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  1. It's a real pity about the business with the masks and visors. Does it still count as a MOC if you need to spraypaint some parts? Cos that's what I did for a Stringer and Bulk 2.0 I made a while back. Also I would've made Stringer with red to offset the black like in the old days. That one 2.0 villain with the red body, that's good for parts.
  2. Not really for MoCing but more because they look better in a group. Definitely the 4.0 villains - imagine swarms of Thornrax, Jawblade or XT4, and 'hunting parties' (3 or 4 members) of Core Hunter, Speeda Demon or Toxic Reapa. Voltrix and Black Phantom would most likely be alone though. Splitface - gawd I really wanted him to taunt Surge with one side, then another, without ever letting Surge know they're one dude.
  3. Either the 1.0 large figures or the whole 2.0 hero line, they were on clearance at the time.
  4. Two things he really needs, fingers and eyepieces.
  5. I also tried modifying my Furno a while back. Took a slightly different approach though. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/aaronhong/Bionicle/HFactory511_zpsb4a8e1ef.jpg
  6. It kinda works as the silver dome on the generic NASA spacesuit, though.
  7. Link One thing I liked about the HF 4.0 villains was the way some of them looked like they should exist in larger numbers. Like the XT4, what if it was meant to tear apart anything it could use to build more of itself, and then incinerate anything it couldn't use? And what if it didn't stop? Link More of its kind would spawn to fill more different purposes, as the useless ones were quickly destroyed. The XT5 thus became the next variant to arise, a purely combative unit intended to support the XT4s during their material procurement if you will, relegating them to the worker caste. Link Soon it would require more power to spread their numbers, and thus the XT6 was born. With an ancient and insanely powerful weapon dug from the ruins, this variant made better use of the incinerated, useless materials by turning them into hailing, burning death. Conquest of cities became easier with these buggers levelling the playing field, so to speak. So how's that one-riot-one-Hero thing working out for ya? Edit: Images linked; please keep posted images in BBC to 640x640 pixels, about. -Wind-
  8. Or, Ways to Waste Your Time With A Second Loose Bitil You Got On A Whim. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/aaronhong/Bionicle/MistiBitil01_zpse9c5f012.jpg I had Matoran partners for Gali, Onua and Gorast made as well, but I'm just gonna get this one out of the way first. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/aaronhong/Bionicle/MistiBitil02_zps960b2b34.jpg Bitil already got reworked once with an Inika torso, and having the additional ghost blaster (can't remember the name) meant I can finally do this. I mean they gave Mahri Kongu two blasters so why not? http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/aaronhong/Bionicle/MistiBitil03_zpsb1e5c844.jpg With Bitil's MistiToran the challenge was to give him a new head while putting enough yellow on him. Which is where I gave up, so here's Bitil's partner with a Zamor blaster that you can't really make out as part of his new head. It's strangely effective. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a323/aaronhong/Bionicle/MistiBitil04_zps3451b8bf.jpg The final combined form. Really awkward from any angle, but hey, this means the little guy can operate those blasters from up there. Edit: Please keep posted images in BBC to 100 kB. Images linked. -Wind-
  9. These could definitely be actual sets, just go with the Hero Factory endoskeleton system.
  10. * Who else was expecting some medieval world for the setting? * I thought Breez had a 4.0 version, why'd they knock her back to 2.0? * I'm not one for shipping but I'm surprised Breez/Surge isn't already a thing. * That dragon set is gonna eat some wallets. * Good to see Rocka's been catching the A-Team reruns. (Personally I call him Leo Rocka.)
  11. Second in command to Thorin, catapulted from his grave. Sorry but it's much too grim to take seriously.
  12. Bulk needs more love. And they could try bringing back other stuff from Bionicle like the Phantoka launcher or Cordak blaster.
  13. I'm just gonna find the instructions and build my own.
  14. I dunno about this one. The Friends line might work, it's probably banking on pony popularity an all, but girls fiddling with pieces like the Ben 10 Lego ones? I don't think so.
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