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    BZP Name: Ecto<br />Age: 17 <br />Gender: Male<br />Grade: Junior<br />Occupation: Student<br />Eye color: Brown<br />Hair color: Brown<br />Country: US<br /><br />Favorite- <br />Bionicle Set: Pohatu or Cahdok & Gahdok<br />Bionicle Character: Kopaka and Pohatu<br />Game console: XBox 360<br />Video Game: Halo 3<br />Game character: Gordon Freeman<br />Color: Blue<br />Word: Pants<br />Food: Shrimp<br />Film: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl<br />Book: The Hobbit<br />Show: Heroes<br />Music: Any and all<br />Weather: Stormy enough to knock out the lights<br />Element: Ice<br />Subject: History

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  1. happy birthday

  2. Entry 1! Sorry I wasn't able to make anything for the contest.
  3. Ecto

    Dear Brickworld

    D'aww what? Who needs exams, anyway?
  4. Ecto


    Maybe you should... *snrk* make a... POLL?! Yeah, it always seemed silly to me.
  5. I'm gonna go for it. Cool contest
  6. Ecto


    The yellow and black ones?
  7. Ecto

    Chuck Marathon

    Season 3 was my favorite season of television.
  8. Ecto

    I Feel Old

    Hey, happy birthday!
  9. Ecto


    FINE I'LL DO IT By that, I mean I'll ACTUALLY do it this year.
  10. ENFJ! I'm pretty sure i've gotten that one every time, too.
  11. Man. I love season 3 so far. A certain character has returned (well, sorta) and that makes me happy.
  12. Sounds great, but maybe do a webcomic with your own original story and characters? That way it could be yours entirely
  13. Ecto

    Extension / Reduction

    I myself ran into some problems as well, mainly 4 essays to write and a set to build for a play. I'm still gonna get that moc done soon and post it, though. Hey, I'm finally building again, so that's good.
  14. Ecto

    Oh Man Oh Man

    I believe the most recent one I've seen is "Peter." I don't have too far to go, so I'll probably catch up in the next week or so.
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