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    Bionicle,<br />Star wars,<br />Chocolate Milk,<br />BATTLEFRONT <br />BATTLEFRONT II<br />BATTLEFRONT III!!!!<br /><br />Im a Christian.<br />Music:<br />I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan<br />Red <br />Skillet<br />Toby Mac<br />Famliy Force Five<br /><br />Quotes:<br />"The desert is a place of extremes. Blazing heat, chilling cold, fierce loyalty... and deep hatred. The Skrall won't forget this day... and to their bitter regret, neither will I. " -Malum<br /><br /><br /><br />About Me:<br /><br />Well...where should I begen...<br />Star wars rocks.<br />I have read all the The Chronicles of Narnia. Great books<br />I like to use Photo-Shop CS4.<br />My parents hate BIONICLE<br />I'm home schooled.<br /><br />Yeah, I like it here.<br />I don't plan on leaving.<br />Some members are nice, some are not. Oh well.<br />I think Lego needs to make pieces stronger, because they break when I MOC. LALALALALALALALALAL<br />Haha, yeah, I live in Texas. I'm a Baptist.<br />I like Church.<br />I love God. I like to volunteer at Church. Yup. <br />I'm white, and have greenish blueish eyes and dark brown hair.
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