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  1. IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat Hearing the Vahki’s warning, Druu and Amarth both braced themselves for any abrupt change in the ship. As the ship started to spin, the two of them began running with its spin to remain upright, Druu firing an impact vision blast at the Vahki's head while Amarth took out her protosteel throwing knives and tossed two of them, aiming for Poroka’s throat.
  2. IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat As the two ex-League enforcers carefully approached the bridge, Druu's expression took on a grimace as the imposing form of Dar Poroka emerged from the doorway, along with one of his assigned Vahki. Druu's grimace twisted into a grin, and he promptly stopped, still a considerable gap between him and the large four armed brute. "Dar Poroka Toden Kakoda Gan. I am pleased to see you are unharmed." @Eyru
  3. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro Iradra sighed. In one quick motion, she swept the rhombohedron out of existence, its faint and barely visible glow dimming into nothing upon her palm. Her entire being seemed to darken as she stood up straight from leaning on the cavern wall, where from she then began making her way out of the smaller tunnel. "I'm gonna go somewhere my presence will be helpful rather than disruptive. Stay safe." @Nato the Traveler@Eyru@Vezok's Friend IC: Okuo - Archive Depths Okuo's breath was heavy. For a moment he just stood still, retaining his huddled pose from a moment ago when he'd evacuated the contents of his stomach onto the tunnel floor. He didn't want to turn around, he though it likely he'd throw up again if he looked at the... He felt sick just thinking about it. Finally, he did manage to turn around, doing his utmost to NOT look at the gory mess left behind by Hiripaki's lasers. "Alright... I guess you can... handle yourself just fine... I'll... see you around... gotta go now..." For not even a moment did Okuo dare actually look Hiripaki's way. After a moment of hesitation, he quickly shifted his shield back to hoverboard mode and took a running start on it before disappearing into the dark twisting corridors of the deep Archives. @EmperorWhenua
  4. IC: Druu and Amarth - The Wombat Under the cover of Amarth's silence, Druu and her had carefully loosened a panel from the airship's roof, leaving it attached but easily removable in a pinch. Said pinch soon presented itself as a bright lance of light carved across the sky, far too close to the Wombat for comfort, before making hard impact with the Razorfish below. It appeared they now had company. Emboldened by this, Druu quickly tore off the roof plate, the removal of it though silenced would no doubt get noticed by way of the sudden roar of air out of the higher pressure interior to the lower pressure high-altitude exterior. Druu and Amarth quickly swung their way inside through the newly made opening, Druu passing the protosteel blade to Amarth before the two promptly got ready to fight their way onto the bridge. @Eyru IC: Rangi - Ruins of Fire "That's just, like, your opinion, m'am." Rangi said, addressing the vahki. "Besides, no one's hypnotised me, least of all this guy." The Zyglak continued, pointing a thumb at the blue clad ex-warlord. A moment later he turned to Takadox with an inquisitive expression. "... Right?" @Toru Nui@Vezok's Friend
  5. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro Just at that moment, as Kanohi spoke finished talking, there was a knock on the door frame. Looking over, they could see Arkius crouching to look through the door that was just a bit too small for him to walk through normally. "Perhaps I could be of some assistance?" @Harvali
  6. IC: Iradra - New Archives "Then I'll be certain not to use them anywhere there aren't already lightstone fixtures while down here." Iradra pointed the thumb of her free hand behind her at the lightstone hanging to the left of her. "Or do you want those to be removed as well?"
  7. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro, New Archives Iradra turned her head to face the eldritch being, her confounded expression hidden behind her bronze facade. "What are you talking about? The beam was barely any brighter than the lightstone fixtures around here, and this..." Iradra turned to look at the faintly glowing shape floating just above her hand. "Is barely enough to even light up my hand. Are you really that sensitive to light?" @Nato the Traveler IC: Rangi - Ruins of Fire Rangi looked from the blue warlord to the strange bug faced automatons that had just entered the room, his expression conveying clear confusion about their words and presence. He then looked back to the warlord, then again to the automatons, then once more to the warlord, and so on back and forth until suddenly his face took on the unmistakable look of realisation. "Ohhhhh, those guys are the Vokey, aren't they?" @Vezok's Friend@Toru Nui
  8. IC: Druu - Battle in the Skies The climb sideways to the lower levels of The Inferno was an arduous task, but one which Druu and Amarth completed swiftly. Coming up on the harpooner’s seat, Druu grimaced upon seeing the pulse cannon wrecked, though he didn’t pause to think about its loss. As the two tethered ships climbed higher and higher into the now darkened sky, Druu and Amarth climbed out onto the mangled protrusion of metal that used to be the harpoon and gun, now serving only as a ruined frame around the powerful cable connecting The Inferno and The Wombat. As Druu and Amarth equipped their rebreathers, Amarth passed one of her blades to Druu. Looking out the harpooner’s hatch, the two could see The Wombat trying its hardest to keep up with The Inferno as the latter soared ever upward. Druu turned to Amarth and nodded, before promptly leaping out of the ship, skydiving unseen through the darkness of the night, with Amarth following shortly behind. Staying close to the tether between the two ships, Druu and Amarth quickly made use of their levichutes, turning their likely to be lethal free fall into little more than a rough landing on top of The Wombat, each running their respective protosteel blade into a crevice in the ship’s hull to find purchase, their arrival silenced by way of Amarth’s mask power. The two of them now clung to the top of the ship, small specks hidden under the cover of darkness. Druu grimaced, clutching his side with his free hand, and as he looked down he saw a sizable chunk of shrapnel lodged in him, thin strands of blood trickling out of the wound. He resolved to address it later, figuring that trying to perform surgery while hanging on to an airship this high up in the sky was certainly a suicidal endeavour. OOC: Druu will remain out of the way until the Taku has a chance to join the party. IC: Rangi - Ruins of Fire Rangi cocked his head, looking at the blue warlord with a curious expression. "Who's Pridak?" @Vezok's Friend
  9. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro, New Archives Iradra looked around at the population of Metru-Koro hiding within the caves they had come to call the New Archives. A quiet discordant chorus of hushed whispers dominated the soundscape of the space, with Iradra sighing and stretching after putting down her share of heavy boxes and scrolls for the resident astrologer. After that she leaned against the wall of the cave, resting for a moment, little else to do now than wait. Her eyes eventually drifted to the edge of the cavern space, and the open air beyond the confines of the earth. Iradra’s thoughts slowly drifted away from where she currently rested against the cavern wall, back into the past and her memories as she reviewed what she’d experienced today. She’d been training under Kohara, attempting to learn how to bend the light around herself to render herself invisible, only to encounter some difficulty with it. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but the concept of fluidly reshaping the light’s path on the fly seemed to be beyond her ability to fully grasp. For so long she’d lived as a Ko-Matoran. The rigidity of ice had been what she’d become familiar with, grown accustomed to. Even after her village had fallen apart from the disease ravaging its inhabitants, leaving her wandering the world alone as a disfigured outcast, Iradra had held onto those ideas, the rigidity of ice itself conceptually frozen into her very core. Perhaps it was no wonder why she couldn’t figure out a method of fluidly manipulating light. Hers was a mindset of rigid manipulation, of solidity, of stillness… And perhaps that was something to explore, then. Iradra mused on the prospect of light being manipulated into a solid form rather than bent into a fluid path, raising her hand up in front of herself and gradually calling on her element into the palm of her hand. At first, it was naught but the standard radiance she had become accustomed to, a small and faint beam shining up into the ceiling of the cave. Slowly, she began focusing on it, attempting as before to manipulate the light itself. The faint spot of light on the cavern ceiling began to fade away, and gradually the light seemed to take on a flicker just above the palm of her hand, a bright spot just above her palm in the otherwise dimming radiance she emanated. Stillness. Rigidity. Order. Iradra was surprised, as before she’d even realised it she’d completely cut off the beam and now instead held hovering glowing construct in the palm of her hand, a faint white glow emanating from its well defined edges and surfaces. It was a white rhombohedral, spectral in appearance, its faint glow lighting up her hand but little more. @Eyru@Vezok's Friend@Nato the Traveler
  10. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro (Morpheus) Arkius hadn’t meant to fall asleep. It turns out, how ever, that when you’ve been going for several days on end without sleep, sleep tends to sneak up on you when you least expect it. So it was that Toa Arkius, now the sole appointed guardian of Po-Koro, drifted out of consciousness. What felt like a brief moment passed before Arkius jolted back awake, looking about in panic before calming down and sighing. The air was strangely still in the house as Arkius looked around its shattered interior. Standing up, he took a step outside, looking up at the midnight sky with its alien stars and constellations. He sighed again, this time with a heavy hint of melancholy, his eyes drifting down from the sky to the village he’d been charged to protect. Walking forward, he surveyed the damage the village had sustained, and the repairs the dutiful inhabitants had already performed on their homes and village walls. He saw the dried blood stains that had yet to be cleaned up, he saw the vacant look in the eyes of the matoran as they seemed to be trying to ignore said blood stains, even as they marred buildings and streets alike, harrowing reminders of the toll paid by the villagers for its protectors leaving it unguarded for even but a moment. This was, in truth, Arkius’ failure. As much as he had believed it to be his duty to ensure that the death of the Metru-Koroan scouting party by the hands of skak marauders would not be repeated, it had also been his duty to protect the villagers of Po-Koro. A duty he had abandoned. He had left them. Assured it was safe to do so, assured that even if anything were to happen, it would be in safe hands with Nale and the more experienced of its guards, it turned out that his assumptions about this island’s safety had been nothing but delusions. Guesswork passed of as assurances. And for that, several villagers were dead, even more of them injured. As he looked into the eyes of the Matoran he’d sworn to protect, he could only see an empty look of disillusion in them when they looked back. A look of betrayal and abandonment. No matter how much he wished it weren’t so, he had betrayed them and left them to die. An empty feeling, a feeling of dread, of sorrow, of disappointment, took hold of him, his heartlight hurting as his spirit began to sink. His failure to provide for his charge, his failure to protect… His failure to be there for Nale. He could practically see her icy blue eyes staring into his soul from behind her gunmetal Kakama, and as he gazed into her eyes, he could feel his sins washing over him, weighing him down. He could feel himself sinking, not through voluntary union with the earth itself, but by the sheer weight he could feel upon himself. He collapsed on his knees and hands, his limbs submerging into the ground as a cold feeling crawled up his back. He could feel the earth, blackened and charred and bloodied, clawing at his being as he sank deeper and deeper into its dark clutches, his armour buckling, his skin pierced and torn, his muscles tensing up as the pain began to overtake him. There was nothing he could do, nothing he wished to do, to stop this. He deserved this. Faces he only half remembered emerged to the front of his mind, manifesting before him in the ground, faces of people and beings he had seen to the death of, their emaciated and decomposed hands rising out of the ground to hold him and drag him down, clawed fingers digging into his flesh and rending his body. He closed his eyes, and yet the faces would not leave him be, screaming at him, cursing him, crying out to him. He could feel tears slowly drifting down his cheeks, and as his pain swelled he opened his mouth to scream. But no sound escaped his lips. The darkness took him. … Arkius woke up with a start, covered in a cold sweat, frantically looking around before settling down on the couch again. He’d fallen asleep. He hadn’t meant to do that. Taking a deep breath, the earthen Toa pushed the dark visions to the back of his mind before standing up and walking out of the broken house, making his way into the village again. He recalled Kanohi wishing to speak to him. IC: Varah - Po-Koro Varah grabbed Kanohi by the shoulders, glaring with intensity into his eyes while shaking her head. She then returned to the letter tablet, pointing out new words. T H E S E S K A K S W A R L I K E N O T R U S T N O T R I B U T E S A V E S U S T H E Y W A N T B L O O D IC: Okuo - Archive Depths For a moment, the air surrounding the scene settled into a still calm, no Toa of Fire in sight. A moment later, the air began to ripple in the familiar shape of Toa Okuo, his red and blue armour slowly fading into view as his bright azure eyes stared at the gory scene before him. His breathing was heavy, cold sweat rolling down behind his mask. He looked as if he was about to say something, but he was cut off by himself abruptly turning around and vomiting. IC: Rangi - Ruins of Fire Noticing the blue warlord dissociating in the corner of the room, Rangi put away his sword and carefully approached him. "Hey, uh, you doing okay there, man?" @Harvali@EmperorWhenua@Vezok's Friend
  11. Name: Amarth Breed: Vortixx Faction: Druu, League (formerly) Brief Description: Sleek black armour over a lithe body, violet eyes glowing from underneath a smooth black minimalistic mask. Background/Occupation: Amarth has operated as Druu's second in command for much of his career in the League. Never one for unnecessary words, Amarth always lets her actions speak for themselves, sparing only the bare minimum of words if any should the situation call for it. Now that Druu has broken away from the League's remnants, she finds herself following him down a dangerous road. Flaws: Though a remarkable fighter, Amarth relies heavily on taking out her targets quickly, being less prepared for long and drawn out physical contests. For this reason, Amarth is exceedingly cautious in picking her fights. Silent for the most part, Amarth can come across as cold and distant to others. Powers/Equipment: Agile to a remarkable degree, Amarth has a fast paced fighting style centered on attacking vital areas and quickly bringing down her opponent, more often than not utilising the element of surprise. Her prior life on Xia has also made her an incredible climber, and a capable mechanic in a pinch. Most often she uses two protosteel blades, as well as a few protosteel throwing knives hidden in her armour, though just in case that isn’t sufficient, she also carries a small but powerful Xian firearm that fires metal slugs generated inside the gun itself. Though she does not use this weapon as often as her protosteel blades and knives, she is no less proficient in its use. Though not exactly possessing any inherent powers, Amarth has the ability as a Vortixx to wear and use Kanohi masks. She currently wears a Mask of Silencing which allows her to generate a field of silence, the size of which she can control.
  12. IC: Druu - The Inferno And lo, the harpoon did meet its mark, tethering the Wombat and Inferno into an intimate dance in the sky. As the Ta-Skak's eyes did this see, his hands moved with deftness, putting the ship's engines, all its levitation nodes, and its compensating thrusters into overdrive. A brief moment later, with a grimace of intense resolve, Druu turned and made for the bridge door, mere moments, as it turned out, before the opposing ships began firing their weapons. Having grabbed Amarth and practically torn the bridge door open, stuffing his vortixx ally through the opening, he himself was about to go through... Only before he could make that step himself, the shockwave of the weapons fire destroying the bridge blasted him on through the opening, before the door itself slammed shut behind him. Druu only barely managed to grab on to the spokes of the walkway's guardrail as he fell through the now vertical ship, its steep angle turning the catwalks and ladders into a strange approximation of each other. Amarth was, of course, well versed in climbing, deftly moving along the near-vertical surface to grab two levichutes out of their designated storage compartment. The ship groaned and shook, its hull twisting and rippling as parts of its structural integrity failed to hold up to the intensity of the situation. But even then, the ship continued to hold together, redundancies in its design having been paramount to its unbroken record of survival. It had faced greater odds than these and pulled through. Druu knew that well. And so, as the ship rocketed into the sky at speeds unmatched by any mere levitation engine, the skakdi and vortixx made their way down, or in this case rather sideways, into the shuddering ship's lower levels. Blood dripped from a shard of debris lodged into Druu's side, a wound he had not yet noticed. @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
  13. IC: Druu - The Inferno As the Tranquility plunged from the sky on a direct descent, Druu was almost thrown off his feet as the entire ship lurched. The Razorfish's blasts had taken out a portion of the Inferno's propulsion engines, destabilising the ship's vector and sending it into an upward left turn. Druu grimaced, pulling himself to the console again as he fervently tried to get the ship's trajectory under control. The ship's manoeuvring thrusters roared to life on the ship's port side, balancing out its spin as its upturned bridge came face to face with the Wombat. Druu's eyes widened. "Harpoon Wombat! Now!" Without delay, Amarth aimed the ship's harpoon gun at the Wombat, launching the harpoon forth, the long serrated javelin-like projectile thrusting forth like the strike of a lightning, pulling with it a strong metallic cord attached to a powerful winch located deep within the Inferno's bowels, the entire system of course built to withstand the forces of two airships pulling against each other. And as the harpoon shot forth, so did the Inferno continue to climb upward, its manoeuvring thrusters successful in momentarily balancing out its lateral vector, but less so the upward thrust. @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
  14. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "I have, recently, come to find myself in the role of healer. I will remain here and help, especially so should harm come to the people. And until such should come to pass, you have my aid, Taja." Iradra stated, walking alongside her. Listening to the two shadowed beings discuss the nature of Taja's affliction, confirming her suspicions that she had been made into a being of shadow, Iradra began to formulate some questions of her own. She turned, addressing Whisper, her uneasy expression concealed underneath her bronze facade. "You seem to possess quite a bit of knowledge on shadow, though I'm curious if you know anything of light as well?" @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Vezok's Friend
  15. IC: Okuo - Archives Depths Okuo remained silent, keeping his shield at the ready, simply watching from underneath his invisibility. C'mon, if there's any time to pull out those protecctive measures, now is the time! He thought to himself, not daring to utter a word. The tension was palpable, his heartlight invisibly flickering on his chest. He had to step in. He had to stop this... But how? What could he do against four thugs and what looked like a mouldy Toa of Fire with a weapons grade halitosis? @EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui
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