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  1. IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru "Yes, I... suppose that is why I'm here too. My last charge... it did not end well." Arkius had a somber expression to him for a moment as his gaze shifted down for a moment, but it quickly turned resolute as he looked back up at Stannis. "I will of course stand by your side, brother. Always." IC: Okuo - Po-Metru Sitting atop a spire in a part of the Metru that was pretty much abandoned, Okuo surveyed the sand-strewn region from up high, though only for a brief moment. He wasn't here to sight-see, he was here to work in peace, and work was exactly what he intended to do. Just earlier, Dume's announcement that the Toa Mangai had been found had caught Okuo's attention. Right now, what he wanted to know was what they had, reportedly, done... And more than that, he wanted to know where they were being kept. With practised ease, Okuo began to sift his way through the networks, intent to find something that could enlighten him on this matter. Briefly, he considered that he might have to hack into the vahki information databanks to get anything useful, but he resolved to save that until later. Right now he didn't need that kind of heat.
  2. Name: Okuo Species: Ta-Matoran Faction: Metru-Nui Brief Description: Okuo is is of average size and a little on the skinnier side for a matoran. His armour is red with light azure/cyan accents. His eyes shine a bright cyan under his powerless red Rau. Background/Occupation: Okuo has always been fascinated by events out of the norm, things happening in the city that didn't fit into the regimented day to day life of the Matoran. Evading his job as a smith in his Metru's regimented forges, Okuo instead set out to learn as much as he could about events in the city, seeking out whatever means available to gain more information. Gaining the power of invisibility due to a freak accident aided him to that end, allowing him pass through places no other matoran could. In his pursuit of information, Okuo learned how to access it through remote means, teaching himself how to bypass encryptions and digital security measures to snoop around in confidential data. He's also been known to dabble in digital graffiti, displaying artwork of his making on individual display screens throughout the city from time to time. Nowadays he is somewhat infamous, referred to in some circles as The Digital Spectre or The Invisible Matoran, and so far no one has been successful in apprehending him. Flaws: Okuo tends to be a bit overconfident and brash, often taking unnecessary risks in his pursuit of information. Additionally, aside from his invisibility, he is just a regular Matoran, and as such he is at a disadvantage compared to other more powerful species in the universe. Equipment: A rooted iStone though which he can access various networks through the city. Additionally he has a personalised programming deck to physically plug into a mainframe or system for more stable access. For speedy transport through the city he has a levitation disk he's gained considerable aptitude at riding through the air, as well as a grappling gun for climbing difficult places or turning tight corners on his disk. For self defence he has, of course, the levitation disk, a level 6 Ta-Metru make that can send people flying due to the combination of temporarily negating their weight and knocking them away. Powers: After a freak accident many years ago, Okuo gained the ability to turn invisible on command. He also has the innate heat resistance of Ta-Matoran. Though in no way exceeding the capabilities of a Matoran, Okuo is notably dexterous and agile, and a very capable climber.
  3. IC: Arkius - Onu-Koro "Toa Stannis, it's been a long time." Arkius did a common salute from one Toa to another, a sign of respect and solidarity. "I did not realise you were in the city too, what business carries you to this corner of the world?"
  4. IC: Arkius - Onu-Metru The elevator carrying Stannis and Knichou opened up, the first thing they would see was the large form of Toa Arkius standing in front of it, as he had himself intended to ride it to a lower level. Upon noticing the occupants, Arkius at first paid them a simple acknowledgement, before his eyes widened as they landed on the Toa. "Toa Stannis?"
  5. Name: Arkius Species: Toa of Earth Faction: Metru-Nui Brief Description: Incredibly large compared to other Toa, clad near entirely in black with occasional glowing green accents that match his eyes. Background/Occupation: No one knows where Arkius came from originally, least of all him, but one day he woke up on the shores of the Northern Continent and quickly got to work fulfilling his duties as a Toa. Known now by reputation as reliable and just, he has recently arrived in Metru-Nui to protect its inhabitants from forces that wish them ill, be those forces external… or internal. Flaws: A well kept secret is Arkius' rare but notable tendency to violate the Toa Code to further his goals. Though he considers these occasional breaks necessary, they may prove to be his undoing as protector of the Matoran should this be revealed and spread among the masses. Equipment: A great big two-handed battleaxe made from proto-steel. Powers: Arkius has power over Earth that he has honed well throughout his many years as protector of the Matoran. He also wears the Mask of Kinetics, which allows him a great deal of control over kinetic energy in himself or things he touches. This control allows him to either drain or bestow kinetic energy upon objects, slowing down something at high velocities, or flinging something from a standstill.
  6. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Doesn't change the fact that it has been..." IC: Hadraeka - Tesara "Hm." Hadraeka nodded and ducked out of the tent once again. IC: Oko - Soup Kitchen, New Atero "Actually I just pour the soup, but I'll relay your complements to the chef." Oko looked from Kodran to Rakin, then back to Kodran, then back to Rakin. "So er... either of you want a bowl?" IC: Drukann - Arena Dais Drukann sighed, and resolved to simply ignore the tempestuous little man to instead focus on investigating this place. Drukann stepped up onto the ovular dais, kneeling down near the center and looking at the place where previously he had seen the glowing symbols. "You know, we might have to wait for nightfall for this place to do anything. That's when the beacon comes out, for one." OOC: I too apologise for the wait, it's been a busy week.
  7. @TheLegoRoleplayer What are you trying to prove here, exactly?
  8. @TheLegoRoleplayer ... Whatever RPing environment you come from sounds competitive to a toxic degree. Regardless of what caused it, your attitude toward RPing doesn't seem compatible with ours in the slightest. None of us is here to take over the RP, or to kill everyone else, or to tell some story we personally want to regardless of the game. Quite the opposite in fact, we're here to work together toward a cooperatively written narrative, one built around the setting Nato has laid out for us. This isn't some competitive matching ground for us to measure our power against each other, it's to build a story we find to be compelling with the characters we've written, poured our souls into, and sent off on their adventure in the wasteland.
  9. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Oh... well, that's kind of the problem, isn't it?"
  10. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara Hadraeka gave Mirror a subtle eye gesture for him to continue the report. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "You... neek? What's a neek? How am I a neek?" Porangi tilted his head in confusion.
  11. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara "The vortixx known as Silvana has been sent away from the city." Hadraeka stated, having ducked through after Mirror into the tent. "As you ordered, Captain." IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero "Honestly... I always kinda just assumed I was defective." Porangi bowed his head a bit dejectedly.
  12. IC: Hadraeka - Medical Tent, Tesara As the two of them arrived at the medical tent, Hadraeka gestured for Mirror to take the lead. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero Porangi tilted his head. "Really? I thought species shared a lot of traits. Like everyone always says Zyglak are horrible murderous monsters, and that they're all dangerous and untrustworthy, and 'get the karz away from me you lizard freak'... actually I don't know if that last one counts as a comment on my species specifically." IC: Oko - Soup Kitchen Oko looked at Kodran as if he had two heads. "Er... well... I mean... I guess?" "... Are you sure you want to skip your free bowl though?" IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann sighed, relieved the situation had been resolved without violence. He had been very close losing it earlier when Juno'd pulled out that gun. Too close for his own comfort. He decided to put all of that aside for now and started to make his way to the dais at the Arena's center.
  13. IC: Hadraeka - Tesara Marketplace Hadraeka stepped up next to Mirror, her teal eyes looking from up high upon Calidus and the orange matoran with their natural intensity. "Calidus Serpico, we are currently on our way to report to Captain Jira. We may better discuss this once that is done." The large guardwoman put a reassuring hand on Mirror's shoulder, then began walking back toward the medical tent. IC: Porangi - The Tower, New Atero Porangi stroked his bladed chin, wincing as he superficially cut one of his fingers, before focusing back on the matter at hand. "I see... he's one of those rock dudes, isn't he? Are they usually like this?"
  14. IC: Drukann - Arena Drukann frowned and crossed his arms. "No, I don't think we will git." He then looked to the agori's two companions, then back to him, narrowing his eyes. "If this place's mysteries are going to be solved, we're going to be part of it. Whether you like it or not."
  15. IC: Drukann - Arena "We're here to figure out the Arena's mystery, one way or another... but..." Drukann sighed. He looked the three strangers over before closing his eyes and extinguishing his fist. "If we're here on the same business, then hostility isn't necessary. I'm hoping you can understand, but in the volatile climate of this wasteland, one becomes accustomed to having to show strength to survive. I am sincere when I say that I meant no threat. To any of you." Drukann's gaze had at this point softened as he looked at the strangers. "Perhaps we can start this over on a bit more amicable note. My name is Drukann."
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