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  1. IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru Immediately upon both parties' attention being diverted elsewhere, the three disks on the roof disappeared, and with a soft click, the pod started to float off, before rapidly disappearing around the corner and out of all sight. A couple of blocks away in an isolated alleyway that had clearly gone unused and unvisited for years, Okuo opened the pod, holding the regeneration kanoka in his hand. Swiftly placing it in his launcher, replacing the levitation disk, he started lightly knocking the disk into the unconscious matoran, gradually and surely fixing the inorganic components of her body. How ever, Okuo knew she was running out of time. He took out the component disks for a kanoka of healing, and with the trained deftness of a maskmaker that never truly forgot his origins, fused them into the remedy Vhisola needed. No time for love taps this time. To make sure Vhisola didn't run out of time, Okuo hurriedly put the healing disk in his launcher and fired.
  2. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius stroked his chin. "If the three of us search this area with our elemental senses together, we might be able to locate what we're looking for. In quite a short order too."
  3. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius mumbled to himself, looking the cipher over. "Aye, I suppose today hasn't exactly been routine. Wasn't really expecting I'd have to fight a Dark Hunter or solve a Great Disk puzzle today, yet here I am." A moment more looking the cipher over when suddenly it clicked. "Power... the first word says power. This one is reach... and this one is grave. We're looking at a three shift here, which means the whole thing says-" Arkius was cut off by the low rumbling and the shadow of The Taku passing overhead, landing nearby. As Stannsis strode out and approached them, Arkius nodded and smiled. "Several things. It seems this may be a puzzle to find the Great Disk of Po-Metru. Unfortunately, it looks like the current state of the sky has rendered it unusable. We may need to brute force this puzzle, which ironically is why I asked you here, seeing as how we're in your element." Arkius then turned and pointed toward a garbled mess of letters. "How ever, this cipher here was relatively easy to solve. It says 'Power can only reach so far. Dig its grave where it ends'. What do you make of it?" This question wasn't aimed at just Stannis, but everyone present, evident by his eyes shifting from Stannis to Nale, and to anyone else that had approached the statue.
  4. IC: Raz - Ta-Metru A lanky red armoured individual walked the streets of Ta-Metru with an overly casual gait and an expression so utterly relaxed, as if there wasn't a worry in the world for them. As they passed a ta-matoran they turned to him and addressed him. "Salutations. You wouldn't happen to have seen a big red guy, bigger than me, accused of acts of terrorism and subterfuge, may have stolen an-" Interrupting Raz's words was shadow of an airship creaking and groaning overhead, a large red being falling out from its bottom little more than a block away, before the airship crashed into the buildings below. "-Airship." The matoran gasped and yelled and ran toward the catastrophy, leaving Raz to sigh to themselves and look to where the terrorist had fallen. "Never mind, looks like I've found him." With their ever casual gait, Raz began to make their way to Othorak's landing.
  5. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Roger that. Over and out." Arkius put away the radio, turning to the cypher they'd discovered. "Right then. Ciphers. I have experience with this. Just need to find out what type this one is. Lets start with a simple Caesrak cipher." Until the Taku arrived with Stannis, Arkius would keep his mind occupied with solving the code.
  6. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Give him a ride, I'd prefer not to leave you and Kanohi on your own." Arkius responded. "Don't forget, there may still be Dark Hunters coming for you. Over."
  7. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius nodded. "We may need to call for Stannis. If this puzzle is broken due to the state of the sky, then our only option going forward may be brute force, or outside-the-box thinking." Arkius took out the radio they'd been given and called in. "Knichou? Arkius to airship, do you copy? We may require the aid of Stannis over here."
  8. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius turned to look, before turning to Nale with an incredulous expression. "Graffiti?" Arkius turned back to the graffiti, peering at it. "What's so significant about-" In the midst of those words was when Arkius' face contorted out of incredulousness into surprise. "Lhii? As in... Lhikan? Still, this is just a single tag, it might not mean anyth-" Arkius went silent as his eyes noticed more tags on statues further away. "... sister, I think we may have found what we're looking for." After exploring the area, Arkius and Nale discovered that there were a multitude of tagged statues in a circle with about a five minute walk as its circumference. Upon closer inspection, they discovered the tags colours also had a pattern, with red tags forming the outermost ring of the area, then orange tags forming an inner circle, then yellow... As Arkius neared the center of the circle, he turned to Nale with a hopeful look. "Perhaps we will find our answer in the middle." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Tarn IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru Okuo froze up as the shapeshifter, now in the shape of a bird, flew up to perch on the roof he and Vhisola's pod hid on. His mind was racing. A cursory glance at his hand confirmed that he was still invisible, so he couldn't have been seen... but the pod. The kanoka disks. For the moment the bird seemed more concerned with the Phase Dragon down on the street, but one look over here and there could be trouble. Okuo didn't quite know what to do, but slowly and quietly he took out his launcher and kept it at the ready in case things got ugly. OOC: @Click
  9. Name: Raz Species: Tiokaha Faction: Dark Hunter Brief Description: Sleek red armor with black and white accents. Dark blue eyes glowing fimly underneath a crimson kanohi of unique design. Background/Occupation: Finding no purpose in traditional Tiokahan lifestyle, Raz left home to explore the world. They soon discovered that most people did not appreciate their laid back attitude toward death, namely their casual killing of people that inconvenienced them enough, and as such, Raz naturally gravitated toward the Dark Hunters. Flaws: Raz is completely incapable of empathy or remorse. This makes it hard for them to relate to others and interact with them on any meaningful level. Raz tries to make up for this by memorising behavioral taboos like murder and avoid them when possible, though to very mixed success. Powers: Raz has the mark of blood. This allows them to control their own blood like a toa would their element. Additionally, their body naturally produces and stores vastly more quantities of blood than regular Tiokaha, and can function with far less than regular. This makes it so that they almost always have access to a supply of blood to utilise one way or another. Raz can additionally sense the blood of other beings within a 100 bio radius of them. Raz is also able to speed up the blood pumping through their body, improving their muscles’ blood supply and thus giving themselves greater stamina. This can be dangerous if done incorrectly or past a certain limit. Gear: Raz wears a unique Kanohi that has a rhotuka launcher built into it, which can fire a rhotuka based on the person using it. For Raz, the rhotuka’s manifested effect is that upon impact with a person, Raz temporarily gains the ability to control the target’s blood as they can their own. This effect can only be active on one person at a time and lasts only for fifteen minutes or until used on another target.
  10. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Lets just keep an eye out for anything that's out of the ordinary here. And I don't mean just an unusual sculpture, although if it's really bizarre, it may.warrant inspection. What I mean is something that doesn't quite fit with the rest of this canyon. I have a feeling we'll know what we're looking for when we find it. Lets get going." With that, Arkius set off to explore the Sculpture Fields for anything that stood out among the manifold carved stone structures that dominated the canyon landscape.
  11. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru Arkius stroked his chin thoughtfully, his eyes gazing across the sculpturescape. "I don't know... a random hidden lever feels a bit too guessy, and trying to find one in this canyon could take days. I think we should start big, try to find some place here that's out of the ordinary."
  12. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "That pain is a lesson that I will always carry with me. It is, and always will be, my first and most fundamental mistake. It hurts less as time goes on, but I mustn't let the pain fade completely. I need to remember." Arkius let out a deep breath, his eyes still on the scarlet horizon. He then turned to Nale, hands on his hips, the pained expression fading into a determined one. "But that's enough of the past. Right now we need to focus on the present. We need to find the Great Disk of Po-Metru. I don't have much experience with this district, so I gotta ask; any ideas, sister?"
  13. IC: Arkius - Po-Metru "Well, this life is all I've ever really known. But I agree. With age come ever more harsh lessons, and one can find their perspective shifting. I won't pretend to know how your first years as a toa felt like, but mine were marked by a marked absence of past for the first years. I don't know if the matoran who first took me in had encountered someone like me before, a toa who had never been a matoran. I won't assert that to be the whole truth, but that was the perception those villagers had of me. Still... I did my best. Diverted stampedes away from the village, discouraged local raiders from targeting the matoran, the usual. And then-" As the two of them walked along, Arkius looked up at the sky, putting his hand up to shield his eyes from the suns. There was a long sigh that escaped his lips as he looked back to the ground, his eyes narrowing with an expression of shame creeping across his features. "I never saw it coming. One day the village was there, the next it was rubble strewn with the broken bodies of the matoran I'd sworn to protect. I'd gotten careless in my duty and in my carelessness I lost focus, and in that weakness I invited... death." Arkius was taken aback as when he uttered that last word a bright flash of red seemed to flood the world, almost blinding, before leaving as fast as it appeared. In its stead, Arkius noticed the sky above changing. A night sky, stars and moons, but soon he could see the suns he'd looked upon but a moment earlier appear again alongside the stars. And as his eyes moved down from above to the horizon, he could see a deep red glow encircling the world where the sky met the sea. "That's... not supposed to happen." Arkius remarked, as if oblivious to how obvious that was. "We need to be careful. Something's gone terribly wrong."
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