from behind me. “ARDOKU, LOOK OUT!" Helkyrie shouted, just as I whirled around to see Omi's accomplice running at me with her axe, raising it above her head to attack me. I instinctually reached for my sword, but realised I was too late; she would get me, lackluster technique or not, before I'd gotten my sword. I was going to die. But then she stopped, and I retrieved my sword before bringing it up defensively. A pained yelp escaped the assailant's lips, preceding a dying gasp as the reason why she stopped revealed itself; a blade pierced out through her heartlight. Her eyes dimmed, and after the blade retracted back through the broken heartlight, she fell to the ground, dead. There, over her body, stood a being that very much didn't look like a skakdi at all. "Toa Ardoku." She spoke, a strange reverberation to the stranger's deep voice. “Y-yes?" I croaked, unsure how to really process all of this. "Come with me. We have much to discuss." I furrowed my brow. “I… I can't. I need to help-" “Go." Helkyrie said, interrupting me. “There are no more paths for you to walk here. Go with her. I'll take care of Lionnel." I paused for a moment, not entirely sure how to process this. Lionnel put stock in what Helkyrie said, and I was inclined to trust him. But I didn't want to just abandon the two of them. “Ardoku." Helkyrie said, grabbing my face in both her hands and turning me to face her. “We'll be fine. Go!" I sighed, quickly sheathing and fastening my sword at my waist before making my way over to the mysterious stranger. "Come. I know a shortcut." She stated, before turning around and walking deeper into the shadow of the narrowing canyon alley. Steeling myself, I looked back one last time, my eyes meeting with Helkyrie's as she cradled the unconscious Lionnel in her arms. Then I was off, into the dark after a total stranger. “I don't know your name." I finally said as I became immersed in total darkness. "I'm Atka."
  9. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "I can assure you of my own non-violent intentions." Iradra responded matter-of-factly. "But I hold no command here. I can only try to persuade others to respect this ceasefire, and there's no guarantee they'll listen. Keep your guard up." @Nato the Traveler
  10. IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat Amarth followed the Vahki with her firearm, taking several more shots aimed at the unit's head, be it to take out its processor, optical receptors, or disk launcher. Druu roared, throwing himself to the side and grabbing for Poroka's outstretched leg, where should he manage to grab it, a furious punch would immedately follow, a fist holding a red hot brass knuckle aimed for the titan's knee. @Eyru@Toru Nui@Sparticus147
  11. IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat Amarth hadn't gotten this far by being careless. Keeping her senses about her, the vortixx had avoided placing herself in the way of the Vahki's staff, and as the machine moved its weapon to place her in its line of fire, Amarth narrowly avoided its shot, the very next moment having placed her gun at point blank range, the barrel aiming for the processor as she pulled the trigger. Druu, meanwhile, avoided yet another strike from the imposing Poroka, on account of weapon twisting up on itself and attacking its wielder's hand instead. Despite the two being at deadly odds, Druu couldn't help but wince at the sight of the mangling weapon twisting around Poroka's hand. He then winced at the pain shooting through him from his now myriad wounds. @Eyru@Toru Nui@Sparticus147
  12. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro "Yes, I got that same impression about the skaks as well. Now, I am aware that ground defenses will do little against an aerial assault, but in that case the plan will be to retreat underground momentarily until the danger has been dealt with. What I am proposing is meant to combat the ground bent vehicles the local skaks employed in their previous attack." Still hunched under the low roof, Arkius moved to exit the building, pausing in the doorway. "In any case, it's vital we get to work. I'll set up the defenses and work on matoran-sized passageways underground. Good luck, Kanohi." @Harvali
  13. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro For a moment, Iradra remained silent, ruminating. Finally, a tired sigh escaped her lips. "I'll go. I will try to speak for this village and pursue peace in Pridak's court." Iradra sounded resigned, there was little hope in her words as she spoke them.
  14. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "... How likely is peace to be agreed to without a bargaining chip?"
  15. IC: Okuo - Archive Depths Meltwater droplets splashed against fractured concrete and stone, the remains of the once pristine floor of a large hallway juncture deep underneath the once proud and serene district of Ko-Metru. Meltwater droplets, dripping down from an immense gash in the ceiling that was imperfectly filled by the colossal shard of a crystal tower, allowing the meagre light of the shadowed city ruins above to refract down and cast the chamber in a very slight glow. Small crustacean rahi gathered around the puddles of meltwater, lapping it up for hydration and basking in the meagre radiance afforded by the massive crystal from above. Coming upon the scene, Okuo couldn't help but wonder how the diverse wildlife that had survived the crash would acclimate down in the ruins of the archives. Invisible and silent on his board, the toa of fire made his way through, avoiding disturbing the crabs in their moment of nourishment and continuing on down an adjacent corridor, unaware of the tiny crab that had unwittingly hitched a ride and sat now confused on the invisible back of his board.
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