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  1. I love how they don't approve of your sig. I really just wanted to say that it's pretty awesome, and I'm glad there's other people that can just understand what love can be.

  2. 261- AYE, seems important to someone's epic, and I'd love to see these Agori maybe evolve differently or something. 262- AYE, not very often we see articles about flora and fauna, plus I like the idea of it being used for cloaks. 263- UNDECIDED, I understand that these would be extremely rare, however I'm against the idea of more Inika Toa. That seemed like a one-time-only thing to me. However, I'm open to hear more about this. 264- UNDECIDED, this one I just don't understand too well. Is this like an Energized Protodermis transformation, or what? 265- AYE, golly, Koji, you sure do like stones, don't you 266- NAY, this seems a bit too powerful, as .Carbon said. 267- AYE
  3. 1b- AYE. I quite enjoy the new additions. 32b- AYE. 34b-AYE. 145b-AYE. 240- AYE. 241- AYE. Just want to say to the two of you that I look forward to seeing your participation and any ideas and articles proposed to the C.I.R.C.L.E. 242- AYE. 243- AYE. And the use of the ring in 'Aldeå' makes it seem... older. I like it. And I'm sure this'll be used well in stories. 244- AYE. I like this idea
  4. ...Oh my. I do believe I see Onua Nuva Mistika's Nynrah attachment as his lower leg... I don't know whether or not to be frightened or excited. Possibly both.
  5. I enjoyed the Classic Sets. I thought it was neat to see the older brothers of LEGO sets.
  6. Hmmm. This isn't good. I had one...then it said all of it was deleted. I'll try and get another up soon.
  7. The forum sadly had to be deleted when I switched the Webs account from using the Website Builder to custom html. I could try and see if I can get it back. Can't those forums be seen by anyone?
  8. I'll sign up in a few. Life's been a bit outta hand over here-- but no worries, I'll have one up by the end of neext week.
  9. Oh, I feel your pain. I missed the Standardized Testing we have once. It's two weeks long, and I missed a week of it. It was a TOTAL pain to make up.
  10. Well, something tells me I wouldn't need to use mine. Not yet, at least.
  11. 32a- AYE. 34b- AYE. 100b- AYE. 111a- AYE. 235- AYE. 236- AYE. 237- AYE. 238- AYE. 239- AYE. Welcome to all the incoming members!
  12. 4b- That was...unexpected. AYE 33b- AYE. 35b- AYE. 36b- AYE. 50a- AYE. Glad to see I'm not the only one. 107a- AYE. 144a-AYE.
  13. 180a- AYE, as long as this is another universe entirely, or planet, fo rhtat matter, I'm fine with another Toa of Light 229- AYE, again, I like the idea of different planets 230- AYE, I really enjoy the inhabitants here. I like the idea of interplanetary nomads. 231- AYE, but this seems sort of like another mask that was adopted into the CIRCLE. I'll double-check, make sure I'm not folling myself 232- Ermm...AYE? I wasn't aware that The Mask of Charisma was what was decided on. Oh well. 233- AYE. I love this idea. 234- AYE, but I'm not sure about the 'immoral' part. I know Ausar mentioned that all mask could be used for good, but I don't see how this one would be placed as immoral.
  14. 165a- AYE. 223- AYE 224- AYE. I don't think we'll ever get more names for the Great Beings, so these work. 225- AYE. This works nicely, and shows that the entire population wasn't blind after what happened to the Hagah. 226- AYE 227- AYE, I believe this name was also thrown around in canon. 228- AYE.
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