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  1. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter Okuo nodded to Tuyet and Exuze, giving a wary glance with a hint of appreciation to Xaril, before turning back to Tuyet. "Just... don't go getting yourself killed either, alright?" With that, he disembarked from the airship, turning around to watch it off before he'd return to the investigative task at hand. @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler@BULiK@Tarn
  2. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro "Wh- I... I can't go to Metru-Nui! I have... dinner to cook!" He said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly while frowning. "Listen, it's been... interesting to catch up again, really, but I have other responsibilities now, and I can't just shirk those to go gallivanting off to a sinking city on the off chance that the double-triple traitor running things there might lend some vahki to a cause even I barely know what is any more. This has already been enough of a distraction, and I need to get back to investigating this ghost town before I end up having to go back empty handed." @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  3. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro "I can get back to Ko-Pou almost instantly, get another bike from there and come back here." He said, pulling the teleporting dagger out though holding it in a non-threatening manner, inspecting it. "Each of those can carry two people, so it should be enough, and we can get out of handprint's hair." @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  4. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro Okuo sighed and nodded, looking down. "Sorry, just... trying to figure out where to go from here." He rubbed the back of his neck, a ponderous look on his features as he seemed to look through the floor in front of him @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  5. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro Okuo leaned back against the bulkhead behind him, sighing and closing his eyes. All that strife, repairing the machine, putting the disks together, sending Tuyet on her way, none of it had helped. The timeline, a paradox, was still collapsing. Timelines... He was reminded of what he'd heard of that Nuju guy in Kini-Nui, with his portal and talk of universes and makoki stones or whatever they were called. A distant beach or something... no, wasn't it... the Far coast? Bay? Shore? The Far Shore. Yes, that sounded right. Perhaps that was connected. Perhaps there was still something that could be done. "Tuyet... you know anything about Nuju and the Far Shore?" @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  6. IC: Okuo - Ko-Pou Shelter "What happened to you? Or the plan to repair the collapsing paradox or whatever it was you were going to do?" Okuo had an expression that was a mixture of disbelief and bittersweet elation as he looked the wayward toa over. "World didn't stop falling apart after you disappeared, so..." @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@Nato the Traveler@BULiK
  7. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro Okuo could hardly believe his eyes and ears as he recognised the toa before him. A toa he had last seen over a month ago, moments after he'd been turned into one himself, a toa he'd helped with fixing a machine before seeing her vanish. Just moments before the world came to a harrowing end. "... Tuyet?" @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  8. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins Okuo nodded to Xaril appreciatively, wordlessly following Triage onboard, looking with curiosity into the ship to see who the patient could be. @Unreliable Narrator@Tarn@BULiK@Nato the Traveler
  9. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins Okuo nodded determinedly before looking in the direction of the approaching airship, his hand slipping back to his side. "Couldn't have gotten through this last month without your help." @Tarn
  10. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins Okuo placed a hand on Triage's shoulder. "Hey, you've got me there with you in that case, alright? I'm not letting no Leaguers kidnap you, and that's a promise." @Tarn
  11. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins Okuo turned to Triage with wide eyes before worriedly knitting his brows. "They have injured onboard? And they specifically called for you from Ko -Pou... But how did they know to do that?" @Tarn
  12. IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth With his triumphant mood sullied by Kilo's interruption, Arkius did little other than grunt in acknowledgement before making his way, he assumed, deeper into the temple.
  13. IC: Okuo - Metru-Koro ruins "Yeah... Vhisola's hut. As good a place as any I suppose. Would be nice to give it a lookover with fresh eyes." Okuo clicked a button on the side of his mask, the HUD springing to life before his eyes, and with a few swipes and gestures, his software began recording and analysing what he saw while the two of them made their way to the abandoned hut of the former blogger. @Vezok's Friend@Tarn IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth Following Kat and Jutori's descent through the hole, a small platform of earth formed in the middle, filling almost completely into the hole except for a slight gap all the way around. Arkius stepped on, and subsequently the platform lowered down into the mirrored room, before floating over to the door carrying Arkius on top of it, the Earthen Toa standing proud with his arms folded in front of him and a cocky smirk on his mask's hau-like features. @Eyru@Tarn@pokemonlover360@The UltimoScorp
  14. IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth Arkius smirked, stepping back toward the wall. "Have a go at it then." @Eyru@The UltimoScorp@pokemonlover360@Tarn
  15. IC: Arkius - Ruins of Earth Arkius grinned wide ripping his weapon out of the floor. "It's not a mirror! The floor is transparent!" @Eyru@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@pokemonlover360
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